The Do’s and Don’ts of Electric Muscle Stimulator

electric muscle stimulator

There hype about EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulator) is not new, however, there have been a lot of research done to understand where this technology can be channeled for achieving great results. In the past, the EMS was only used for the recovery of muscles. But, with time, its applications have been tested in various other areas including body slimming and it’s now used as abs muscle stimulator by many.

The first outbreak of the opinion about EMS being able to boost the strength of athlete up to 40% was suggested by Yohan Kots, a Soviet scientist who did a research to prove the same. This research which came into limelight in 1976, turned everyone’s attention towards its potential. Scientists from around the world started working to find out what else can be achieved with EMS.

electric muscle stimulator

The first question that comes to mind after reading this is: What is an Electric Muscle Stimulator? Well, as the name suggests, in this technology, the electric current is used to stimulate the muscles of the body. In other words, brain sends electric signals and in response, our muscles contract to the command. EMS replicated the similar impulses, hence sending a message to the muscles for contracting.

If it sounds scary to you, do not worry. The products that are designed with EMS technology, are tested to withstand a certain level of current strength which is safe to experience. But, you should always be cautious about what to expect and how to use these tools.

Benefits of Electric Muscle Stimulator

electric muscle stimulator

With EMS technology, there have been various products launched for body slimming and abs generation. It would be disappointing to know that not all the options provide the similar benefits. There are limited choices that will serve you with outstanding results.

While choosing the Electric Muscle Stimulator, you should take care of few important points. The ultimate abs stimulator review outlines the benefits that you should be expecting from your EMS.

The EMS for body slimming product will use EMS technology to stimulate the muscle and provide a professional fitness routine. It will burn fat and strengthen muscle to shape your body and could be used anytime.

  1. It should be lighter for making it carry with you easy. You can wear it on the go and the light design and skin friendly fabric would make it convenient to wear.
  2. There should be intensity adjustment modes to suit your fitness requirement. An easy operation and availability of various modes would work as a full-time trainer for your body muscles.
  3. It should start showing noticeable change in your figure from not more than 2 months of consecutive use.
  4. You should feel comfortable while it’s on and should not feel uneasy while working or relaxing.

After knowing about its benefits, it is equally vital to understand the do’s and don’ts associated with this product. An EMS for body slimming is not just a gym tool or equipment, but a muscle recovering tool as well. It helps in recovering from the wear and tear of muscles with fast pace, hence keeping you energetic.

However, if this EMS for body slimming is not used in the correct manner as per the instructions, it can have negative effects too. Hence, let’s discuss when and who should use it and who should not.

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Things to keep in Mind

To make sure, you get the best result from your EMS body slimming device, you should change the conductive Gel present in the product after approximately every 60 days. Keep changing the AAA batteries when the remote control stops working.

Who can use Electric Muscle Stimulator

This question is what we should focus on. Before getting yourself an EMS based body slimming tool, you should make sure you do not fall under the category of those listed later in the article. Everyone else can use it for fitness and overall body slimming.

  • Sports Person: As this product is a nice option for recovering from muscle’s wear and tear, the tiredness can be minimized exceptionally using this product, giving better endurance to those who engage their muscles frequently.
  • Too Busy for Gym: There are people who fall in this category. These people have no time for gym or other fitness routines. For them, this device can be a life saviour.
  • Fitness Lovers: Fitness lovers are those who keep looking for better exercise routines to enhance their body shape and health. They can use this device to gain those sexy muscles in lesser time and by putting minimum effort.
  • Losing Pregnancy weight after Post-Partum: Mothers of new born are usually concerned about the belly fat that is too stubborn to get rid of. But, with electric muscle stimulator technology, it will be gone before you would know it.

Who should not use Electric Muscle Stimulator?

  • If you are on a pacemaker or any other medical device aids, you should not be using this device.
  • If you suffer from seizures or epilepsy, it is a big no for you
  • If you have gone through a surgical operation recently, you should avoid it
  • If you work near a machine or are driving, you should not wear it
  • If you are pregnant, there is no way you can use it.
  • If you suffer from skin allergies, consult your dermatologist before giving it a shot

The Verdict

electric muscle stimulator electric muscle stimulator

If you are tired of those tires that keep bulging from your outfit or make it difficult to shut the jeans button, it is time you think of losing some weight. And, when it is as easy as wearing your favourite clothes and forgetting about weight loss, what else are you waiting for.

Without a doubt, Electric Muscle Stimulator is an amazing technology that can be utilized in losing extra calorie from around the belly where most of the excess weight accumulates. So, give it a try and experience it for yourself. You would not be disappointed by the results.  

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