Hair Growth Oil – Does It Really Work ?

hair growth oil

Most people believe that hair loss is an issue that only afflicts the older male community. But trust me ladies, it ain’t. I thought I was going full Vin Diesel until i came across this hair growth oil that literally saved my life !

Being a woman in her mid thirties and I can testify that it is not a health issue that only affects men. I have been a sufferer since my mid-twenties. My hair had always been fine and frail, snagging off at the slightest provocation but the problem escalated at that age. My hair was thinning at a rapid rate, was dull, lifeless and my scalp was always dry and itchy. It looked a hot mess in general.

hair growth oil

The problem got so bad that I had taken to wearing wigs and hats most of the time. I was so ashamed, so self-conscious of the condition of my hair that I felt the need to hide it.

I tried it all to correct the issue: expensive specialist visits, a few surgically procedures, special shampoos and conditioners, even a few natural remedies… But nothing worked for my hair and I had lost hope that anything ever would.

My mom purchased this hair growth oil for me from this store, because she realized I had stopped trying to fix my hair loss problem.

She said that the positive testimonials from another user with hair loss and thinning issues worse than mine had convinced her to purchase a bottle on my behalf. I am so very glad that she did because within the few weeks I noticed a drastic change in my hair. It has been strengthened and was not falling out like it used to. It was also less frizzy, shiny and had some lift to it.

Within a month and a half, there were new hair strands growing in the patches of my hair that had long since gone bald. So impressed with the results I had already gotten, I got the info from my mom and purchased a few more bottles.

Since then I have been using the hair growth oil religiously and my hair has thrived.

I have been using this hair growth oil for the last nine months and my hair is the fullness and most voluminous it has ever been. I can safely and with absolute confidence proclaim this the best hair growth product for women. Read my review below to find out more.

Features Of The Product

  • Lightweight, easily absorbed formula
  • Formulated with natural plant extract for natural restorative hair growth promotion
  • Formulated to repair and restore hair grow from the inside out
  • Hydrates and moisturizes hair from root to tip
  • Stimulates scalp for hair growth promotion
  • Fights dandruff and dry, itchy scalp
  • Light fragrance
  • Easy to use
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Here Are My First Impressions When I first Got This Hair Growth Oil

As I said, my mom purchased this hair growth oil for me and I put off using it for a few days because I did not think it would work. Nothing else had worked so far. I had spent quite a bit of money on expensive treatments that promised results and failed to deliver. I was not building my hopes up again only to have it dashed away by another false guarantee.

The first time I noticed was how light the hair growth oil was. I thought it would heavy and weigh my hair down but no, it was so light that upon touching it my fingers felt moisturized when I rubbed it in.

Although I was still not convinced that it would work but I followed the directions and added a bit to my everyday shampoo. I washed my hair as I usually did.  And I noticed that my hair felt different right away. There was not as much shedding as there usually was when I washed my hair. My scalp felt different too. Normally it felt dry after a washing but that was not the case this time.

I washed my hair twice that week and again there was hardly any shedding and my scalp actually felt clean. There was no itching that week.

By the next week, I notice more fullness to my strands and I finally allowed myself to hope that this hair growth oil would be the answer to my hair loss ailments.

Since then, I have been 100% convinced.

Instructions For Use

hair growth oil

Add 3 ml of the hair growth oil into 100 ml of your normal shampoo and stir evenly.

Thoroughly wet your hair then massage the mixture into your hair from root to tip. Ensure that you massage your scalp as well as coat every hair strand with the hair growth essence.

Rinse the mixture out then continue with your hair washing routine as usual, dry off your hair and style as desired.


  • Inexpensive
  • Eliminates the need for pricey, complicated surgical procedures.
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • No use of harsh, harmful chemicals
  • Contains natural ingredients that promote rapid hair growth naturally
  • Strengthens hair against breakage and restores fullness
  • Moisturizes dry scalp to strength hair further
  • Applies easily without making a mess


  • I just wish the bottle was bigger but I might just be greedy

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Here Are My final Thoughts About It

Long, luscious, full hair is such a symbol of female vitality and having to deal with thin, dull, lifeless hair had been such a confidence demolisher for me.

This lack of confidence extended far beyond just my hair and affected other areas of my life.

All of that changed when I started using the best hair vitamins for hair growth. Not only did I gain confidence in the way my hair looked – full, voluminous and bouncy – I gained more confidence in myself. It has improved my personal life and my professional life. I do not hide behind wigs and hats anymore. I feel bold, sassy and vibrant and it reflects in my attitude and personality. Other people resonate with that.

I recommend this hair growth oil for men and women alike. If you suffer from hair loss and thinning, I guarantee you will love this product as much as I do. I have not regretted using it and you will not either.

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