6 Top Eyebrow Microblading Pen for Perfect Eyebrows

eyebrow microblading pen

Interested to know which eyebrow microblading pen would suit your brows best? If you are a woman who cares about the looks from tip to toe, you must have tried experimenting with the eyebrow pencils. If not for all, but the perfection of the brows does matter to you. Isn’t it? If it does, you know what it takes to get the perfect looks.

Caring about the eyebrows must be on the priority list of every woman. It makes up for the overall appearance of one’s personality. The dissimilar or oddly designed eyebrows are nothing less than the disaster. Haven’t you felt like screaming after your new beautician has messed up your eyebrows. We all would have felt that at least once in our lifetime.

However, with the introduction of eyebrow microblading pen, it has become easier to shape the eyebrows to the perfection. The question that pops up in the mind is: what is eyebrow microblading? Microblading is a technique akin to body tattooing only the difference is that its semi-permanent. A sharp pen like tool is used to create hair like tattoo between the sparse spaces of the brows.

How does eyebrow microblade work?

The procedure would need one or two sittings depending on the condition and expectations from brows. The artist would work to understand the shape you would be requiring for the balanced look. They will draw your arch and would shape the ends. After you feel satisfied, they will mix the colours for in the tester pot for your approval.

The colour looks darker for the first one or two days after the microblading and fades to few tones to adjust your hair and skin color. So, it is difficult to know which one would go best. That is why the artists are there to help you find the right one.

The artists apply some cream to numb the area of the eyebrow. It hardly feels anything while the artist works. You would feel the burn as if your skin was scratched when the effect of the cream will fade though. This will last for a day and you would be provided with the caring kit. It will include a soothing cream as well as barrier cream. You will be advised not to wet your eyebrows for a week.

After the caring term is over, you will know how much difference perfect balanced eyebrows can make. However, if you are not up for a 2-3 years commitment, you have other option too.

eyebrow microblading

Using the same technique, beauty industry has come up with eyebrow microblading pen to provide the closet results to eyebrow microblade. These last for an entire day and once you shape your eyebrows before leaving for the day, you will not need any touch ups before you get in.

Best 6 Eyebrow Microblading Pen

If you wish to now which brand will get you the closet look of microblading, here is what you should look for:

Brow Sculptor by Tom Ford

Brow Sculptor by Tom Ford

It is hard to find someone who is not a huge fan of beauty tools provided by Tom Ford and the eyebrow microblading pen is no different. With slanted tip and a grooming brush attached to the two different ends of this pencil, makes it a perfect fit for all ladies out there. It stays for long and keep your eyebrows filled with natural colors all day long.

Arch by Hourglass

Arch by Hourglass

You will find number of options for color of your brows and the company uses amazing formula for getting the perfect shape to your brows. This eyebrow microblading pen has brush at one end and a flatten tip at another end. The tip is shaped with microblading technique to create hair like strokes in just few sketches.

You can easily fill the sparse area of your eyebrows and can also shape the narrow ends with precision using this pencil for eyebrows.

Precision Brow Pencil by NYX Professional Makeup

eyebrow microblading pen

This pencil comes with a spooled brush on one end and flat tip on the other end. You will find all your colors requirement covered with this brand. Getting you the natural looking brows is what the brand desires to achieve. The brush is designed to shape and create neat and defined brows. Hence, you will be flattered by what you will pay for.

7 Day Tattoo Eyebrow by TonyMoly

7 Day Tattoo Eyebrow by TonyMoly

This formula contains ion pigments and a high molecule polymer that settles in the skin and leaves a natural colour once absorbed by the skin. Unlike others on the list, this will get your eyebrows the longest cover. It will last up to 7 days. Apply it before bed after cleaning your face. Do not use cream before using the eyebrow microblading pen.

Do it an hour or so before getting to bed and leave for overnight. Wash the face in the morning and see the results.

Self Brow Tattoo by Secret Key

Self Brow Tattoo by Secret Key

The application of this one is totally different from the others in the list. It is a peel of color that dyes the skin between the eyebrows to make it appear thick and natural. Especially designed for light color.

Eyebrow Microblading Pen (Shape, Lift and Shade) by Charlotte Tilbury

roblading Pen (Shape, Lift and Shade) by Charlotte Tilbury

This eyebrow pen has a highlighter hidden right beneath the brush for giving the arch an instant lift. You will not find this option with any other brand. And, which is why, you will love to own them. With myriad of color options, the standards are not at all less than any of the listed brands above. Why not get one if you think it’s all about something extra?

The Verdict

There are no exceptions when it comes to the looks. Either young or old, every woman desire to look pretty at every stage of her life. And, why not?

And, beautiful eyebrows are difficult to attain. But, not impossible with these eyebrow microblading pen in hand. These can get you the looks that you long for in matter of minutes. So, get your hands on these and make your eyes feel bright under the fuller looking brows.

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