Does Semi Permanent Eyebrow Pencil Really Work?

semi permanent eyebrow pencil

Like every other women if you are thinking about getting the semi permanent eyebrow pencil tattooing, you must have researched about it. If not, it is time you know what this entails. There are many women who fight every morning getting the similar looking brows that compliments their face cut. However, it is daunting to note that it is rare that any of them succeed.

If it seems easy, you need to try it yourself. Naturally, the brows are not twin sisters, but are sisters. They look alike but have differences. And, to make them look alike is quite a difficult task. We do have professionals who know how to make it possible. But, can you spare that kind of time and money every morning before getting ready.

The answer is simple, ‘NO’. We rather prefer to set aside few couple of minutes for dressing our eye brows. Somehow, we manage, and it becomes a part of our routine. But, if you would count the amount of time and effort it demands for, you would understand the importance of getting a solution that sticks for longer.

For the same reasons, semi permanent eyebrow makeup came into picture. If the permanent solution scares you, this is exactly what you need. Through this technique, the professionals use tattooing for filling the sparse areas of the eyebrows. The hair like strokes are generated through the semi permanent eyebrow pencil and the desired shape is created.

But, before you decide about tattooing your face that costs somewhere around $800 to $1800, you must set the right expectations.

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Semi Permanent Eyebrow Pencil isn’t Permanent

Although it is mere common sense to understand it would not stay for lifetime, people confuse it with the permanent tattooing. It is what its name suggests. Unlike to the body tattooing ink, the ink used for semi permanent eyebrow pencil tends to fade with time.

Experts say that the affect stays for one to three years. The length of the time it would stick to our skin will depend on your skin type and lifestyle.

For a better output, you will need to get the touch-ups once or twice in a year. The good news is, you won’t be stuck with these eyebrows forever in case you feel it would have been done a bit differently.

Your Skin Type Matters

Sometimes, when we lose the inks and the brows outlines created with the help of semi permanent eyebrow pencil, we put the blame on the procedure. However, this is not the case at all. A lot depends on your skin type.

For example, if you have oily skin, the strokes would not stay firm. It will smudge, and brows would look like filled with powder. Also, if you are susceptible to scars, it would be better if you do not opt for this procedure.

Brows won’t be Identical

As per the professionals who are involved in this technique claims that the most tedious part of the job is finalizing the brow lines. As stated earlier, the brows are different by nature. To get the closet look for both the eye brows is a huge task.

Moreover, the face cut, and client’s expectations need to be considered before starting the tattooing strokes. These all eat up a lot of time. But, the results are worth every second spent.

Hurtful for Some

If you have got a tattoo before, you must know that the process is not easy. It is painful and unbearable for some. There is an option for numbing the area of work, but that makes the skin flimsy and difficult for the artist to work.

The numbing cream considerably eases the pain. You will still feel the sensation of scratches while the semi permanent eyebrow pencil would do its job.

Results Take a Week’s Time

semi permanent eyebrow pencil

Right after the tattooing is done, the eyebrows would appear too dark. You may feel uncomfortable owing such dark eyebrows. But, there is no need to worry. The color will significantly fade after a week.

As per the experts, the first three days would be the most challenging ones. Apart from the darkest brows, you might have to take few precautions. You would be advised by your artist for the same. It can include application of some preferred cream or keeping the brows dry for a week.

From the fourth day, the scabs will fall off and you would be able to see the results much clearly. And, in a week, you will all be set with the astonishing eye brows.

It is a Lengthy Procedure

Once you feel comfortable about the procedure, reserve at least two to three hours for the procedure. It may take up to that long. Sometimes, two hours are only needed to get the desired eyebrow lines. To match the expectation of clients with the overall look is not as easy as it sounds.

It is not about filling the gaps with colours. It is not going to wash away easily. So, artists take time for coming up with the final look. As, it is going to stay for quite a few years.

More Sessions may be Required

Every women have a different requirement. Some may need few strokes and others can use a lot of it to fill the gap with desired volume. Hence, for those, who need more may have to come back for one more session.

In short, for some women, the procedure may require two sessions for completion.

The Verdict

Once you agree for the process, I would prefer checking the semi permanent eyebrows reviews to finalize the artist who would work with your eye brows. You must know what all you would be experiencing and make the final decision with keeping every detail in mind.

Semi permanent eyebrow pencil would get you the desired look and would eliminate the everyday hassle with temporary pencils and gels. You can wake up to the perfect looking brows with the help of this technique. Hence, your every effort towards this journey would be paid back.  

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