5 Secrets to Grow Your Nails Fast at home

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Are you among those women who like to hide their hands because of not so impressive nails? If yes, do not wait for the any magic spell to grow your nails fast. Because it does not work that way. It takes a lot of effort and patience to attain beautiful and strong nails. All your friends with shiny and long nails must have done some hard work to achieve what they own today. However, the good news is that you can do it too.

It will not be an exaggeration if I say that long nails are every woman’s dream. But, the bitter truth is, not all have the perfect nails we desire. While most of us unknowingly accept the fact as the destiny’s wish, others know how to change it for good. There are various natural nail treatments that can be performed at the comfort of home itself.

However, before jumping on the solution, it is important to know what the reasons for such brittle and small nails are. So, here are some things to avoid for maintaining the health of your nails.

Grow your nails faster by avoiding these Mistakes

There could be numerous reasons for unhealthy or weak nails. Here are few vital ones that mostly affect the growth of nails and make them fragile.

Avoiding the nail’s base coat

grow your nails fast

While grooming your nails, how many times you apply base coat before painting it with your favourite colour? It is hardly we even give it any attention. But, it is important to protect your nails from the harmful chemicals present in these nail polishes. Applying a base coat provides a barrier between your nails and the disadvantages of using excessive nail colours.

Nail Biting


There is no other way around. How much you like biting nails, you won’t get longer nails until you give up your habit. Biting causes bacterial infection of skin and area around the nails which ultimately hampers their growth and make your nails weak.

Like Chipping Nail Paint – It’s time to Stop

Chipping Nail Paint

Do you know by chipping nail paint, you are not only taking off the nail polish, but actually peeling off the outer most layer of your nail? Hence, making them dull and weaker. Avoid it at every cost and use nail paint remover for getting rid of the old nail polish.

Home Remedies to Grow Your Nails Fast

With all the nutritional and healthy options available in our house, why is there a need to rush for some expensive treatment outside. By doing simple things you can achieve amazing results.

Lemon and Olive Oil

Lemon and Olive Oil

You must be feeling relieved to know that the process includes only two ingredients which are available in every kitchen, Lemon and Olive Oil. To prepare the formula, mix one part of lemon with three parts of olive oil. Mix it together. Put this mixture in the microwave for few seconds until it becomes lukewarm. Soak your nails for 10-15 mins in the solution. Repeating this every day can help grow your nails fast.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

If you bite nails, you are sure to have cuts and hanging nails at the sides. If this is the case, never use the lemon solution or you will end up hurting yourself. You can simply warm coconut oil in the microwave for couple of seconds and massage your nails with this oil. For better results, use extra virgin organic coconut oil. Make sure to massage in the circular motion for increasing the flow of blood to the nails.

Juice of Orange

orange juice

Vitamin C helps in increasing collagen and oranges are full of it. Using this formula is again very simple and easy. Take out the juice of an orange and dip your nails for about 10-12 minutes. Rinse it off later and moisturize it for faster results.


garlic for nails

Garlic is known for its various benefits. It is included in the food to provide necessary nutrients and keep our body warm during winters. Rubbing garlic on the nails also have great benefits. Being rich in selenium which is required for the absorption of iodine in the body, garlic counts a lot while caring for the nails.

To use this remedy, peel off the garlic and cut in halves. Rub this on the nails and leave it for an hour. After an hour, wash the nails and clean it properly to get rid of any smell remaining. You can continue doing it thrice every week to grow your nails fast.

Biotin Supplement

biotin for nails

Vitamins and Minerals make up for the healthy hair, skin and nails. If you are sick of the slow rate of nail growth, get your biotin levels checked. Most of the times, the nail growth is affected by the lack of biotin in the body.

What does Biotin do? The answer is simple: It breaks your food and gets your body the required energy to stay healthy and maintain the proper growth of hair and nails. It enhances the metabolism and keeps one fit and fine.

You can either choose to take biotin supplements or can include the foods in your diet that are in biotin. For example, you can have eggs, liver fish, mushrooms, cheese, avocado etc. These foods are rich in biotin and will help in getting you the required nutrients for faster nail growth.

Please note that if you plan to opt for biotin supplements, remember to drink plenty of water to fight acne and pimples. These are the after effects of taking biotin supplements.

The Take Away

Either you commit it or not, stuck with smaller nails must be bothering at times. Preparing for the friend’s wedding day can get you into a lot of frustration if you do not have long nails. A lot depends on the way your hands look, and nails are a part of it.

Hence, do not ignore the fact that your nails need attention and use these simple remedies to grow your nails fast.

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