The Do’s and Don’ts of Skin Scar Removal

skin scar removal

Though Skin scar removal process is not complicated, it must be conducted in a meticulous manner. Trust me when i tell you that you don’t want to look like a horror movie when things go wrong.

Dermatologists describe a scar as a mark on your skin as a result of a healed injury or wound. The moment you injure your skin the body tends to produce lots of collagen to reconstruct the broken skin. However, there are times that the body produces excessive collagens and this result to scarring.

Know How Your Skin Heals

The first step of understanding the best skin scar removal technique is to know the type of wound you have and how they heal. A Wound maybe as a result of injury, an operation or certain skin conditions like acne.

What Happens After an Injury?

  • When your body notices a wound it reduces blood flow to the wound to limit blood loss.
  • A scab is formed. There are proteins that form a protective covering on your wound to protect from infections.
  • Collagens are released into the wound so as to speed the healing process.
  • At times, the body may produce more collagens than needed and this may result  to scars being formed.

Skin Scar Removal tip: Know Basic First Aid Technique.

If you are ignorant on basic first aid techniques then you should be arrested! This technique will save not only your life but also the life of a loved one. Some basic first aid include;

  • Immediately run cold water on the burnt area
  • Don’t let your wound get infected in any way
  • Where bleeding takes place, apply gentle pressure on the wound to stop bleeding.
  • Use basic Scar repair products  l.e antibiotic ointments or wound creams

Various Types of Scars

Keloid scars

Keloid scar

These are as a result of an aggressive healing process that takes place due to excessive collagen production. Keloid scars may grow too big that they end up hampering movement.

To treat keloids a surgery might have to be carried out to remove the scar. Other scar repair products that may be used include steroid injectables and silicone sheets

People with dark skin are more at risk of having keloid scars and hence advisable for them to use silicone gel pads when injured.

Contractual scars

degrees of skin burnt

Contractual scars are as a result of skins being burnt. These are very dangerous scars as they tighten the skin making it difficult to move.

Hypertrophic Scars

Hypertrophic Scars

This scares are very similar to keloids . They are red scars that form on the injury. Scar repair products such as  steroids maybe used. Steroids reduce inflammation while other injectables such as silicon sheets flatten the scar.

Acne scars

acne scar

Acne scares are normally caused by severe acne. Treatment options are varied and are mostly based on the type of acne scare you have.

Dos and Don’ts for skin scar removal: Acne

Don’t: POP Them

The number one rule of Acne is that you should never ever pop them. Popping them will aggravate the situation and increase your chances of having scars. The best way to avoid acne is to let it heal naturally.

Do: Eat Healthy

Foods rich in fiber and vitamins such as A and E are your best bet for preventing acne scarring. Avoid junk food and chocolate. It’s going to be hard but you have to choose between your health and scarring.

Don’t: Irritate It

Avoid irritating your skin.  Avoid strong corrosive skin products that may result to skin sensitivity. Do not over wash your skin and always avoid excessive sun exposure.

Do: Follow a Daily skin care program.

A daily skin care program will go a long way in preventing long terms scarring. Simple everyday basics like removing your makeup when you go to bed will be vital preventing scars especially as a result of acne.

Other dally programs you should do include an  exfoliate and a moisturizer to prevent the emergence of pimples and reduce acne scarring.

Do’s and Don’ts for skin  care removal for other types of Scars

Do: Avoid sun contact during healing process

When it comes to the sun, sunscreen is the best scar treatment to use. The scar must always be kept away the suns reach.

Don’t: Pick at scabs

This is probably the biggest mistake that people make. Removing scabs slows down the healing process and scar hyper pigmentation may occur.

Removing the scab may result to a larger scar or wound.

Do: Ensure the Affected Area is Most

Doctors recommended petroleum jelly and antibiotic creams for keeping your scar moisturized. Petroleum jelly is regarded as one of the best scar treatments due to its moisturizing property.

Don’t: Use Hydrogen Peroxide too often

Hydrogen peroxide is good for cleaning up your wound. But using it too often will result to irritation of the skin and may increase scarring.

Do: Get a Massage

Now you’re probably thinking am crazy, but the truth is that a massage will be of great help to your wound. A massage prevents your scar from becoming too large .A massage should begin three weeks after the original wound starts to heal.

A massage on the wounded area breaks up collagen and this speed up the healing process.

Do: Know when and When not to get a Stitch

Most people believe stitches make your wound appear bad. Contrary to this belief stitches maybe necessary for your healing process. Cuts that are two inches or more automatically require stitching for it to heal.

Best Scar Treatment That wont Fail You !

Surgical Treatments

Surgical treatments are most preferred where deeper scars are involved. These treatments include laser surgery and Dermabrasion.

Prescription Creams and Gels

Skin care removal creams and gels can be found over the counter. They are used to treat minor cuts and scars.

I tried a skin scar removal oil a while back, and post my experience here on the blog, check it out here.

Skin scar removal must go hand in hand with approved scar repair products for maximum benefit. Always check the advice of your dermatologist on which best scar treatment best suits your needs.

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