5 Pieces Of Advice For Using Silicone Chest Pads

Silicone Chest Pads

Wrinkling is a problem for many men and women around the globe and chest wrinkles, also known as décolleté wrinkles, are one of the most common complaints. They occur for a variety of reasons including side sleeping, natural ageing, toxins in the environment, gravity and sun damage. It is defeating to think of how many factors work against you to increase the signs of this skin condition but there is hope in the form of these silicone chest pads.

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This décolleté chest pad review gives you down low on what you need to know about these anti-wrinkle chest pads including how these chest pads can help you firm and tone the skin on your chest and prevent new wrinkles from forming.

What Are Silicone Chest Pads And What Do They Do?

Wrinkles, on any part of the body, form due to diminished hydration and reduced collagen production in the area. This results in a loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Silicone chest pads help reverse and reduce the signs of wrinkles on the chest by creating a microclimate that locks moisture into the skin so that it can repair its self and help boost collagen production. It encourages the skin’s natural ability to heal and restore its self as well as providing the skin with the essential nutrition that it needs to prevent future damage and wrinkles from forming.

The silicone chest pads are ultra-thin and designed to be worn in the late evening typically.

Silicone Chest Pads

This is an advantage as a much of skin wrinkling occurs at night due to gravity pulling your top breast down to your bottom breast. This is the case with women especially.

The silicone chest pads help support the delicate skin between the breasts and prevent friction between the globes as well as using the body’s own natural processes to heal and repair damaged skin. It does all of this in a way that is comfortable as it does not pull on the skin.

The true magic of how these silicone chest pads work is in the name. The silicone chest pads are constructed of silicon and oxygen atoms which are cross linked with hydrogen and carbon atoms to form silicon polymer

Silicone polymer encourages two things:

  • It allows the skin to breathe by allowing oxygen to pass through
  • It locks in moisture

These two effects encourage on microclimate that allows the skin to heal its self and to reduce wrinkles naturally.

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Benefits Of Using Silicone Chest Pads

  • Locks in moisture and helps rehydrate dry skin for more supple, smoother skin.
  • Reduces photo damage.
  • Makes skin smoother and decreases wrinkle depth.
  • Boosts collagen production to prevent new wrinkles from forming.
  • Erases fine lines caused by natural aging and sun damage.
  • Improves scar tissue for a more even skin tone.

Advice For Using Silicone Chest Pads

With this information under your belt, I will leave you with 5 pieces of the best advice when using these silicone chest pads for maximum effectiveness. Here they are:

Not All Silicone Cheat Pads Are Created Equal

While the benefits that silicone chest pads afford are undeniable, not all silicone chest pads on the market work as effectively. As such, we recommend the best silicone chest pads on the market and you can find them by clicking this link [insert link]. They are made of 100% medical grade silicone, just like those used in hospitals. The quality and effectiveness is unmatched.

Get Silicone Chest Pads That Are Reusable

Save yourself time and money by getting silicone chest pads that are reusable. This also helps you care for the environment by keeping used chest pads out of minefields.  

These silicone chest pads are easy to clean with clear, clean water and reusable. They were also designed for use over a long period of time so you can be assured that they will be around to keep you looking youthful and beautiful for weeks to come. This of course depends on the application behavior and frequency of use. In other words, you need to care for the silicone chest pads properly and they will care for you.

Comfort Is Everything

Nothing will discourage you from completing your quest for gaining smooth, clear skin on your chest faster than a silicone chest pad that is uncomfortable and itchy. The recommended silicone chest pad [insert link] is ultra-thin and very mild on skin, meaning that there is no pulling sensation when it is being used. In fact, you can barely tell that it is on your skin as you can barely feel it or see it.

Use The Silicone Chest Pads Frequently And Consistently

As with any other beauty routine, consistency is key. You cannot use the silicone chest pad once a month and expect magical results. It is recommended that the silicone chest pads be worn for at least one hour in the early evening or daytime to avoid it becoming loose during sleep. You do not have to change your lifestyle to accommodate this do as you can wear the silicone chest pads in your leisure time. You will not even noticed that it is there.

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A Few Last Tips On Use And Storage

To use the silicone chest pad, all you need to do is remove the backing and apply it with a desired area on your chest. Ensure that the skin is free of moisturizer or any other products and dry before application.

Once the recommended time has expired, slowly remove the pad in an upward motion. If your skin is in any way irritate by scratches or a rash, do not use the product.

Be sure to store the silicone chest pad in a poly bag to keep it safe from dirt and other pollutants. To clean, just use water and mild soap. Daily washing is not required. Once the silicone chest pads start to lose adhesion it needs to be replaced.

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