What Are the Causes Of Hair Loss For Women?

causes of hair loss for women

If you think diamonds are the best friend of women, think again. With all the treasures kept aside, nothing can make them happier more than the assurance that their hair is healthy and beautiful. Talking about the healthy hair, it is a no brainer to conclude that thick and silky hair is every woman’s dream. But, it is also imperative that with several causes of hair loss for women, every single of us, at some point of time, feels being at the risk.

A long and thick hair can be styles in various ways and is an important asset that women values more than a fortune. But, not all of us are blessed with it. We learn to compromise with whatever we own reluctant to give that away for the world. However, no matter what, when the growth cycle of hair is disturbed for any given reason, we suffer from hair loss.

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There are many reasons why we lose hair and it starts becoming thinner with time. Some can be genetic, and others are triggered. Hence, it is important to know when you need to be act. But, how would you infer that your hair has been falling way more than the usual limit? Many women do not know that they have been under the hair loss attack, until the situation becomes difficult to manage.

Hence, it is important to determine when you would need an expert to be at your rescue. Losing 80 strands in a day is normal. We all lose hair and it grows back. But, if you are losing more than that and it is not growing back, you should be alarmed. Putting it in other words, if you start noticing hair strands sticking to your pillow when you wake up in the morning, it is sign that you are losing more than the normal limits.

If you feel that your comb has started storing more of your hair than it used to do, you should not find it normal. It is time, when you need to find someone who can help you understand the causes of hair loss for women and what reason is bothering you. This will help you prepare the right plan for fighting hair loss.

Let’s check out the reasons that are mostly the causes of hair loss for women:

Probable Causes of Hair Loss for Women

causes of hair loss for women

Apart from the genetic reason, let’s discuss the ones that are triggered either by our life style or eating habits.

Anxiety and Stress

Did anyone ever tell you that stressing can lead to hair loss? If not, it is time you know that your anxiety is affecting the quality of your hair. Sulking would only make the problem worse. Stress raises the level of male hormone which is also known as androgen. That is why it leads to hair shredding.

When in stress, we usually skip meals or eat more than our digestive system can take which leads to nutritional imbalance. This in turn, surges the scalp problems like dandruff and roughness which ultimately leads to hair loss.

Nutritional Imbalance

There are two important ingredients that help in making our hair thick and strong (Iron and Vitamin B12). Deficiency of any of these can worsen the condition of our hair fall.

If you are not getting enough iron, you will lose on those hair cell proteins that helps strengthen your hair from the roots. New mothers would be able to relate to this theory. During pregnancy, if the iron supplement is ignored, it can later lead to hair problems after giving birth to the child. The child can also suffer from iron deficiency, because mother’s milk is the only source of iron for new born.   

Similarly, vitamin B12 is not only important to keep you energetic and full of energy, but also provides nutrition to the red blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxygen to the roots of the hair. Usually, vegetarians fall back in vitamin B12 content as it can only be derived from animal protein. And, if you think, you are low on vitamin B12, you can always plan for taking supplements after consulting with your doctor.

Hormonal Imbalance

If your hormones are not playing the desired tune, you are likely to suffer from plethora of health problems. It can be less worrying as acnes as well as highly stressful as weight gain and hair loss. You need to consult a doctor as it is vital to find the medicine for your problem.

Thyroid Imbalance

Have you heard about thyroid glands? Let’s brief you about its duties to your body internal setup. These glands are responsible in regulating the metabolism by producing the right amount of protein and making the right amount of oxygen available to the cells and tissues. Hence, if the thyroid is not in the proper shape, you can suffer from hair loss, weight gain and even anaemia.

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Steep Loss in Weight

If you are on a strict dieting plan, you must prepare to see those extra strands falling after 2-4 months of your weight loss regime. Not all the sudden weight loss is intentional, but it will still impact your hair growth.

So, keep your body nutrients balanced by adopting healthy lifestyle instead of falling for those starving diet plans. If the weight loss is not planned, then see a doctor for the right cause and treat it with priority.


With time, wear and tear happens to all parts of the body, especially, when we go through menopause. The changes are seen everywhere from skin to the hair.

The Conclusion

hair loss for women

There are ways which are well researched and defined to treat hair loss. However, isn’t the prevention being better than cure. Instead of depending on ways to treat your hair problems, why not focus on preventing hair loss for women.

You can skip all the expensive treatments if you identify the causes of hair loss for women and make sure you do not fall in any of those categories. Definitely, aging is something you cannot run away from. But, you can still lessen the effect of age by healthy lifestyle and proper diet.  

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