Best Wooden Watches: 3 Women’s Favorite Choices

Best wooden watches

Watches inspire us to stay on time. But, there is a lot more attractions connected to watches apart from keeping us on time. How can one forget about the Victorian era when pocket watches used to rule? In all these years, we have come up with assorted styles and flavors when it comes to watches. The journey has been quite interesting. However, nothing has ever matched those best wooden watches that signifies style and convenience at the same time.

Wooden watches have always been in trend. The retro looks combined with the modern designs make these watches stand the test of time. The nature born wooden watches have always succeeded in winning a woman’s heart. However, choosing your favorite one from the long list of best wooden watches can be literally annoying.

Nothing matches a beautiful watch more than a luxurious pair of sunglasses !

Hence, I have curated a list of few best selling watches to help you choose your favorite one. But, before that, let’s check out few guidelines that’s important to notice before paying for the watch.

What to Look for While Buying a Wooden Watch?

It is very daunting to realize that the brand new watch for which you paid a lot was worth nothing. It happens a lot of time. We make these silly mistakes out of unawareness. So, why not gather some information to keep those mistakes behind.

The Looks

We cannot deny that the looks are the first thing that anyone notices when it comes to watches. Flaunting a watch that undeniably does not feel right would be the biggest mistake to make. Let’s figure it out yourself. How about paying for something that you stop wearing after a few days? And, for the rest of the life, it just stays in your closet locked up.

It would be wise decision to choose the style that is pleasant and looks amazing on your wrist. So, never forget to try it on before making the final payment. If it does not look wonderful on your wrist, what’s the point of its beauty?

Ease of Carrying it Around

Can you image a watch made of iron? That would sound absurd. Not because it will be foolish to carry around too much load around your wrist. A watch should be light weight. Isn’t that the reason why we keep looking for the best wooden watches?

Type of Watches

Best wooden watches

As we all know, there are two kinds available with every brand: Analog and Digital. Although, this is a personal choice and you can pick whatever you like. However, a digital watch is the best fit for sports person while the analog watches suit business person.

Choosing the Brand

There are many brands that offer best wooden watches. However, not all of them are same. Few stores sell scams too. Hence, beware of those frauds and check the authenticity of the brand you are buying from. This will also help calculate the future value of your watch.

List of Best Wooden Watches

Impressing women is difficult. And, watches reflect one’s aura. Women are delicate yet strong at heart. Likewise, Women’s wood watches must showcase those qualities as well. The design is not easy to comprehend. It takes a lot of hard work for watch designers to get that one style which would win every woman’s heart.

Perfection matters a lot when presenting a creation to women. The watches listed below are not just a time keeper but would let you explore the charisma of style and compassion.

ZS-100BL Handmade by Bewell

best wooden watches

This looks like an old beauty transported right from the retro fashion. As always, Bewell has created a stunning design with narrow strap and shallow frame. Looking at the astonishing feature would explain the kind of dedication the team has put to get this on the shelves.

The top glass is impact and scratch resistance. The watch is handmade constructed using the non-hypoallergenic as well as eco-friendly wood.

The design is available in different colours of wood and patterns.

Best Wooden Watches by JORD

best wooden watches

JORD is a premium brand and has always surprised its consumers with excelling in getting the best design with durability combined. The wooden watch with golden rim seems the perfect match and is very well used by JORD to construct the beautiful time piece.

The watches are designed with Zebrawood, hand polished to perfection. You can feel the luxury of owing these watches and will never go unnoticed.

Lahaina Collection of Best Wooden Watched by Maui Kool

best wooden watches

Maui Kool uses the finest wood to craft their watches to perfection. The woods are transported from across the continents. The love for perfection becomes obvious from their style and functionality that they offer with their watches.

You will find the collection in various colors. They have mastered the design of the best wooden watches. The good news is that their watches are mostly unisex. So, you can even share it with your better half. It is lightweight and elegant to warp around the wrist.

The Verdict

If you like having a collection of watches, do not miss on the wooden watches that assures completeness when worn. As we all know, that wood is one of the best eco-friendly resource available to mankind. And, watches that are made of wood too are eco-friendly. Also, those who are allergic to other metals can depend on the wooden watches for providing a safe experience.

Personally, I believe that comfort should always be among the top priorities. And, these watches are all about comfort. You will not even know that you are carrying something on your wrist. However, the little push of the dial will remind you that you are not alone.

The complete package is the best buddy for every woman. With plenty of design and price range, one always has the opportunity to find the best match. The best wooden watches are all about style, comfort, functionality and price. If you know what you are looking for, you can always bump into the right one.

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