5 Reasons Why I Choose Strapless Push Up Bra

strapless push up bra

Got to admit, these pushes up bras are a holy grail for us women.  Don’t know what we would do without this bra. A Strapless push up bra is heaven sent. Not only are they a great addition to your wardrobe but they also support and lift your bust.

A Strapless push up bra creates a sexy good looking cleavage that will have men drooling over you. Push up bras give you a perfect natural lift as well as the extra cup size needed.

What to Know about Push up Bras

Push up bras lifts the bust upwards and towards the center of the chest using extra pads in a cup. They come in a variety of silhouettes that ensure maximum support and comfort under the outerwear.

Pushes up bras are designed to be worn under revealing dresses. They can be worn by women with varying breast sizes. However, they are more popular with women who have smaller breasts as they boost cleavage size and add an extra cup size.

On the other hand, women with medium and larger breasts prefer push up bras as they enhance their silhouettes.

Different types of padding’s are used in the making of push up bras. They can be soft foam, gel pads or air pads; all this are used to the convenience of the wearer.

In a nut shell, the push up bra was designed to enhance your confidence as a woman and also improve the general appearance of your breasts.

Benefits of wearing a Push Up Bra

  • They increase the cup size of women with smaller breasts
  • Enable women with bigger breasts to offer an uplift that is sensual.
  • Can be worn on formal wear
  • It enhances your silhouettes and as a result compliment your clothing
  • They lift heavy breasts that are floppy and gives them a more youthful look

Types of Push up Bras

The Demi Cup Push Up Bra

demi cup puhs up bra

These are perfect for women who prefer to wear under low cut tops as they provide a semi-coverage. A subtle cleavage is created when the breasts are pulled together.

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Double Padded Strapless Push Up Bra

double padded bra

The double padded push up bra works wonders on women with smaller breasts. They increase the bust to double its size. The two padding used to create them provides a sufficient lift that boosts the feminine nature of a woman.

This bra is however a no use for women with large busts as they will be very uncomfortable wearing them.

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Cotton push up bras

cotton push up bra

This bras are perfect for women that have sensitive skin. Not only do cotton push up bras provide uplift they also ensure comfort and support thanks to the breathable fabric.

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The Gioa Super Push up Bra

super push up bra

This super push up bra incorporates super soft graduated padding for extra comfort. They are perfect for women with small busts who don’t want an exaggerated bust. This is because they Increase the bust by one cup.

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Plus size push up Bras

plus size strapless push up bra

These Bras are specifically designed for the plus sized woman.

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Strapless Push Up bras

butterfly strapless push up bra

The strapless push up bra is perfect for any outfit that requires straps to be hidden. Contrary to popular belief, strapless pushes up bras are just as effective as ordinary bras. This is because the bands around the rib cage ensure maximum support of the bra. I posted a review about my experience with strapless bras that you can find here.

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Why I choose Strapless Push Up Bras !


To a woman, confidence is everything. Without confidence, the society will walk over you and try to manipulate you to bend down for its own personal gain. There is something that takes over you the moment you realise that you are sexy and good looking.

A strapless plus size push up bra also has the same feeling. You walk confident, talk confident and the end result is a much more productive life .

They Never Disappoint

When you are gong to see the president and all you have is a shoulder less shirt or dress, then the push up bra will come in handy. When you look at the mirror and all you see is beauty, you will instinctively want to maintain your beauty without shoulder stripes tainting that beauty.

A strapless bra will hide the fact that you are wearing a bra and hence create a perception of natural and good looking buns.

Holds perfectly in Place

Initially, the bra might give you some doubt due to the fact that the strips hold onto your ribs. Will it hold? How long will it hold? The truth of the matter is that all this is uncalled for. The fact that it holds around your ribs gives it a perfect support structure.

The bra can hold on for several hours before you feel the need to readjust it again. So your worries are uncalled for.

They Boost cleavages

I do not want to sound sexist and create a perception that a good cleavage is all we need to appear sexy but let’s face the truth; a good cleavage turns heads rolling and boosts some level of self esteem. Whether it is a plus size push up bra or a strapless bra  you are assured of style and glamour when using it.

Depending with your size,  you are assured of finding the right bra .If you have small breasts then you can use one with a double cap and if you are plus sized woman then a single cap will work just fine.

The Ultimate comfort

This bra is versatile and cozy. This is will however depend on a number of factors such as the size of your bust and whether the particular material used is an irritant to your skin. You have to get this factors right. You do not expect that a small sized bra would fit on a plus sized woman.

If you find that your skin is easily irritated you can decide to use a cotton strapless bra as they are far much better than synthetic strapless push up bras.

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