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anti-wrinkle chest pad

A Weird But Effective Anti-Wrinkle Chest Pad

Everyone is looking for the next best thing in skin care, like this Anti-Wrinkle Chest Pad Natural aging, toxins in the environment, sun damage and more… They all contribute to the wrinkling of your

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5 Things I Love About This Eyeliner Stamp Pen

At the ripe old age of 25 years, I have only recently started getting into the makeup trend. I did not know that there was an eyeliner stamp pen that makes it easy to apply … Please save the gasps

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foot corn remover

6 Myths about The Foot Corn Remover

A corn is a small circular lesion on the foot that has become thickened. It gets its name as it resembles a kernel of corn and forms due to repeated pressure on the skin example from repeatedly rubbing

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Magnetic Face Mask

5 Benefits of The Magnetic Face Mask

We all know the astounding power that magnets possess. Thus, this magnetic face mask is a true revolution, here’s my review of it. We use them for simple stuff like to spruce up our refrigerators

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Best wooden watches

Best Wooden Watches: 3 Women’s Favorite Choices

Watches inspire us to stay on time. But, there is a lot more attractions connected to watches apart from keeping us on time. How can one forget about the Victorian era when pocket watches used to rule?

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Glitter Face Mask

Glitter Face Mask ! Why Is It Such A Trend ?

Glitters, no wonder why they are so close to a woman’s heart. The glamourous look and those sparkling appearance are just an application away. Glitters have made every woman fall for it once on a

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Spider Vein Removal Laser

7 Myths About The Spider Vein Removal Laser

We are living in a world where myths spread faster than truths. However, sulking over this fact is not the priority here. We should always look for the opinions that are factual and have a backing in terms

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body whitening cream

How To Choose The Best Body Whitening Cream?

Almost every one of us wants to get one tone fairer. We try lots of remedies and still fall short of it. Skin care is a tough job. Maintaining a glowing skin that is healthy from within is a challenging

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8 Things I Love About This Acne Patch Set !

Acne treatments are plenty and all have their own ways of treating the stubborn pimples. However, it wasn’t as easy to fight acne as it became after the invention of Acne Patch. You may not have heard

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Magnetic Toe Rings

7 Benefits of Magnetic Toe Rings for Weight Loss

Do magnetic toe rings work? I have always found people looking out for answers to this question. However, lack of scientific backing is the major reason why this technology is not yet popular. It is important

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