Magnifying Mirror With Suction Cups: An Ideal Companion !

magnifying mirror with suction cups

Every woman needs a well lit magnifying mirror with suction cups in her bathroom. I did not know I needed it until I had it and now I wonder how I lived without it before! It is the perfect bathroom companion.

I use it to apply my makeup with precision, to get my eyebrows to the perfect shape, to put in my contact lenses, to wash my hair and so much more. Every day I discover that this small but very useful tool is making my life so much simpler.

Even my husband uses it to shave. He gets a lot fewer nicks and cuts now as well as a smoother shave.

We had to buy a second one from the same store so we can use a magnifying mirror with suction cups simultaneously, especially when we are both rushing in the mornings to get prepared for the day.

The great quality suction cup allows the magnifying mirror for bathrooms to stick to any surface in my bathroom so I can move it around when necessary and still have that same powerful suction action. It has never fallen off of any surface I have attached it to, which is a huge plus because no one needs to deal with broken glass everywhere.

The mirror itself is a powerful magnifying feature and highlight whatever feature I need to work on without distortion. The fact that it rotates allows for greater versatility and control, which I love.

The light is a great added bonus. Whether it is day or night, I can use this magnifying mirror with suction cups and still get the same wonderful results.

On a more personal note, I am a middle-aged female who is near-sighted and need to wear glasses. This magnifying mirror for bathrooms eliminates my frustration as the bright light and 8X magnification saves me from having to wear my glasses or contacts to the bathroom to complete normal, everyday tasks. If you suffer from similar issues, then this magnifying mirror with suction cups is definitely for you.

Product Features

  • Suctions easily to most bathroom surfaces
  • 8X magnification
  • Uses long-lasting LED bulbs
  • Lower power requirement for providing continuous bright
  • Provides a clean, bright reflection whenever needed
  • 360-degree rotation allows for adjustment t the perfect angle to accomplish any task
  • Battery Operated by 2 x AAA Batteries

magnifying mirror with suction cups

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My Initial Thoughts When I First Got It 

I was not prepared for how light this magnifying mirror with suction cups was when I first opened up the box and lifted it. That was the case even though it came true to size and weight as what I read on the website. I guess I had built up the weight in my mind because of all features the magnifying mirror with suction cups and light came with.

So I followed the direction for installing and placed the magnifying mirror on the wall mirror in my bathroom over the vanity. I took it for a test run and plucked a few unruly eyes on my eyebrow. I was amazed at the clarity of the image and just how much it magnified. There was no distortion and the mirror stayed in place.

I even tried out the light by turning off the overhead light and the LED bulb projected bright enough that I still managed to finish the task without difficulty.

From that moment on, I was in love with this magnifying mirror for bathrooms.

I had to show it off to my husband and he agreed that it was great. He then proceeded to hog it so he could remove a strand of hair that was coming out of his ear.

It is any wonder, we have to get a second one?

How To Use?

Unbox the mirror carefully. Ensure that the surface, example bathroom wall or countertop, you would like to attach it to is clean and smooth.

Insert 2x AAA alkaline batteries (not included with the purchase). Make sure the suction cup is slightly moistened and place onto the smooth flat surface. Press the mirror against the surface firmly but lightly.

Adjust the mirror to the desired position and switched the light on.

Additional useful tips include:

  • Remove the alkaline batteries in the magnifying mirror when traveling.
  • Use the same types of battery in the magnifying mirror with light
  • Do not mix old and new batteries


  • Affordable, convenient and easy to install and clean
  • Lit by LED light so you can use it any time of day
  • Saves you time as you get now see whatever tasks you are working on more clearly and therefore complete it quicker
  • Saves on your energy bill as the mirror conservatively uses led bulbs powered by alkaline batteries to provide illumination
  • Powerful suction cups ensure the magnifying mirror does not slip, slide or fall from the surface it is stuck to
  • Optically correct magnification
  • Powerful 8X magnifying abilities that magnifies the image up to several times
  • 360 rotation ability allows you to get the perfect angle every time to complete your tasks.
  • Small size allows you to focus on specific sections of your face at one time
  • Compact design allows for easy storage and traveling
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Powered by batteries so there is no hassle of dealing with a  chord or charger


  • Does not come with a carrying case
  • Only one color option available

Get It Now !

So Is The Magnifying Mirror With Suction Cups Worth It ?

This magnifying bathroom mirror has quickly become a bathroom essential for me and my family. Once you have used it too I am sure you will feel the same.

Whether you are a man or a woman, I highly recommend getting one to simplify your life and save time doing simple, everyday tasks.

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