Hair Braiding Machine – The Secret To Easy Hair Braiding !

Hair Braiding Machine

If you are anything like me, you love having long hair but you are absolutely clueless on how to get the super cute braided hairstyles that all the celebrities are flaunting on the red carpet and Instagram. then this Hair Braiding Machine is made for you !

Usually, all I did was brush my hair back and tuck it away in a bun. Talk about boring! But that was before I found this super easy to use Hair Braider.

Now I am rocking the latest and greatest braided hairstyles being posted all over social media. I do it myself, in the comfort of my own home.

I save a ton of cash too because I do not have to go to my fabulous but pricey hair stylist! Thanks to this automatic hair braider I get flawless results every time and you can get the same trendy looks effortlessly with this creative tool.

I can dress my hair up or down and once in a while I get fancy by adding hair jewels. I am so very are from exhaust my hairstyle possibilities. This easy hair braiding machine has brought out my inner fashionista. It makes caring for my own hair fun and I cannot be happier.

Product Features

  • Electrically operated by batteries
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Twisting motions create twists and braids for easy styling options fast
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for many hair types
  • Suitable for females of any age

Hair braiding machine

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Initial Thoughts

I stumbled across this product quite by accident as I was browsing the internet and was intrigued by the product description. “Automatic hair braider” it said and I thought to myself that this would make my life a lot simpler… If it worked. While I was pretty plain Jane with my hair before, I longed to take more risks with my hairstyles but did not have the natural ability to do it and had never found any tools to make it easy for me.

It was very hard for me to believe that this tool work as well as the website said it did.

Despite my skepticism, I still purchased it.

The hair braiding machine came in a cute cardboard box with the easy hair braider and a user manual inside. I grabbed two AA Batteries from my kitchen drawer, put them in and turned the hair braiding machine on.

The first time, I used the automatic hair braiding machine I have to admit I had to get used to the twisting and braiding motions. That is more than likely because I am totally hopeless with electronics so you should not have that issue.

Needless to say, my first attempt at using the hair braider machine was a complete and utter disaster.

I did find, however that practice makes perfect with this tool, even for an electric clutz like me. With a few more tries, I found my rhythm and did my first braid.

I was in awe and dare I say it, proud of myself. Truly I was. If I can use this hair braiding machine then anyone can.

Before my hairstyles consisted of mostly ponytails and buns until I made a trip to the hair salon. I am a girl on a budget so that did not happen often.

Now, for special occasions, the office and even just for running everyday errands, I can quickly and easily do braided hairstyles that looks super intricate and complicated but took me ten minutes or less to complete. It is especially great during summer and holiday seasons when I want to do a little extra with my look.
Hair Braiding Machine

I loved easy hair braider so much, I bought another one as a gift for one of my best girlfriends of her birthday. She is not as hopeless as a hairstylist as I was but still she absolutely loves her automatic hair braider. Her hair is thicker and shorter than mine but she still gets the same great results that I do. The hair braiding machine saves her time and money while making sure she looks fabulous. She could not thank me enough.

Instructions For Use

Ensure your hair is detangled and smoothed out before using the hair braiding machine. Carefully attached two sections of hair of equal amounts into the automatic hair braider tool. Press the twisting mode to twist each section and the braid mode to twist the individual sections into a braid. That is it! It is really is as easy as 1-2-13. Pin up your hair or tie it and you are all set to go with a beautiful hairstyle that only took you a few minutes.


  • Easy to store and travel with due to lightweight, compact design
  • Creates twists and braids for endless styling options
  • Can be used on different hair types, textures and lengths
  • Saves the user money with less frequent trips to pricy hair salons
  • So easy to use even kids can use it
  • Allows the user to keep up with the hair braid trends


  • None that I have found

Get The Hair Braider Here !

So is this hair braiding machine works ?

I do not have much to add that I have not expressed above apart from saying I highly recommend this product for women and girls of all ages, hair types and lengths.

Get yours today and open up a whole new world of hair styling options. You will not regret it. I certainly have not. This hair braiding machine is a great value for your money and make you look gorgeous too!

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