360° Hair Styling Brush Review: A Life Saver !

hair styling brush

Hello Ladies ! I tried this amazing hair styling brush and i’m very excited to tell you more about it !

I have fine, straight short hair which is often limp and lifeless so I am often on the look for a styling tool that will give me volume, lift and curl.

I have tried everything from expensive salon visits to risky chemicals but nothing worked to give my hair the vibrancy it lacked. In fact, most of them did more damage to my hair that good hence why my hair is cut short current. A recent curling iron purchase completely fried my hair and I was left with so much damage I had to chop most of it off.

I had come to a place where I thought nothing would work even though I still actively looked for a solution.

That all changed one day when I had coffee with a friend from out of town. She has long, luscious hair which is naturally straight but she showed up with big, bouncy curls that had me instantly filled with envy. My hair had been pulled back into a bun that day because I had no idea what else to do with it.

I asked (well, more like begged if I am being honest) what is her secret and she let the cat out of the bag. And it was not some expensive, over the top solution like I expected. She was using a trending round hair brush.

She recommended this particular 360 degree hair brush to me, raving about how great it has been and how it has allowed her hair to flourish.

Now, I am passing on her good deed by giving you my review of this 360 degree hair styling brush because this round hair brush has changed my life. I went from having dull, boring hair that could not hold a curl to hair to save my life to hair that is full of life, voluminous and that holds curls all day long.

My bob has never looked so great and I get compliments all the time. Many women ask me what is my secret and I cannot hold it in. I tell them it is this wonderful hair styling brush.

Product Features

  • Heat resistant so suitable for styling with the heat of a hairdryer
  • 360-degree spherical design prevents hair from getting tangled or snagged
  • Easily and gently detangles hair of all textures
  • Innovative comb design offers a variety of different styling and curling options.
  • Great for drying short to medium length hair
  • Massager bristles are great for eliminating dandruff and stimulating the scalp for increased blood flow
  • Great option for styling pet hair as well
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First Impressions

hair styling brush

The first thing I noticed about this hair styling brush upon unboxing it is how pretty it looked with the round head, protruding bristles and pink and black color combo.

It felt a lot lighter than I expected when I picked it up. It is constructed of plastic and does not have heavy metal parts holding it down. I really loved the lightness of it but then it was onto the true test – will it curl my hair?

My hair had been freshly washed and I blew dry it using the round hair brush. I braced myself for the worse, expecting that the bristles would become tangled in my hair but was amazed and shocked when it did the opposites and glided through my hair, root to tip, without pause. I experienced no tugging or pulling and therefore no pain as I normally did when I used brushes of any kind on my hair. What a relief!

The bristles moved through my hair easily, without snagging on my hair or pulling on the delicate strands. I have never used another round brush that did so so effortlessly. No matter how I twirled or twisted it, my hair did not get caught even though the round hair brush grips the hair very well. As a girl with naturally fine hair, that is a blessing as every hair strand is immensely valuable.

By the time I was done, my hair was fully dry, had volume, bounce and was bumped at the ends like I wanted. Normally, my curls would fall flat immediately after styling but not only did I achieve them, they lasted all afternoon and into the night.

I used the round hair brush again in the morning and added more curl definition this time. The round brushed offers a variety of styling options so I went for something different.

When I showed up at work, from the attention I got from just the change in my hairstyle, you would think I turned into a supermodel overnight. It was great and I soaked up the attention!

How To Use ?

Starting with clean hair, wet or dry, gently detangle by raking the round hair brush through the strands, root to tip. Twist the brush in the direction you would like your curls to form.

If you are using a blow dryer, move the nozzle along the path of the hair styling brush, twisting to form the desired curl pattern.


  • Saves money by decreasing trips to hair salon and eliminating the need to buy expensive curling tools and harmful chemicals
  • Reduces damage to hair from chemicals and heat styling tools
  • Reduces hair drying time
  • Reduces the chances of frizz
  • Gives hair body and volume
  • Lightweight so great for traveling
  • Suitable for all hair types, textures, lengths and thicknesses
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to use


  • Limited color options might be a turn off to someone who prefers other colors

Get The 360° Brush !

Is it worth it ?

I love, love, love this round hair rush. I love this hair styling brush so much it is now my go-to everyday brush. I use it for my blowouts and then post blowout to always have that added body and bounce to my hair.

My hair is also growing quickly. A little research has me attributing it to the round hair brush as it massages my scalp every time I use it. This increases blood flow to the scalp and therefore promotes hair growth.

This is the best curling brush I have ever used. I highly recommend this to anyone, man or woman who wants added volume, bounce or curl to their hair. It is now my go-to hair styling brush and I am sure it will be yours too.

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