The Best Hair Growth Oils To Save The Day !

best hair growth oils

When it comes to hair loss there are a lot of myths and conceptions about hair. Some of them misplaced while others understandable. One thing is however certain, without knowing about the best hair growth oils then you are in for a long ride.

To try and fight this natural process, we try and do all sorts of things in the hope that it can be stopped. Some of us look out for the best hair growth oils in the market in hope of finding a permanent solution.

Myths associated with Hair Loss

hair loss myths

Did you know that trimming your hair won’t make it grow faster? The old age myth is just  a myth! Cosmetic experts recommend that one should trim their hair at least every six weeks and not 2 weeks as people believe.

If your hair starts falling off in the shower don’t blame the shampoo. Most people associate the chemicals in a shampoo with hair lose. The truth of the matter however, is that if you decide to cut back on washing your hair the situation might get worse. This is because oil build up can cause an inflammation of the head and as a result stunted hair.

Don’t waste time brushing your hair 100 times in a day; it adds no value to your hair. Renowned experts have categorically stated that excessive brushing will do more harm than good.

The most disturbing myth when it comes to hair loss is actually associated with pregnancy. Most pregnant women believe that you cannot dye your hair while pregnant.  The women believe that ammonia found in the dye can be absorbed in the body via scalp. In realty, the levels of ammonia in dye are too low to cause any health problems.

Oils are a no go if your hair is greasy. This cannot be far from the truth.  Oil that is applied to the ends of your hair will luster and increase its agility. Some of the best hair growth oils in the market as coconut oil protect against UV damage, bleach and heat.

Reasons why you could be experiencing hair loss

best hair growth oils

Genetics: On average, women will experience hair loss when they reach 40 to50 years of age. However, massive loss of hair may be because of genetic orientation. A hair loss women treatment by a trichologist will help solve this problem.

Nutritional deficiency: To have a healthy hair, your hair will need plenty of oxygen and plenty of nutrients .Always ensure that your body has enough nutrients, otherwise your hair will start to fall.

Stress: Perhaps the biggest reason why you might be experiencing hair loss is because you’re stressed. When stressed, always use oils like Shiffa Hair oil. As you use this oil don’t forget to practice yoga so as to stimulate blood flow.

Lack of Exercise: The health benefits accrued as a result of constant exercises are unlimited. Not only does exercise help you keep fit, but it   also improves blood circulation in your body. The more you exercise, blood and oxygen is supplied to your hair and other externalities.

Pregnancy: Most women always wonder why hair falls off after pregnancy. Don’t worry as this is temporary. A healthy diet will play a big role in your hair loss women treatment program, and your hair should recover in six months time.

Best Hair Growth Oils You Should Try

Olive oil

Though there are a number of oils that are said to be the   perfect remedy for your hair loss, non stands in comparison to Olive oil.

Why Choose Olive oil?

Fights  inflammation

Folliculitis inflammation is as a result of hair inflammation. This inflammation results to hair loss and thinning of the tresses.

It is Antimicrobial

The fact that it is an antimicrobial enables it to fight off infections that cause hair loss. Generally, olive oil is recommended for fighting   pathogens.

It is a wonderful moisturizer

When it comes to locking in moisture, olive oil does not disappoint. Within days of using olive oil you will notice that the hair becomes softer and smother.

Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Hot Oil

Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Hot Oil

This oil contains black pepper and hibiscus. This are important ingredients that contain essential vitamins such vitamin B and E. Vitamin B is not stored by your body. In this regard, it is important to replenish it as often as possible. Vitamin B gives  cells the energy needed to replenish.

The oil contains iron that helps reduce hair loss. Ayurvedc oil has the following advantages;

  • Repairs dryness and damaged hair cells
  • Hair feels healthy strong and beautiful
  • Has important ingredients like black pepper, white thyme, malaagan extracts and coconut oil

Cedar wood Oil

Cedarwood increases blood circulation to the scalp and a result stimulates hair follicles. The oil can also be used to treat hair thinning and other types of alopecia.

Other benefits of using cedarwood include;

  • Reduce skin irritation.
  • Can be used together with other oils such as lavender and coconut oil.

Hair Regrowth Treatments For Hair Loss

At times hair loss maybe permanent, some conditions such as patchy alopecia may result to hair regrowth within a year.

Hair growth treatments for hair loss include;


This is most favoured where hair loss is a as result of an underlying disease. Treatments may include; Minoxidil and Finasteride. Minoxidil is an over the counter foam that is used for rubbing the scalp twice. It not only prevents hair loss but also stimulates hair growth.Finasteride on the other hand is only used by men.


Where permanent hair loss takes place, only the top of the head gets affected. To restore this disorder, hair transplant is carried out. It utilises the hair you have left on the back of your head.

In the procedure, the surgeon removes tiny plucks of hair from your scalp and then implanted into the bold section.

Wigs and hairpieces

A wig is a good alternative to medical treatment.It can be used as a temporary or a permanent solution to your hair loss problem.

A hair regrowth treatment program cannot be successful without incorporation of some of the best hair growth oils in the market. Always take care of your hair as your beauty depends on it.

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