Latest Beauty Trends in 2019 You Need to Rock

beauty trends in 2019

Every year, new beauty trends hop in. The divas walking the aisle dipped in fashion and confidence stage the most awaited trend of the year. Its not even the end of 2018 and people have started talking & looking forward to the beauty trends in 2019. Experts have already started interviewing professionals for understand their take for the next year.

Either its about the long weekend or the weekday rush, the industry specialists consider every aspect of lives before giving life to their imaginations. Sometimes, its about the dark and vibrant colors and sometimes, its about the nude shines. The professionals put their efforts in bringing the best on the table.

A lot has been changed since we started indulging ourselves in pampering our existence with colors and shades. Now, the consumers are becoming aware of things that can be achieved through the products offered by beauty industry. Hence, the expectations have risen as well. People look for products that can help fight the most indispensable part of their life, aging.

This year showed huge surge in inclination of consumers towards the anti-aging creams and makeups tips for looking younger. The coming year will certainly get this expectation to the all-new level. The beauty trends in 2019 will be more about the solutions that come handy with these products.

Beauty trends in 2019 starts with the Sheet Masks

beauty trends in 2019

This is what everyone would be turning to this coming year. Providing an instant facial affect, sheet mask is what you would find being on the top beauty list soon. The mask sets right on the face and sits for some time while the ingredients are absorbed by the skin. There are many variations of these masks and differ as per the skin requirements.

Handy while carrying, hence, makes a great choice for long holidays. Who would like to check for a saloon while enjoying the already hectic holiday? For those who think investing too much on a facial which does not last for even a month, this is the perfect solution.

With summer beauty trends bringing clothes that hide less and shows more, your skin needs a lot of attention and care. The body sheet masks are what you would be crazing about in 2019.

Body Care alongside Skin Care

beauty trends in 2019

Body needs an equal care alongside our face. If you would check the latest beauty trends, you would already find the idea blooming. And, it would thrive in 2019 for good. The body skin care completes the overall routine of managing beauty trends with balance. Women are looking for products that can save the softness of their skin and at the same time, is able to fight the dirt and UV rays.

Eco friendly and Organic Products

beauty trends in 2019

It is not new and have been trending from quite a few years now. But, the rage to protect the environment has taken a completely different angle this year and will even get stronger the coming year.

Few of the elite and popular brands have quoted that the consumers are becoming aware of the harmful effects of plastic. Hence, are shifting towards finding products that are eco-friendly and uses paper or glass packaging.

Consumers expect beauty industry to feel responsible for the safety of the environment. With said that, the heads are also turning towards the recycles products and those that uses less water while manufacturing.

Pastels Eyeshadows makes to the beauty trends in 2019

beauty trends in 2019

With summer and springs, winter looks are much more awaited. Not many options with the outfits as in summer and clothes doing the job of sunscreen lotion, all depends on the facial makeup. And eye makeup can make or break the entire look.

Vibrant colors are getting into fashion with more confidence. Women like to explore the looks by celebrating the nuances of mix and matches to get the desired look. From pink to brown to sky blue, the pastel shades are getting on the top. It brings you the childlike innocence on the face.

Cat Eyes with a Difference

beauty trends in 2019

Cat Eyes have always been in famous, and year 2019 will not any different. The cat eyes with extremes ends and covered with black eye liner to match the rock look will surface more predominantly. Expressions are worth thousand words and these mischievous eyes would set to play the talk show without involving words.

Beauty Trends in 2019 for Lazy and Dull Eyes

beauty trends in 2019

Talking about eyes, it is important to say something about the morning laziness that becomes oblivious more from eyes. For those longing for bright eyes in the morning, after the entire night’s party, this is the trick.

Whatever eye make-up you pick, brighten the corner of your eyes with a pat shimmery white eyeshadow. If you have already following the trend, you are in for the next year as well.

Red Lips

beauty trends in 2019

Nothing can beat this evergreen makeup that has come along from centuries. The coming year’s runway is going to be flattered by these bold crimson red colour lips. The looks can be defying and what can make them ever more difficult to comprehend than these subtle yet vibrant lips.

The sultry and bright look is all you would need the coming year to raise the beauty trend 2019 bar.

The Takeaway

With every passing year, an urge for truth and transparency is surging and the desire to be noticed, and to be heard too have taken the closest seat. People look for fashion that can describe who they are from outside and within. Instead of following the naïve fashion, one wants to nurture the adult residing inside one’s mind.

Exploration has always been at the extremes with those who are aware of the change. And, this coming season’s trend would mark the beginning of new phase for all those who are awakened by the globalization and needs of human race. The beauty trends in 2019 would be much about expressing the inner soul by breaking the limits and setting one’s own rule.

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