120 Color EyeShadow Palette Review

120 color eyeshadow palette

I am a bit of a fashionista if I do say so myself. Even though I am not a professional makeup artist, I love experimenting with color and makeup. And I found this amazing 120 color eyeshadow palette.

I love playing with my look from my hair to my nails to my clothes and makeup is such a staple part of each of the changes I go through. It brings everything together.

No matter how flawlessly applied though, foundation, contouring and such does not matter until the eyes come together with the perfect complimenting colors.

Therefore, one of my makeup essentials is a good eyeshadow palette. In the past, I never found a range wide enough to fit all my makeup needs and resorted to purchasing small palettes, hoping to one day build a range large enough to suit my needs.

But I am a girl on a budget and cannot afford to do this as quickly as I would like to. I am careful with my money even while indulging my love for cosmetics.

Therefore, when I found this 120 color eyeshadow palette I was in makeup heaven and my pockets were happy too because it was very inexpensive and affordable. I could hardly believe that I got such a variety of colors in one good eyeshadow palette at such a steal of a price. I did not need to keep on buying small eyeshadow palettes anymore!

120 color eyeshadow palette 120 color eyeshadow palette

The variety and price however, were not what sold me on this makeup eyeshadow palette. It was the high quality and the vibrancy of the colors in both matte and shimmer shades. Every look I created using the range in this premium quality makeup eyeshadow palette was amazing and turned the heads wherever I went. I love the attention it affords me and also the long-lasting wear. It is waterproof and does not fade.

I even tested its claim of water resistance by taking a dip in the pool and sure as day, it held up. I still looked fabulous and put together when I finished my dip. No need to be afraid of drips and smears with this eyeshadow palette!

With such pigmented color and long wear capabilities, I expected the colors on this 120 color eyeshadow palette to be a nightmare to remove but was pleasantly surprised. It wipes off within seconds with my favorite makeup remover wipes.

Lastly, I love that the 120 color eyeshadow palette includes both shimmer and matte colors. This one palette really does have everything you need to make your eyes pop.

Product Features

  • Made with high-quality ingredients that are not damaging to skin
  • Durable color to last all day long
  • Water resistant
  • 120 colors available so the creation of trending looks is easy with light and dark colors to choose from
  • Shades include both matte and shimmer
  • Colors are highly pigmented for vibrant wear
  • Lightweight and portable so easy to carry
  • Product contains no dyes and will not form an eyeshadow mark
  • Perfect for both professional salon and personal use.
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What did I think of it when I first got it?

The package this makeup eyeshadow palette came is was beautiful and I was impressed by the thought and design effort that went into creating it.

The case contained inside is sturdy and has a great lock mechanism that makes this eyeshadow palette great for traveling with.

As soon as I opened up the case and saw the color options all I could think was WOW!

My eyes did not know where to go first with such a brilliant array of color before me. I could do so many looks with this one palette and was already imagine building the colors up with complicated looks and toning it down for everyday wear. This 120 color eyeshadow palette is truly a makeup artist’s dream, whether professional or novice.

120 color eyeshadow palette

Luckily, I received this just in time to make up my look to match my outfit for a special dinner I had been invited to that week. I created a smoky eye design that made me look mysterious and sultry to match my dress. Knowing that I looked great upped my confidence by thousands. I was bold and sassy and felt wonderful inside and out.

Instructions For Simple Use

Start with clean, moisturized face.

Begin with a neutral color and a darker shade. Use a brush or your finger and lightly run it over the light, neutral shade, tapping off any excess eyeshadow. Apply the light color to your eyelid from the lash line to just above the crease do this with sweeping motions toward the brow.

Next,  select a darker color and repeat the first few steps, only deviating by applying it to the crease only, sweeping the brush or your finger back and forth several times to blend the colors.

Intensify the color by adding more eyeshadow.

Repeat on the other eye.

120 color eyeshadow palette

I Want The Eyeshadow Palette !


  • Vibrant color last all day long
  • Colors are highly pigmented and vibrant
  • Waterproof
  • Huge variety of eyeshadow colors to choose from that include light and dark colors and matte and shimmer
  • Suitable for use on all skin tones
  • The colors wipe off easily
  • Save money by providing such a huge selection of eyeshadow colors


  • Does not come with a brush
  • Due to the wide range of color, the case is too bulky to carry every day.

So is the 120 color eyeshadow palette worth it ?

I highly recommend this 120 color eyeshadow palette to anyone who loves to play around with makeup and the variety of looks that can be achieved. I would say this is a perfect addition to the makeup range of a professional makeup artist or a novice looking to build her skills.

It is durable, portable, convenient, high quality and inexpensive. The colors are nourishing, highly pigmented, easy to apply and easy to remove. I highly recommend purchasing this eyeshadow palette.

In fact, I am purchasing another for one of my best friends for her upcoming birthday because I am so happy with the results that it gives. I know she will love it too.

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