Top 5 Moroccan Argan Oil Benefits for Hair, Face and Skin

moroccan argan oil benefits

Argan oil is extracted from the kernel of Argan fruit and is a native plant of Morocco. Considering the many Moroccan Argan oil benefits, it is often known as Liquid Gold. From ages, Moroccan women have used this oil to treat their skin and hair with love and nourishment. Thanks to the internet for a smaller world that everyone around the globe knows what the usage of this oil entails.

This oil packed in a small bottle can replace all your products made of harmful chemicals for good. Only by knowing the how to use it for different purposes would help you explore its various advantages. The oil contains Vitamin E along with plenty of antioxidants and the essential fatty acids to make your skin and body look youthful and younger.

5 Moroccan Argan oil benefits for Hair

moroccan argan oil benefits for hair

Being a great moisturizer for hair, you can simply use it to make your hair soft and shiny without a fear of ending with greasy hair.

  1. Conditions the Hair:
    As mentioned above, Argan oil is a great moisturizing treatment for hair and scalp. Unlike other oils, it does not make the hair greasy and keep it soft and shiny for long. You can easily replace your hair conditioner with this oil. All you need to do is, apply the oil to the hair and wash it with lukewarm water. And, you are done. The very first day, you will feel a bit of stickiness, but it will go away the next day leaving your hair smooth and soft.
  2. Use it as Hair Serum:
    You can get rid of those expensive hair serums by replacing them with the Argan oil. Just pat a few drops along the length of your hair and get rid of fizziness.
  3. Fights Dandruff:
    The fungal infection that we also call as dandruff, is a frustrating problem. And, it becomes more usual during winters. All the products that promise to help prevent them contains harmful chemicals. Hence, all the while when you are applying the product for reaping its benefits, it actually is making the problem worse. However, Argan oil fights dandruff without damaging the hair.
  4. Helps in Fast Hair Growth:
    Many of us are sick of the slow rate of the hair growth. Waiting for the hair to grow an inch longer seems like a decade. However, there is one stop solution for all the problems related to hair by using Argan oil. Massage your hair with Argan oil every night and leave it overnight. Wash it in the morning until you feel that the growth rate has surged.
  5. Fight Split Ends:
    Split ends make hair look dull and frizzy. It also effects the overall look of the hair and is impossible to hide. None of the hairstyle feels perfect because of the thinner ends. But, using the Argan oil regularly will remarkably decrease their presence.

5 Moroccan Argan oil benefits for Face and Skin

moroccan argan oil benefits for face and skin

Using gran oil for face and skin is as good as it is for the hair repair. It nourishes skin with the antioxidants and keep it hydrated by maintaining the oil balance. If you are surfing from dull and dry skin or your skin is prone to acne, the Moroccan Argan oil benefits have got you covered.

  1. Use it as Exfoliating Agent:
    You may wonder how an oil can help exfoliate the skin. You would be amazed to know that this oil when mixed with sugar can defeat all the exfoliating agent on the shelves of a store. The amazing ingredients of this oil keep your skin free from dryness while the sugar clears the clogged pores.
  2. Use it as a Facial Moisturizer:
    Being non greasy, it gives the optimum results when used as a moisturizing agent. You can apply it at night and leave it on the skin to be absorbed while you sleep. You can also use it around the eyes and it will help in fighting dark circles. Only after the first day use, you will notice the change in your skin for good. You can also use this oil on arms, legs and other parts of the body.
  3. Make your own Skin Toner:
    Why to spend on some expensive skin toner when you can make your own from the things available at your home. Keep the green tea bag in the hot water for 10-12 minutes. Cover it with lid while the water gets all the goodness from the green tea bag. Mix few drops of Argan oil to the liquid and use it as a toner. You will soon reap the Moroccan Argan oil benefits.
  4. Get Rid of Stretch Marks:
    There is good news for all the moms of new-borns. If you are too worried about the stretch marks sitting all around your belly button, let the worries ward off. Only by massaging with Argan oil, you can reduce these lines as if they never existed.
  5. Fight Acne:
    Almost all of us go through the phase when Pimples and Acnes are the hugest problems of life. And, some carries them forever even after they cross their adolescence. All the medications and chemicals that we use, affect us in one or the other way. Sometimes, we feel as if the entire world is not enough to provide with the correct treatment. But, it is not true. One simple solution can get rid of acne forever. Use of Argan oil will help balance the sebum of your skin and will kill the bacteria hidden in the pores to get you clearer skin.
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Isn’t it feel any less than a miracle? But, the good news is, its all true. Moroccan Argan oil benefits have been tested and tried from ages. However, it is important to choose the best Argan oil for skin. Not all the bottles are pure and can get you into disappointments. So, buy from the preferred stores and meet the better version of yours.

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