Top 5 Matte Lipstick Shades For Brown Skin

lipstick shades for brown skin

For women, it is a difficult job to choose between lipstick shades and even painful to select one color over the others. When every shade has its own beauty and charisma, how can one decide what to buy and what to leave. It is inevitable to resist the ones that can go wrong with your skin tone when you are not sure about what to look for. So, let’s check out the lipstick shades for brown skin that compliments the texture and complexion of your sensual skin tone.

Usually, women with brown skin feel shy about picking the dark colors thinking that it would make them look tanner. However, this is not the case. While baby pinks and nude shades suit almost all the skin tones, these would never be able to add the radiance that the dark colors would, to the golden touch of your skin.

A skin tone that is rich in melanin is not only gorgeous but bold enough to enjoy the vibrant and dark lipstick shades. If you are scared of trying those warm and lively colours, let your skin decide what you need to accentuate the charm of your skin complexion. These lipstick shades for brown skin listed below are few of the exclusive picks that can help you decide for better.

Next time, when you plan to do a little shopping, do not forget to try these shades. You sure are going to love what you wear on your lips.

Be Legendary by Smashbox

be legendary by smashbox

If you like to use products that have not been tested on animals, this is the one for you, the witchy colour by Smashbox. The products created by Smashbox are superb in quality and will provide the lasting look in just one stroke. With light matte texture, it aims are providing the creamy finish to keep the lips smooth.

This lipstick for brown skin goes perfect with other complexions too but feels extraordinary on dark skin. Your dusky skin will become sexier after applying this color on your lips.

Ruby Woo by MAC Retro

Ruby Woo by MAC Retro

This matte lipstick is what defines the popularity of MAC. Among all the shades that MAC offers, this one steals quite a show. You would feel wonderful after covering your lips behind this blissful color. If you wish to glam up your looks with just few strokes of the lipstick, get this product right away. Although it is expensive, it is worth every money.

The color matches every skin tone, but its magical when used by a brown skin tone. You can never go wrong with ruby woo. Wear it for all occasions and you will be tired of all the glares that stops at you. Not only it looks stunning on dark skin tone but raises the bar of those who stand next to you. Experience the popularity that celebrities enjoy by looking your best.

This lipstick can make dry lips look drier because of the matte finish. So, do not forget to moisturize and exfoliate your lips before applying this shade.

Brick Red Shade

brick red lipstick

This is an affordable option which comes in brick red color and is also known as Alabama. A great job was done in creating this lipstick with Matte finish which keeps the lips moisturized for the long hours of the day. With long lasting stay, you can expect this to stay as it is without a need for touch ups.

All you need to do is, move it twice around your lips and use a tissue paper to finish the application. This shade can be called the lipstick shade for brown skin without a doubt. It also makes your every photo taken in this shade, special.

Full Throttle by NYX stands best among the lipstick shades for brown skin


The shade called night crawler by NYX Professional Makeup is ultra-dark with purple and blue combination. A color very close to that of raisins. If you are among those who love trying something unique and different, you must wear this shade.

The lipstick shade comes in the bullet shape for making your application comfortable and smooth. This colour can be too bold at times, but who does not like the extra lift sometimes. So, grab this product and feel free to use it at times when you want an exclusive appearance.

Magenta by Maybelline New York


This matte lipstick color gives a creamy finishing and keeps your lips moisturized the entire day. The colour is a blend of pink and purple and nothing can come closer to the style statement it provides. Your brown skin will love to feel special by its touch. A creamy texture with non-drying matte finish, makes your pretty skin, prettier.

Being affordable and comfortable in wearing, it is highly popular among women. If you have tried it yet, it is time you do.

For those who are in love with Pink – Fuchsia Lipstick Shade by Maybelline

Fuchsia Lipstick Shade by Maybelline

Although, brown skin adjusts best with dark shades of lipstick, but those who have a crush on pink should not be disappointed. The bold fuchsia color by Maybelline is here for the rescue. The matte texture covered by a creamy appearance keeps the lips moisturized and makes them look stunning.

You will get the saturated effect in only one slide. If you believe in setting an example of fierce look, you should not avoid trying this one. Among all the lipsticks for brown skin, this one is lighter yet mightier in getting you the desired look.

The Verdict

Every woman is beautiful in her own ways. Some like to put on the baggy jeans with nude colors and others like to flaunt their curves in the tights with bold lipstick shades. Whatever, one chooses defines one’s inimitable personality and characteristics. Nothing can compare to the uniqueness women portrays being oneself.

And, these lipstick shades for brown skin is just a way to feel special about their innate traits that make every one of them special in their own way.     

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