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Remedy for Split Ends

The Best Remedy For Split Ends ? Here Are 5 !

Do you have to keep trimming your hair because of split ends? It sure is very heart-breaking to see those tresses getting shorter. With so many challenges surging, our hair need much more attention than

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moroccan argan oil benefits

Top 5 Moroccan Argan Oil Benefits for Hair, Face and Skin

Argan oil is extracted from the kernel of Argan fruit and is a native plant of Morocco. Considering the many Moroccan Argan oil benefits, it is often known as Liquid Gold. From ages, Moroccan women have

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causes of hair loss for women

What Are the Causes Of Hair Loss For Women?

If you think diamonds are the best friend of women, think again. With all the treasures kept aside, nothing can make them happier more than the assurance that their hair is healthy and beautiful. Talking

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best hair growth oils

The Best Hair Growth Oils To Save The Day !

When it comes to hair loss there are a lot of myths and conceptions about hair. Some of them misplaced while others understandable. One thing is however certain, without knowing about the best hair growth

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african hair braiding styles

7 African Hair Braiding Styles For 2018

Truth be told, braiding hair is nothing new. For centuries Africans have braided their hair as a show of marital status, social status and age.  This is an African tradition that has being passed

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hair loss concealers

7 Best Hair Loss Concealers That Actually Work (2018)

Age is not just a factor that brings the problem of baldness in humans. There are many other reasons that support the problem. Hence, individuals who are young can still come across the problem sooner

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aloe vera benefits for skin

6 amazing Aloe Vera benefits for skin, Hair and Weight-Loss

There are many plants with various usage and benefits out there, but what is it about Aloe Vera that everyone likes to plant one in their garden? This plant that look much like a cactus with juicy inside

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hair regrowth treatment

Top 5 Best Hair Regrowth Treatment For Women

Hair loss, thinking about it makes us tremor with fear. Although men like fuller hair too, women especially are a lot concerned about thick and long hair and experiencing hair fall can come as a shock

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Andrea hair growth essence

The Magic Formula of Andrea Hair Growth Essence (REVIEW 2019)

Many people eat their brains out while selecting the shampoos and hair oils that can provide them the long and thick hair they have always been longing for. However, in most of the cases, the results are

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Portable Hooded Hair Dryer

Do Portable Hooded Hair Dryers Really Work?

To best be in a position to answer this question then certain factors must be analysed. Only then can a comprehensive and conclusive answer be given. It is not in disputed that a hair dryer does indeed

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