4 Quick Tips To Clean Makeup Brushes at Home

clean make up brushes at home

Brushes feel all soft and fun to play with especially when you run its brittles on your skin. The feeling is just amazing! Over time, they begin to wear and tear as the the plush feeling fades away. Brushes should be washed as often as possible so as to extend their shelf life. I now many of you are wondering how to clean makeup brushes at home. It is an easy process but you will need tips on how to clean makeup brushes at home or you will end up either destroying your brushes all not maintaining the required level of hygiene.

You should be very scared of your brush. Trust me; you do not want to know the kind of bacteria some brushes habour. Every time you use your brush and you clean out oils and germs from your skin, where do you think that dirt ends up? The fact that we never die in the thousands each day is a miracle.

 Buy a Brush Cleaner

makeup brush cleaner

There is no way you are going to clean makeup brushes at home without a brush cleaner. This not only makes your work faster but also makes it more efficient. Many of you will argue that there are many ways of killing a cat; but I hold my ground and categorically state that though there are many ways only one is appropriate. You will obviously not burn down a whole house just to kill one mouse!

An example of a good brush cleaner is the Beautyf Heart Shaped Brush Cleaner. This makeup brush cleaner set is small and light weight. The reason why i advocate for this cleaner is because it makes your work extremely efficient. It has a small opening at the bottom that you can wear as a glove.

This glove consists of four different textured designs to clean various types of brushes. It consists of tiny dots that are suitable for eye makeup brushes, line bars suitable for removing tough makeup residues, the Xs texture and big dots for deep cleaning.

This cleans much better than using the palms of your hands to clean the brush.

How to clean makeup brush at home using it

  • Wet your brush
  • Remove any residue on the brush by swirling it on the glove
  • Swirl the brush on soap
  • Swirl brush on the cleaner until clean
  • Wet the brush to remove the soap
  • Let it dry
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Can’t afford it? Shampoo it

clean makeup brushes at home

The beauty about the world is that there is always a product for everyone; the rich and the poor. So what happens when you cannot afford a brush glove, do you decide not to wash your brush? That would be costly in the long term.

Shampoo or bar soap will work fine. A Great cleansing will work wonders with your ordinary shampoo. Just make sure that your shampoo is sulfate free.

Steps to Follow

Make sure that your brush is wet with Luke warm water

Once the brush is saturated, swirl it on the bar soap until it lathers. Where you are using shampoo, pour a bit of it on a piece of cloth / sponge and swirl it on the sponge.

Rinse the brush and continue swirling until the old makeup is off.

Once all residues are removed from the brush, rinse it again with warm water. Rinse until there is no more slimy feel on your brush.

A gentle squeeze on the brush will remove excess water and will dry in a matter of hours.

Clean your makeup brush after each use

cleaning makeup brushes at home

Before you start grumbling about how unrealistic this is, you must understand that when bacteria strikes, it will be deadly and costly. Prevention has always being better than cure, so do not risk it!

To make work a little bit easier for you, you can decide to use an antibacterial spray. Other soaps that you can consider include dish soaps and shampoo. In all circumstances, the antibacterial spray is a quick fix.

It will mainly come in handy when you are cleaning smaller brushes that you use on a day to day daily basis on the lips and eyes. Once the solution is sprayed onto the bristles wipe it back and forth until all residues is removed.

A makeup brush wipe will also make your work easy. This is a fairly simple process as you will run the brush on the wipes till they clean.

Ensure that brushes with wooden bases dry at an angle

If you want to extend the shelf life of your wooden brush, make sure the wooden part is dry. Most people have a habit of soaking the brushes in soapy water over night. Don’t be surprised to find the wooden handle cracked in the morning.

Once you decide to clean makeup brushes at home, make sure the bristled ends are slightly tilted downwards. What this does is that the water flows from the wooden part to the brittles protecting your brush.

Makeup Brush Cleaner Sets to consider

The Luxe Brush Spinner

clean makeup brushes at home

This set will clean your makeup brush within seconds. The beauty about this set is that it  can accommodate different types of brush types. It comes with an attachment that will make it possible to fit large brushes. Though the spinner spins fast, its speed is regulated in such a way that it cannot damage your brushes.

Baby shampoo would be ideal to use as it is gentle and will result to less wear and tear.

Once you clean your makeup brushes, clean the bowl with clean water. Where some residues are stubborn feel free to use tiny drops of soap.

The device can clean more than 20 devices at full charge.

When you clean makeup brushes at home always remember to uphold high levels of cleanliness. Clean your makeup brush as often as possible so as to get rid of harmful bacteria found on your skin.

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