Portable Hood Hair Dryer Review – The Best Hair Curler?

Portable Hood Hair Dryer

I am an African American female with thick, natural 4C hair. I love hair, my hair and that of other women’s. In fact, I love it so much so that I run a salon out of my home part time for women of all hair types. The purchase of this portable hood hair dryer was a business decision but I love it on a personal level.

So much so that I had to write this review to let women everywhere know how great it is. I first used it on my own hair and the results then, and with every use after have been amazing.

As a woman of color, is it hard to find products that work for my hair, especially since black hair is so fragile and prone to breakage. I have experienced no heat damage while using this portable hood hair dryer and safely recommend it to other women of color and other races too.

It is comfortable to wear and if it fits someone like me with a big ole head then it fits practically every other woman on the planet, LOL.

Once the dryer is fitted, all you have to do is attached your dryer and let the magic happen.

It is good to note though that the power of this portable hood hair dryer is only as effective as the hair dryer it is being used with. So if you decide to purchase this for home use, ensure that you also have a great quality hair dryer to use along with it.

The attachment dries hair fast and helps when using styling tools such as hair rollers and flexi rods. It also helps me get the best results when I treat my hair with deep conditioner and hot oils. It traps the moisture very good for excellent penetration into the hair shaft.

Read on to find out just how great this product is.

Product Features

  • Fits all hand held hair dryers up to 2.25 inches or 55 mm diameter
  • 39inches / 1m nylon tube is long enough to allow for mobility and multitasking
  • Elastic at the end of tube secures the hood on the hair dryer
  • Comes with attractive storage bag, ideal for traveling.
  • Has a unique non-slip silicone collar
  • Drawstring tightens around the user’s head for a secure fit
  • Made with durable nylon
  • Nylon traps heats so is ideal for conditioning treatments

First Impressions

Portable Hood Hair Dryer

I actually bought this curling hair dryer for use at my at home hair salon business.  I wanted an alternative to the hard-topped hair dryer because it appeared more comfortable, allowing more range of motion.

To ensure that I was giving my customers value, I decided to test it on myself first.

Therefore, I started by washing and conditioning my hair then setting up my hair in a flexi rod set. Then it was time to use the curling hair dryer.

When I removed the dryer attachment from the bag, it felt very sturdy, like the material a wind-breaker is made of.

I have a big head and even with the addition of the flexi rods, the attachment still fit over my head comfortably and easily. It also was not tight when I pulled on the drawstring for a more secure fit.

I attached the dryer and let the tools do the work as I watched a show on my smart phone. I started on low heat and slowly worked my way up until I found the setting that was more comfortable for me.

I have thick, kinky, shoulder-length, afro-textured hair that takes more than a day to air dry but this curling hair dryer did the job in less than an hour and  half. It took me more than twice that time with a traditional, hard-topped bonnet dryer to dry my hair fuller so this dryer is definitely more efficient.

I was super impressed and was wowed further when I took the flexi rod out. My hair was shiny, bouncy and full of life.

Since then, I have tried the portable hood hair dryer on the hair of some of my clients and they all rave about its effectiveness and how great their hair turned out.

Instructions For Use

Hair should be clean when starting. Style the hair as you would like it to set. This can include putting on a curl former set and hair rollers, for example. Place the portable hood hair dryer over your head and pull the drawstring to secure the hood. The chin strap can be fastened to secure the hood in place.

Attach the elasticated tube securely over the hair dryer nozzle. Switch the hair dryer on to a low heat setting. Drying time varies depending on hair length, type and thickness but it is usually only a few minutes.

When hair is dry, remove the hood and allow your hair a few minutes to cool before removing your styling tools. When this has been done, continue to style your hair as normal.


  • Makes styling hair quick and simple
  • Gives hair shine and bounce
  • Allows heat control
  • Adjustable strap allows for comfortable
  • Length of attachments allows for more mobility that a traditional bonnet dryer
  • Affordable and suitable for on all hair types
  • Easy to travel with
  • Easy to store and to clean
  • Great for at home or professional use


  • None that I have found

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Final Thoughts On The Portable Hood Hair Dryer !

I am always careful when applying heat to my hair and to the hair of my clients. This portable hood hair dryer has made my life so much simpler when I use it professionally. It is also convenient and comfy when I use it personally. I highly recommend it to all women with all different hair types.

About the Author Joyce Davis

I am Joyce, founder and the beauty editor behind Biotyful.net. I was born in Texas and currently living Wyoming. If you are wondering what led me into blogging about beauty and beauty products, then my hobbies and interests right from childhood, will be a perfect reflection of why I gravitated towards blogging.

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