5 Amazing Anti Wrinkle Treatments That Work

anti wrinkle treatments

Is your skin driving you crazy? Did you just notice some wrinkles on your skin and you just hit your 30s? To make you feel better I think you should know that you are not the only one in this predicament. There are thousands if not millions around the word that almost suffer from depression as a result of wrinkles and the lack of finding anti wrinkle treatments that work.

Many have tried to use creams that are ordered from china. Sadly, the results are not satisfactory and in worse case scenarios where they buy substandard products their skin develops black spots which results in their beauty fading.

There are anti wrinkle treatments that work more effective and safer than creams. Don’t misunderstand me; creams are not bad. However, these 5 best anti wrinkle treatments are better.

5 Types of Anti Wrinkle Treatments !

An Eyelift or Facelift

anti wrinkle treatments

There is a reason why Queen Cleopatra was regarded as the most beautiful queen in Egypt. Rumors have it that her beauty was so artistically made that the greatest emperor in Rome could not resist her. Truth be told, Cleopatra had a way with her eyes.

However unlike then, things are now different. An Eyelift performed by a qualified doctor will not only make you look younger but beautiful.

The biggest shortcoming of a facelift is that you will have to break an arm and a leg to have it. Despite its costs this might just be the best anti-wrinkle skin care treatment available. Don’t worry about the cost as a facelift is a permanent procedure.

To be eligible for a facelift and to ensure this anti wrinkle treatment works, one must have the following characteristics;

Skin elasticity

Your skin must have the capability of retaining its natural suppleness and flexibility. Without this characteristic the surgeon won’t be able to tighten your facial skin tissue.

A Strong bone structure

A well defined bone structure is vital for the success of the facelift. Where a facelift is not possible, patients can decide to uses facial implants instead.

Good General health

Since significant healing will be needed after a face lift, it is vital for the candidate to be of good health for a successful healing process to occur.


botox treatment

A Botox is cosmetic procedure that is used to remove wrinkles. This procedure is made possible as a result of temporarily paralyzing muscles. A Botox is made up of a neurotoxins.

A Botox procedure involves the patient being placed in a raised position and the areas to be injected with Botox cleaned with a non alcohol cleaner. Creams such as EMLA which is a topical anesthetic can also be used.

Once the area to be injected is cleaned, then the Botox is injected into the area. After the injection, you will be required to rest for at least 5 minutes so that the doctor can monitor your situation.

You can expect noticeable results within 10 days after the procedure.

How it works

A Botox works by relaxing lines on your skin. In this regard, where the lines are deeper they will appear less deep while superficial lines will almost disappear.

Where deeper lines are present, one might require additional two or three sessions based on the advice of your doctor. To fully remove wrinkles addition procedures such as use of fillers maybe done.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel removes wrinkles by removing the outer layer of your skin by use of a chemical solution. Once the old skin is removed, a new skin that is smoother and less wrinkled appears.

Why use Chemical peels?

Chemical peel procedures can be used on the hands, neck and face. The beauty about this procedure is that it is non surgical.

How it works

Before the procedure is undertaken, the practitioner will have to use a nonalcoholic cleaner to clean your skin. Solutions such as salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic or trichloroacetic can be used. What to expect after the procedure

  • Scaling within 3 -7 days after the procedure
  • Some level of swelling
  • Blisters that will turn brown and fall off within 14 days

Tip: Avoid the sun after for several months after the procedure to avoid sever burns

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There are a number of injectables that can be used to treat your wrinkle condition. The most popular is hyaluronic acid injectable and collagen injectable. A hyaluronic injectable is best for replacing fat loss when you age while a collagen injectable is best used to replenish the supply of naturally occurring collagens that have broken down over time in your body.

An injectable can be considered as one of the best anti-aging serums in the market today.

Speaking of serums, I did a review about an anti aging serum that I personally tried that you can check here.

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A collagen is a natural protein that is found in your body specifically the skin, bone and tendons. A collagen injectable is therefore used to fight aging.

Types of Collagen Fillers

There are two types of collagen fillers bovine fillers and Human based fillers

Bovine Collagen

This is the most common type of collagen and it is efficient in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and other facial imperfection. Check with your doctor to know if you are allergic to it as it is made from cow products.

Human Fillers

There are numerous types of human fillers such as autologen and dermalogen. Autologens last longer than a bovine collagen. It is usually used in skin pigmentation.

Lasers treatment

laser skin treatment

Laser resurfacing uses pulses to minimize wrinkles and lines. Where the collagen protein is damaged, the laser vaporizes water molecules deep in the skin tissue. When water is evaporated the skin gets damaged and it is forced to produce more collagens which fill the wrinkles

There are many types of lasers that can be used to improve neck and facial wrinkles. All this type of lasers depend on a number of factors such as skin type, desired outcome and location of the wrinkles.

There are three types of skin lasers;

Non-ablative rejuvenation

This is a non wound creating skin laser. Best in treating early-stage wrinkles

Fractional rejuvenation

They provide deeper rejuvenation and hence a longer recovery time.

Ablative resurfacing

This is the most invasive procedure. The heat from the laser will result in visible wounds and hence a longer recovery time will be needed.

Though there are numerous anti wrinkle treatments that work, always listen carefully to the advice of your dermatologist as he is well positioned to advise you on the best ant-wrinkle skin care products to use.

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