5 Pleasant Ways To Remove Makeup From Clothes

Who won’t love to play around with different shades of lipstick or would keep changing the eye shadows as per the occasion? Women irrespective of the region they belong to, like getting ready to look their best. However, with makeup, dresses own the equal importance. And, what if the makeup stains on clothes become too stubborn to leave easily? Thankfully, there are various tips which one can use to remove makeup from clothes without any hassle.

We often wonder about the perfect ways to stay beautiful and at the same time saving our clothes from getting dirty while we apply our makeups. Some like to dress up after applying the makeup and others find it easy to dress up before getting the makeup on. But, there still are times when we get back home with that silly face as if our favorite dress won’t ever be stain-free again.

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It is very true that washing our clothes frequently can damage the fabric. And, one lipstick stain makes us wash the dresses even if worn only for an hour or so. Isn’t that annoying? The war between the makeup stains and our favourite dresses is an unending story? However, the good news is, few simple steps to remove makeup from clothes can make things easier. Instead of washing the entire fabric, you can just work on the stains to get rid of them.

Let’s get going with those easy steps to help keep your clothes new and amazing for longer.

Hair Sprays Remove Makeup from Clothes

Precious Oil Satin Hairspray

I have no special love for hair sprays. But, once I started understanding how wonderfully it withdraws stains from my clothes, it got on the list of items I carry for every trip. The best part is that you would only require to work at the affected area. Why to dump your clothes for dry cleaning when you can remove the lipstick stain in few minutes, all by yourself.

To use it, spray the hair spray on the stain. Leave it for couple of minutes or until the spray sets. If you feel that the hairspray is already hard enough, use a wet tissue to wipe away the spray. The results are astonishing. You will find the lipstick stain gone for good.

To remove makeup from clothes can be a challenging task. But, if you know the right trick, you can save a lot. Not just your money, but a lot of headache as well.

Ice Cube is a Life Saviour when it comes to Remove Makeup from Clothes

remove makeup from clothes

If at home or even when outing with friends, one can easily get access to the ice cubes. Just ask for it and it would come for free. The rough stains are difficult to tackle. If you have experienced the stains from cream blush or foundation, you must know the pain. These stains take forever to leave the sight.

And, if you have been washing it off with hot water, you are actually complicating the situation. Heat helps the fabric to absorb the colors. Hence, it becomes highly unlikely that they would wash off. Instead, they set and last forever. Hence, if you are struggling to remove foundation from clothes, rub the ice cube on the stain. You will find the stains gone for good.

You can also choose to wash your cloth with cold water later to ensure that the stain is completely removed. But, remember not to use hot water at all cost.

Makeup Stain Remover


Do not worry. I am not suggesting dumping your entire cloth into the laundry cleaner for a small stain. But, you can still use the makeup cloth remover to treat the stained area. The steps are easy and simple, and anyone can use it without destroying their delicate clothes.

At first, rub the ice cube on the stain to dampen the area. You can also use cold water. Saturate the area with the makeup cloth remover. Leave it for few minutes. Then, grab a white cloth and rub it on the stain gently. Try to pick up as much of the color as you can. Clean the area with cold water.

If the results are not satisfactory in one go, you can repeat all the steps again. Once done, dry it with hair dryer.

Remove Makeup from Clothes with Nylon Tights

Nylon Tights

To remove the makeup from clothes which are in powdered form, you can depend on your old and neglected nylon tights. Usually we fall prey of powder based products that end up on our collar while applying. But, that’s the least to worry about.

For removing the product, all you need is a pair of nylon tights. Brush the nylon tights gently on the product and it will soak all the powder from your dress. As easy as it sounds. You can expect it to deliver the best results.  

Wet Wipe is All it Takes

Not all, but quite a lot of stains can be treated with these wet wipes. However, you need to be cautious with the delicate fabrics. Stains like lipstick and liners can be easily removed using these wet wipes.

Use the wipe to rub on the stain with gentle hands. Once done, wash the stained area with cold water. Later, dab it with dry napkin and you would be good to go. You can trust these wet wipes as you trust your dry cleaner.

There are easily available, and you can keep a packet stacked in your car, all the time. As if you are carrying your secret mantra right inside your car dashboard.

The Verdict

Women care about everything, either its about their family or themselves. For women, it is their priority to take care of the smallest things. And, when it comes saving their most admired dresses, how can anything keep them away from trying the best tricks.

Hence, these ideas to remove makeup from clothes is all what women need to keep their favorite garments out of stain danger.

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