Why Lazy Womans Love Spray Nail Polish?

spray naill polish

Before you call me out as judgmental you must understand that I always speak my mind and never shy away from calling a spade a spade. Manicure is hard work. It is time consuming and lazy women generally prefer a spray nail polish as it is easier.

What is a Spray Nail Polish

This is basically a nail polish that is in a can. It comes as an aerosol spray that is best suitable for home manicures. The biggest advantage of using a spray nail polish is that you achieve even coats in a matter of minutes compared to traditional manicures.

It also dries very fast making it ideal for busy women who want to go to their work places looking sexy.

Compared to use of a spray nail polish, a manicure requires certain products for the whole process to be a success. You will require the following;

  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton swabs
  • Nail buffer
  • Nail polish base coat
  • Top coat

The lazy woman will then have to set up her work place so that the surface might not be damaged by the nail polish remover.

The third procedure is where she will have to remove her old nail polish. This is where the hard part starts. It is not easy to work on your nails for at least 30 minutes and the Mexican Soap opera is just about to begin.

Once your old polish is removed you will have to cut and work on your nails using a trimmer. You will have to be careful as too much excessive force will wean your nails and cause them to break.  

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Tip:  Be careful not to round the corners of your nails too much as they are prown to ingrowing

Nail Buffing

Nail Buffing

This is an extremely tedious process that no lazy woman would contemplate doing. Nail buffing is a procedure that is done to smoothen the safe of the nail. Do not smoothen it too much as it will weaken.

After baffling, she will have to soak her hands in a bowl of warm water with soap. The essence of this process is to ensure that any loose dirt or dead cell falls off.

Applying the Nail Polish

After all this is done, the nail polish can then be applied. This process takes anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Lazy women will therefore prefer a spray nail polish as It  is way easier than a traditional manicure.

How to Spray Perfect Nail Polish

apply spray nail polish

Unlike a manicure, a spray nail polisher is easier to use and faster. Most people however prefer to call this the ‘lazy’ trend. Though this is a relatively easier way to apply your polish, you must always remove the original nail polish and clean with soapy water thereafter.

Remove Old Nail Polish

apply spray nail polish

You must always remove your original nail polish unless you want to appear like a clown. After using the nail polish, clean your hands with warm soapy water.

Paint a Base Coat

Without a base coat your polish will not stick on your nails.


Don’t forget to use an old news paper to protect delicate surfaces from the spray nail polish. Ensure your hands are flat so as to get an even spray.

The first Coat

Shake the can well and place it at least 13 inches from your nails. Spray a quick coat in a zigzag motion

The second coat

After the first coat has dried, spray the second coat. This will give your nails a perfect finishing touch.

Remove Excess Paint

Make sure to wait until the second coat is fully dry then use warm soapy water to remove excess paint.

pray nail polish before after

5 Simple Ways to Dry Nail Polish FAST

For the woman who still believes in the tradional way of doing things and wondering how to dry nail polish fast then you are in luck.

You do no need to spend 30 minutes waiting for your nail polish to dry. There are numerous techniques that you can try out to reduce the 30 minutes time frame.

Blow it up

Just like you dry your hair by blowing it up, you can use the same mechanism to dry your nails. However, you will have to change the settings to cool. Heat might actually end up burning your hands or keep your polish from firming.

Freeze it out

I do not mean that you should put your nails in a freezer; on the contrary you should water filled with ice. Dip your polished nails in a bowl of cold water for about 1 minute. This technique will protect you from divots.

Tip: If you’re having trouble removing polish, then you can dip your hands in a bowl of warm water.

Spray It Down

A nail drying spray is a sure way to dry nail polish fast. Where you cannot easily get drying sprays then you can improvise and use cooking oils like Pam and aerosols.

Once you spray it make sure to rinse so that you do not have an unpleasant smell.

Thin it Out

This technique can also be used on a spray nail polish.  In this technique you will apply 3 thin layers only after the first thin layer has completely dried. This might seem slower but in reality it reduces the overall drying time required and makes this technique fast.

Top it Off

Top it off is a technique that uses a quick-dry top coat. A topcoat protects your polish. This however has one defect, the liquid polish underneath may results to ripples and lumps as it moves around.

In a nut shell, Lazy women tend to love the spray nail polish because it offers comfortably and convenience. To them, they would rather   spend as little time as possible doing their manicure and going back to their Mexican Soap operas than spending an hour working on their beauty.

Though there are numerous nail polish sprays, always check for the perfect colour and know whether you are comfortable with its scent.

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