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super push up bra

To say finding bras that fit well, and offer great lift and support is difficult is an understatement. Finding a braless, strapless bra is even more of a nightmare. Then this amazing super push up bra entered my life and changed it for the best.

I started filling out in the boob department a little earlier than most other girls, and by the time I was fifteen years old I was totting D sized cups. That would not be much of an issue if I was not a rather petite female otherwise. I have been wearing a 32D bra size since then.

Most strapless bras just crumble under weight of my bust and are completely useless.

If they do manage to hold the girls up, there are unsightly bulges. I usually get that dreaded four boob scenario.

Then this amazing strapless push up bra entered my life and changed it for the best.

The extreme push-up bra is strapless and backless with a drawstring enclosure in the front to pull everything together.

These features in themselves are not the best part of what I consider best strapless push up bra ever. The super push-up bra lifts my breasts despite the healthy weight of them and provides support for several hours. It does not slip or slide against my skin and it is completely comfortable to wear.

I would have been extremely apprehensive about wearing a backless or low cut outfit in the past but I am now confident in my outfit choice not matter the design or fabric.

That amazing confidence is all due to this super push up bra.

The Super Push Up Bra’s Features

  • Made of high quality silicone material
  • Self-adhesive and re-useable
  • High quality and harmless biological gel is used as the adhesive
  • There is space left to protect your nipple and your delicate skin will not be harmed when removing
  • Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
  • Enhances the female form, creating a busty, fuller look with an attractive cleavage shape.
  • Invisible, backless wings have all the support of a normal bra without shoulder or back straps.
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Initial Thoughts On It

The first thing I noticed when unpacking this super push up bra is how soft is felt to the touch.

For all the features listed in the website I purchased it from, I expected a hard, unforgiven material but that was not the case. It felt pliable and ductile, like something I would want against my skin and not a cage.

I tried it on after a bath and did not apply any lotion, and made sure my skin was absolutely dry too, for the best results.

Then removed the sticker to expose the sticky part underneath. I was careful to ensure this part was stuck to my skin by gently pressing before bringing the cups together with the lace up the front.

The adhesive does not get very tacky and therefore did not pull painfully on my skin.

I looked in the mirror and was blown away by the sight that greeted me. I had a lifted, seamless bust line without the use of bra straps and I was absolutely shocked and delighted.

So I pulled out a halter top that looked great but never fitted me well before and put it on.

It fit me like a glove and my breasts did not look saggy like it normally did in these kinds of outfits.

Since finding this strapless push up bra, I have found the courage to wear outfits I would not have dared to in the past. I have even expanded my wardrobe to include cute and flirty clothing pieces that would not have complimented me if I was not wearing the super push up bra.

I am so glad I found this bra. So many other brands of the same type of bra are not comfortable for a girl with my size breast and body shape to wear. This bra though, is comfy enough for all day wear and offers the support I need so that my goods are not jiggling all over the place if you catch my drift.

Instructions For Use

Apply the super push up bra to dry skin. Ensure that your skin is free of moisturizers, powders, deodorant and perfumes prior to use as they will reduce the effect of the adhesive.

Remove the protective plastic but do not discard. Save to reapply to the adhesive when the bra is not in use.

Place half of the strapless push up bra to the outside, bottom of one of your breasts. Repeat on the next breast.

Adjust the drawstring front closure until you are satisfied with the results.

super push up bra

Also note that the super push up bra should be washed by hand with warm water and mild soap. Allow to air dry.


  • Has no shoulder or back straps so is great for warring under garments like halter tops, low cut tops and even gowns
  • Creates a busty, fuller and charming deep V cleavage with the adjustable drawstring front closure
  • Helps to gathering the extra fat from armpit to the breast.
  • Does not harm your sensitive nipples
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • After washing, the silicone regenerates itself for next use once the bra is dry.
  • 1cm-2cm error is acceptable because of the elastic material


  • Can slip down in hot temperatures where the skin may become sweaty and reduce the effect of the adhesive

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So what is it worth ?

This is the best strapless push up bra I have ever used and I highly doubt I will ever find another straplesspush up bra to match the benefits, coverage and support it gives me. I am so happy with the super push up bra that I wear it at least three days out of the week even if I am not wearing any outfit that require the backless, strapless feature.

I highly recommend the super push up bra to any female, no matter her bust size. You will look your best in every outfit, no matter the design.

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