Latest fashion trends in 2019 You Need to Rock

fashion trends in 2019

Every day, we meet so many people. Some are the old faces and others completely new. And, it is hardly any time that we remember those who we meet for few hours or minutes or those who cross our paths while we are heading to something. However, there are times when we cannot forget the lady sitting across the table in a café or the chic at the billing desk of a store standing ahead of the queue. It is not because they resembled someone. But, because their subtle yet eye-catching fashion sense which brings us to talk about the fashion trends in 2019.

It’s still a long way to welcome the next year’s eve and people have started talking about the latest fashion trends for women that is going to rock in 2019. There are guess works as well as researched answers by the fashion experts. And, dominating everyone is our inner soul that choose the fashion trends in us. We all are different and have different expectations when it comes to fashion. There are times when we miss the leads that is passed from our inner self while trying to fit in the herd. But, those who do what it takes to be the trend setter, dominate the latest trends.

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2018 was no different. When we expected it the least, the spring went by featuring some most audacious fashion trends. Who would have though that the velvet will rise again, but it did. And, it is going to stay the coming year as well.

Apart from the ones that already have rocked 2018, let’s check out those that’s going to stay as the fashion trends in 2019.

Bags and the fashion trends in 2019

The Straw Bag:


The fashion is circle is also very usual. In 90’s we keep turning back to the 80’s fashion. However, in 2019, the 70’s fashion is expected to show us the way. Jake Birkin, an English model, actress and singer always carried a straw bag when shopping in Paris in 70s. However, in the 2018 runway, Sonia, a model was seen carrying the straw bag reviving the memories of 70’s. This bag fashion is sure to trend in 2019 as well.

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The Graphic Bags:

Polka Dot Handbag

Graphics are never off season. Either the polka dots or the criss-cross lines, all these fancy bags are too bold and sexy. So, in trend. It can be worn as a sling bag or can be carried around your arms. You can never go wrong with these prints. On top of that, it matches all your outfits. Checks for the professional look while polka dots embrace the girly appearance of yours.

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The Outfits in 2019     

Sweaters to Tuck In:

If you think you can leave working out in 2019 while hiding the unnecessary tires under the full covering sweaters, you are completely wrong. The fashion experts have found reasons for keeping you on the treadmill all winter long. The tucked in sweater will let you flaunt your slim waistline making you on top of your curves the coming year. Wear it with your favorite jeans or match it with the A line skirt to your office, it will never disappoint you.


sexy bustier

I haven’t met any women who does not like to explore the options for inner wear. 2018 stages the latest inner wear fashion as the corsets and bustier. I believe that the feminine look is getting trendier with every passing year. The corsets do make a difference in the attitude of a women. Just skip the bra and wear it inside your T-shirt to feel sexy from within.

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Shine is Back as one of the Fashion Trends in 2019:

If you are not ready to accept the truth, you better see it for yourself. The collections are getting to every outlet and online shopping websites feature them too. It has never been so popular in all these ages. Women are inclining towards bold avatars. Breaking all the notions and boundaries, 2019 will show up as the fashion changing season. Not because the designs have changed, but the perception for fashion have changed for women. You will even find shine on shine taking over the market.

Accessories – Fashion Trends in 2019

The Coin Pendant:

Coin Pendant Necklace

Have you ever seen someone wearing a coin pendant with a V neck T-Shirt. It used to be the fashion trend in 20’s. And, it has never been out of sight since then. The fashion trend in 2019 will also not let this subtle look go away. On the contrary, you will find people wearing it on round necks and other designs as well.

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The Danglers

danglers for women

Since ages, ladies have loved accessorizing themselves, ears being the most prominent part of the body. From small ear pieces to the long danglers, we have seen it all. This coming year, danglers are supposed to take even the bulkier look yet lightweight. There is no way you would be able to avoid this style. Now, no one will cross your path without noticing those big danglers with branches or layers.

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The Fashion Trends in 2019 has it all

We have been excited to see where the ramp walk will take us to. However, it is pretty clear that the designers feel the emotions of women around the world to come up with their designs. And, women are showing the dare in their expressions and to make it obvious through their fashion statement is what the fashion experts are good at.

The fashion trend in 2019 is very much awaited. After all, globalization has given us more options.

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