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Professional Round Hair Brush Set

The Perfect Round Hair Brush Set For Styling

I have thin, long hair that fell flat not matter what style I tried or the products and tools I used. My strands stubbornly refused to curl and I usually hid them away in a bun or braids on a day to day

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Andrea hair growth essence

The Magic Formula of Andrea Hair Growth Essence (REVIEW 2019)

Many people eat their brains out while selecting the shampoos and hair oils that can provide them the long and thick hair they have always been longing for. However, in most of the cases, the results are

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finishing touch hair remover

Finishing Touch Hair Remover Review – A Lipstick Shaped Hair Remover

Due to hormonal imbalances in my body, I am a woman who has struggled with facial hair growth since my teens. This was especially prominent around my chin and upper lip area. I discovered this beautiful

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Multifunctional Styling Hair Dryer

Multifunctional Styling Hair Dryer Review – A Must Have ?

As a woman with fine, naturally straight hair I found that my styling options were very limited because my hair usually fell flat no matter the styling tools I used. Today I got this amazing multifunctional

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Portable Hood Hair Dryer

Portable Hood Hair Dryer Review – The Best Hair Curler?

I am an African American female with thick, natural 4C hair. I love hair, my hair and that of other women’s. In fact, I love it so much so that I run a salon out of my home part time for women of all

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Magnetic Lash Extensions

Magnetic Lash Extensions Review: The Best ?

I am a fashionable young woman in my early twenties who loves having my appearance up to par all the time. This is a standard that I have set for myself and uphold it religiously. I love clothes, makeup

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Spray Nail Polish

Spray Nail Polish Review: Does It Really Work?

I am hopeless at applying nail polish. I always get the polish onto my skin and applying to my right nails with my left hand is a process that leaves me with a nightmarish freak show on my hands and feet.

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Skin Scar Repair Oil

Skin Scar Repair Oil Review: The Best Scar Removal Product

I suffered from severe acne as a teen and the results were very apparent on my face into my adult years even though I had since learnt to manage the condition so that it did not overtake my life. The problem

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Ultrasonic Face Cleaner

Ultrasonic Face Cleaner Review: The Answer to Clear Skin?

Everyone wants to have smooth, supple, great-looking facial skin and I was no exception. I found this amazingly satisfying Ultrasonic Face Cleaner, I gave it a shot, and was in rush to give you my review

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Blackhead Removal Mask

The Best Blackhead Removal Mask: Purifying Peel-Off Mask Review

My story of fighting acne is not your typical one. I had perfectly fine clear, smooth, radiant looking skin in my teens but as soon as my mid twenties hit, blackheads started popping up everywhere.  The

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