Why I Still Need Magnetic Eye Lashes?

Magnetic Eye Lashes

Magnetic eye lashes are basically lashes that make it easy for you have instant voluminous lashes that can be used over and over again. The beauty of magnetic eye lashes is that you do not need glue to hold them in place.

Magnetic face eye lashes are ideal and every woman should be having them. Once you buy them, you will have to adjust them to fit your eyelids. This is usually a small procedure where you just trim the ends of the lashes.

How do Magnetic Eye Lashes Work

A magnetic eyelash has an upper and lower set. Two strips of lashes are available and will be used on each eye. Both strips are magnetic and operate in such a way that one is placed at the bottom of the eyelash and the second strip on top of the eye lash.

This is made possible by the fact that both strips have a magnetic piece at the center.

magnetic fake eyelashes

When using the magnetic eye lashes I would recommend using mascara. This will enhance your eyes natural beauty and you will end up competing with beauty pageants for the crown.

How to Put Magnetic Eyelashes

  • Once your eye is open place the top lash underneath the bottom lash on your eye
  • Push the lash into place ensuring that the magnets are perfectly lined so that they don’t falloff

Know About Magnetic Fake Eyelashes

Though there are a lot of falsies in the market nothing can stand in comparison to the one two magnetic eyelashes. This are not your ordinary eyelashes and I guarantee you that you will experience a feeling like no other.

Magnetic technology ensures that your lashes are perfectly held into place so no embarrassing situations can occur when they fall off.

How to apply

This procedure is a relatively easy procedure and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Place one extension above your top lash line and another directly below it. This process is as easy as ABC.

The beauty of magnetic eyelashes is that they can be used more than once


There are three options when using the one two magnetic false eyelashes. The first option is a natural eyelash  that is black in colour. They also come in bold and incorporates a high number of lashes that can be used on special occasions like weddings and birthday parties. Lastly, we have the Accent. The Accent is light and subtle. You can use this for your day to day beauty.

Why This Product is a Favourite

Personally I do not like hard work. Anything that stands between me and my luxury [In terms of time} is not worth it. However, this is easy to apply as you only need to lay the two magnets on top of each other.

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The Lash FX’S  Magnetic Eye Lashes

This is probably the first re-usable eyelash magnet created. The beauty about this eye lashes is that they do not require adhesive glue meaning they are very safe.

A magnetic eye lash sandwiches your natural eye lashes in between two face eye lashes. The beauty about this is that u will require very talented investigators to tell that it is fake.

Don’t worry; they will not fall down when you are walking down the aisle. They are light weight and you will barely feel them on you.

Where to purchase Magnetic Eyelashes

The magnetic eyelashes can be purchased in stores like walmart, target and Ultra. You can also decide to shop for them online on an e-commerce store like Amazon.

Magnetic Eye Lashes Review

The 3 second Lash Magnetic Eyelashes

This product comes in 2 sets that are all natural. It is easy to use and incorporates a magnetic storage case.


  • They are easy to apply
  • They look natural
  • The product is cool and improves your confidence
  • it is not messy


  • Older women with thinner lines do not fully benefit from this product
  • Comes with poor packaging and instructional materials

The Premium Tripe Magnet

This magnetic fake eyelash is unique and solves most of your confidence problem. Read my full review on them here.


  • It is very convenient as a result of the fact that you do not need to use a glue to hold them into place.
  • It is long and thick giving  you an extra edge in appearance especially if you are an artist
  • It  is easy to put on and use
  • Not only are they beautiful and stunning, they are also light weight.


  • The product does not easily hold into place
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Ardell Magnetic Double Strip Lashes

Magnetic eye lashes review would not be complete without mentioning the Ardell professional Magnetic double strip lash. This reusable product comes in a variety of designs and is very easy to put on.


  • You can use this product more than once
  • Strong magnets make it budge proof so  it won’t fall off easily
  • It is 100% safe thanks to the fact that no adhesives or glue will be used.


  • They may not perfectly align with your eyes

Why I Need Them

magnetic eyelash extensions

Am an artist and I recognise beauty when I see it, I also recognize that my tool of trade is all I need to have a masterpiece Mona Lisa. In this scenario,  I require the magnetic eye lashes to enhance my beauty.

Magnetic fake eye lashes are the future. They are reusable and so the initial capital investment is worth it.

Ever since I started using the magnetic lash I have never looked back. Yes there have being some defective products {Every market has one or two} but it has never embarrassed me .

This product is probably one of the coolest products in the Market. I will defiantly ignore negative magnetic eye lashes reviews and continue using this product

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