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eyebrow stencil kit

7 Reasons Why The Eyebrow Stencil Kit Works

I’m going to explain why the eyebrow stencil kit works so fine, because we all know that achieving the perfect brow is essential for enhancing any makeup look. No matter how flawlessly applied the

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Organic Liquid Foundation

The best Organic Liquid Foundation Of All Time

Thank god, we have known both the worlds. The one with those sticky liquid foundations that end up into patches and the other with an organic liquid foundation that is completely flawless. Knowing what

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Easy Winged Eyeliner Stamp Tool 2

Does winged eyeliner stamp tool Really Works?

If you haven’t got the magic hands to draw the perfect winged eyeliner for those astonishing cat-eyes look, do not worry. There are many women who fall in the same category. Some fail to do it on either

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eyebrow microblading pen

6 Top Eyebrow Microblading Pen for Perfect Eyebrows

Interested to know which eyebrow microblading pen would suit your brows best? If you are a woman who cares about the looks from tip to toe, you must have tried experimenting with the eyebrow pencils. If

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Best Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil to Try for Best Results

Well balanced Eyebrows can do wonders in making your looks perfect and audacious. The long ends of your populated brows make your eyes look more radiant and beautiful. Eyebrows are tricky and one bad hand

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semi permanent eyebrow pencil

Does Semi Permanent Eyebrow Pencil Really Work?

Like every other women if you are thinking about getting the semi permanent eyebrow pencil tattooing, you must have researched about it. If not, it is time you know what this entails. There are many women

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10 Life-Changing Ways to Apply Eye Shadow Correctly

It is easy to go wrong with the eye makeup but immensely difficult to get it right in the first attempt. In addition to the step by step method to apply eye shadow correctly, it is equally important to

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metal eyelash comb

How to use a Metal Eyelash Comb For Perfect Lashes

Perfect eyelashes are just a dream for many women who feel locked in their short and not so oblivious eye lashes that like to stay hidden. But, this has never stopped women from trying to get the fuller

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lipstick shades for brown skin

Top 5 Matte Lipstick Shades For Brown Skin

For women, it is a difficult job to choose between lipstick shades and even painful to select one color over the others. When every shade has its own beauty and charisma, how can one decide what to buy

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apply concealer or foundation

How to Apply Concealer or Foundation the Right Way

How long have you been trying to get used to applying your foundation and concealer? If you feel that you have yet not understood the mantra to fix your fine line and blemishes, here is your chance to

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