Does winged eyeliner stamp tool Really Works?

Easy Winged Eyeliner Stamp Tool 2

If you haven’t got the magic hands to draw the perfect winged eyeliner for those astonishing cat-eyes look, do not worry. There are many women who fall in the same category. Some fail to do it on either of the eyes and others cannot match the similar perfection for both eyes. In short, the job isn’t that easy. However, the good news is that the winged eyeliner stamp tool is there for the rescue.

Those who probably feel that drawing those ends for the cat looks is impossible, must try the winged eyeliner stamp tool. The product is especially designed to provide best finish to those who are still a novice when it comes to applying eyeliner. Forget about those days when your hands shook while working out the exact lines above your eyes you wanted. These really work in no time to get you the desired looks.

Of course, an eyeliner is nothing without an eye shadow properly applied.

Either you are a beginner, or you hate mistaking even a single time while doing the makeup, this is what you need. Not only you will nail the strokes every time, but it will save a lot of time in front of the mirror. With only few steps, you would be picture ready in matter of minutes.

Easy Winged Eyeliner Stamp Tool

How to work with Winged Eyeliner Stamp Tool?

As already mentioned, it is not a rocket science, and anyone can use it to perfect their eye makeup. You do not require any special course to master the strokes with the winged eyeliner stamp tool. Let’s check out the steps you would require for achieving the best style for your eyes.

  • Access the length you want

Before we jump to the makeup rules, let’s relax and think about the makeup goals first. In short, decide which length would suit the celebration. For example, if it’s a routine day and you are heading to your office or a formal lunch, the smallest wing will do the job. However, if it’s a party night or someone’s wedding, the long wings will capture everyone’s attention.

The winged eyeliner stamp tool comes in different sizes. There are usually three sizes that you would be looking for. The first one is the smaller one which is termed as the kitten eye. The second one is used to draw a medium length wing and the last one gets you the full wings.

Depending on the occasion, you can choose any of the above lengths to get what you are looking for. Generally, the kitten shape will cover for most of the days.

  • Use Light Shadow for Marking the Wing

If you master the stamping and have used it for a while, you can skip this step. However, for those dealing with the winged eyeliner stamp tool for the first few times, this step allows precision and confidence. To do the marking, place the outer of the winged eyeliner stamp tool where you want the wings. Use a light colour shadow to mark the wings lining.

This step will come handy when getting the similar shape for both the eyes. Because perfection is incomplete without the similar looking eyes.

  • Use the Winged Eyeliner Stamp Tool the Right Way

Because you are trying to draw a curve that needs to be stroked upwards, you should better know how to hold the stamp correctly. To get the eyeliner makeup of your choice, make sure that the V-Shaped in placed inward getting you the upper curved wings. Do not keep it too long sticking to the eyes. Make the application fast to avoid smearing.

  • Apply it on the Eye opposite the Dormant Hand

We all are more confident while using the dormant hand for all the work we do. And, using the opposite eye will get you more room to work for the first time. The stamp is also marked with the sides you would be using to mark the eyes. If you want to stamp the left eye, you must use the one with R indicated on it and vice versa.

  • Ink is What you Need Next

Now that you have the outer line of the wings you wanted to draw, its time to nail it right there. To start with the actual application, dip the stamp in the ink and press it exactly to the outline you drew few seconds back. You can definitely use any ink that you usually prefer. There is no definite choice for it. However, the smudge free and water proof ink would stay for longer without fading away.

One thing you should always make sure is to get the stamp entirely soaked in ink.

  • Eyeliner comes Last

Once you have the stamp fixed above your eyes, feel confident while filling the gaps with eyeliner of your choice. Neatly cover the area above your eyes and the stamp marked right there. Precisely stroke back to the inner eye getting the perfect looking cat eyes.

Winged Eyeliner Stamp Tool I Recommend

Easy Winged Eyeliner Stamp Tool 1

There are many brands to choose from. However, Lover’s Area’s eyeliner stamp is the best eyeliner stamp I have used so far. The best part is, this stamp does not require dipping into the ink. So, you can skip fifth step completely.

This product is very smudge free and waterproof too. So, you can keep your wings intact all day long. The handy pens that come with the set are handy to carry around. Store it in your purse for all your overnight parties and fun weekends.

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The Verdict

Eyes can be misleading. Why not perfect them in doing their job even better? Cat eyes not only look sexy but mischievous too. One can never get bored of using the same wings over and over again. The winged eyeliner stamp tool is what you need to achieve that. Just take your experience to extremes by making yourself heard every time you cross paths.

Who likes to be the invisible one? With winged eyeliner stamp tool you can certainly be sure of not being the one hidden behind the herd.   

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