10 Life-Changing Ways to Apply Eye Shadow Correctly


It is easy to go wrong with the eye makeup but immensely difficult to get it right in the first attempt. In addition to the step by step method to apply eye shadow correctly, it is equally important to have achieve exactly same finishing for both the eyes. The flawless makeup is not a tedious job if you know the tips for applying eye shadow. Just by playing around with colors on your eye lid, you can get the perfect look for every occasion.

You may feel that the vibrant and intense colors are good for the palate itself. Because most of the times, when we apply them on the eyelid, they suddenly change into dull and boring shades. But, it is not about the colors but the wrong techniques that we use for making our eyelids pop. With limited time on our watch, we hassle around with different brushes pointless about what to do, we end up with different looking eyes.

However, this battle can be ended once for all, if we learn how to apply eye shadow correctly. If you are not sure about the what to do, it is better to check out these hacks for applying eye shadow rather than preparing yourself for the Halloween party due months later.

Prepare your Face

prepare your skin

Applying eyeshadow should be the last thing of your makeup routine. So, complete your regular makeup tasks such as the application of foundation, blush, concealer etc before you pick up your eye shadow applicator.

Know the different brushes

makeup brushes

If the stack of different brushes on your dressing table is been lying forever, let’s get them to work. Before you start your eye makeup routine, you should know which brush will be used for what purpose. It will ease your work a lot.

  • Stiff and Flat Brush: Use it on the eyelids and the lower lash liner for applying the shades of your choice. Because these brushes hold good amount of the colour, it would help save the number of strokes you use for getting the perfect look.
  • Pencil Brush: Because these brushes are thinner at the edges, you can use them for adding intensity to the corners of the eyes. It can also be used for lower lash line for soft touch.
  • Dome Brush: Use them to blend colours while using more than one shade.

Use these brushes to enhance the look of your eyelids.

Start with the Eye Primer

Eye primer are believed to provide long lasting coverage to the eyelids, which is completely true. But, its usage does not stop here. It thrives at adding vibrancy and makes each shade outstand. It also covers the natural pigmentation of the eyelids. If you have pigmentations, using the natural colour primer will help in hiding it.

Cover the lid with a base

To make your eyelids pop, you must use an eyeshadow base. It has a creamy texture and is best applied with the tips of the finger. The thick base can be evenly distributed with the finger tips and would result in making your eyes beautiful and vibrant.

Apply this just after applying the primer.

Get the Eye Pencil with White Shade

If you are using a primer and an eyeshadow base, you can skip the application of this eye pencil. However, if you are budget conscious or are tight on the schedule, use this white eye pencil to cover the lid and it will cover you for primer and eyeshadow base together.

The creamy texture will help in binding the eyeshadow for longer and you can expect your eye makeup to stay all day long.

Get the Eye Pencil with Black Shade

While white eye pencil works with all the eyeshadow colours, Black should only be applied as a base for darker colours. You would never want your pink eyeshadow turned into patches of black. Hence, choose this pencil colour after accessing the darkness of the eyeshadow. For example, you can use this pencil as a base for shades like maroon, red, purple, blue etc.

Use Concealer as a Base

apply eye shadow correctly base

If you are not scared of the pigmentation and you do not have it, you can go ahead and use concealer as the base instead of eye primer. It will do the task.

Apply Eye Shadow Correctly by Layering It

It is a simple trick but works wonder for getting vibrant eyes with eye shadows. Layering should be done to settling the right amount of product on your eye lid. It will also help to cover the left spots and would provide a blended and homogeneous look.

At the same time, it will add brightness to your eyelids with no extra effort. Just stroke for one more time and you would be good to go.

You can check this easy to apply Eyeshadow Applicator, and it will save you a lot of hustle.

Use Damp Brushes

You may feel this as an extra task, but trust me, it does make the difference. You only need to wet your brush and pat it on a tissue paper for removing the excess water. Once done, use it to It apply eye shadow correctly. This would help in providing a better finish and your brush would effectively pick the powder for better results.

Always make sure not to use the brush when it is too wet, or you will end up messing your entire eye makeup.

Cover your bold Lines

If you are using two colours, for decorating your eyelids, it is perfectly okay to define borders while applying the eye shadows. However, complete the routine by blending it with the dome brush for getting the amazing transition of eyeshadows.

The Conclusion

Eye Shadow parts

Eyes express more than words. There are many other phrases and songs especially written on the eyes. These pretty pair on our faces are worth every care. Hence, it is vital to apply eye shadow correctly for getting the perfect twinkling eyes instead of using the wrong methods to ruin their beauty.     

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