How to use a Metal Eyelash Comb For Perfect Lashes

metal eyelash comb

Perfect eyelashes are just a dream for many women who feel locked in their short and not so oblivious eye lashes that like to stay hidden. But, this has never stopped women from trying to get the fuller and long eye lashes. Odds for making it happen stays slim with options like fake lashes and eye lashes regrowth serums. But, using Metal Eyelash Comb can make this dream come true in just matter of minutes.

It may sound vague, but there is no denying the fact that beautiful ladies across the continents are using this tool to enhance their looks and achieve attractive eye lashes every day. This trick is not new and women from Paris used straight pins to separate their lashes in old days. It used to work just fine. However, the safety was always at the question.

With time, as the priorities of women changed, and they started looking after themselves a bit more, companies started thriving by offering the solutions for various beauty needs. From glowing skin to the perfect eyelashes, researchers aim at leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding the optimum solution for these beauty concerns.

Before the concept of Metal Eyelash Comb was found, there were alternatives like fake eyelashes, plastic combs that tried to solve the problem. But, none of these succeeded in creating a pool of trusted customers. This was because these products lacked at various fronts.

Fake eyelashes involved glue that was unsafe closer to the ends of the eyes and were not water resistant which made it difficult to stick for long. Few serums did do the job but required a lot of time to show the results and finding the one that worked required spending of money on the useless products.

Thankfully, Metal Eyelash Comb came to the rescue and are a wonderful way to beautify the eyelashes without much hassle.

Choosing the right Metal Eyelash Comb

metal eyelash comb

There are many products available in the market that claims to solve all the problems related to clumsy lashes, but little do they work as per the expectation. Some are mediocre, and some do not work at all.

You should be concentrating on getting these features when you plan to buy your first Metal Eyelash Comb.

  • It should be able to separate each lash perfectly without ending up with clumped looking lash.
  • It should not strip your mascara off.
  • It should be easy on your lashes and should not break them while you glide them between your lashes
  • It should wash away the excess of mascara left on the lashes
  • It should reach all lashes evenly
  • Easy and comfortable grip handle to avoid accidents
  • The eyelash comb metal should be smooth and pointed correctly not to hurt your skin or eye

Tweezerman eyelash comb is a perfect example of the Metal Eyelash Comb with everything that you will ever need to design your lashes in your style.

Tips to Use Metal Eyelash Comb for getting the Desired Look

There are times when we do not understand why the so much hyped product is not giving the satisfactory results. We often forget to go through the proper eye lashes makeup routine and keep thinking that the product was chosen incorrectly. We even take out the tool from the equation once for all.

But, this is not how it should be. Before making any inferences out of your experience with Metal Eyelash Comb, make sure to refer the guidelines about using it. The metal comb will not get you the results all alone. It is a part of the eye makeup kit and should be used with other products and tools to get the most out of it.

Hence, here is the right way to use this tool for fuller and stunning eye lashes which will surely help you steal all the attention.

Start with the EyeLash Curler

This is where most of us fail. We skip this step and want the eyelash comb to make up for it. However, the comb designed to separate our eyelashes are not meant to provide the finishing these eyelash curlers can help us achieve.

Eyelash curlers are a great aid for those lashes which are short and straight. These curlers give the wavy flow to the lashes and make them appear prominent and long. To use the curler, bring the upward end of the eyelashes between the curve of the curler positioned in the direction of the eye lid. Then gently close and press it for few seconds and release the grip. Do it twice or thrice and you will notice your eyelash’s ends turning upwards.

Apply the Mascara

If you can use the nice one, it would be better. Go for the water resistant and smudge free option. There are plenty available in the market under various price range. Buy the one that suits your requirements and apply it to your lashes after you have used the eyelash curlers.

Use the Metal Eyelash Comb

metal eyelash comb

Last step would be the use of the Metal Eyelash Comb. You can use it once before applying the mascara as well to smoothen your lashes for better application of mascara. After applying the mascara, place the ends of the teeth of the Eyelash Comb at the lash line and wiggle it few times with soft hand to get every lash in between the teeth of the comb.

After you succeed, move the comb in outward direction to reach the end of your eyelash. Do this, when the mascara is still wet, and you will find it adjusting and evenly distributing the mascara to get you the separate and beautiful eyelashes.

The Verdict

natural eyelashes

Metal Eyelash Combs are magical tools for making your eyelashes stand out. However, it should be used with caution or you will end up poking it in your eyes. The patience is all it needs to get the look that you have always dreamt about in only few minutes.

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