7 African Hair Braiding Styles For 2018

african hair braiding styles

Truth be told, braiding hair is nothing new. For centuries Africans have braided their hair as a show of marital status, social status and age.  This is an African tradition that has being passed from one generation to the other.

It is said that history repeats itself. During the advent of  slave trade the old age practice was never abandoned. Over the years, hair braiding became the next big thing for Africans.

To look classier, they went back to their roots. African hair braiding styles for 2018 will definitely be inspired by past braiding styles.

Feed in Braids

Feed in Braids

Braids or Cornrows as otherwise known in the Caribbean islands is an ancient traditional African hair style. In this style, the hair is closely braided to the scalp in an upward motion so as to produce a raised row. Depending with how creative you want to be, feed in braids can be simple or complicated.


Feed braids were originally worn by African women as an indicator of social status. During the slave trade era, slaves were required to shave their hair and when the hair grew back cornrowing was used to keep the hair neat.

After modern day slavery, the Black power moment followed. Braids became a symbol of resistance during this era. Today, they are stylish and used by black women to enhance their natural beauty and make them stand out.


In modern times, a braid is created when ones natural hair is conjoined together with synthetic hair to create a long cornrow. The end result is a natural long braid.

Based on the wearer, braids come in different sizes such as small, medium and large.

Advantages of Braids

    • Braids give your hair more length with natural appearance

  • Braids enhance your beauty

Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail

When it comes to the most important historical hairstyle in African culture, it would be an abomination if we forgot about the ponytail. This is a style of wearing longhair that is pulled at the back of your head that is bound near your scalp.


Though the origin is not known art work has shown that it was very popular among ancient Egyptian dancers. The style was also popular with Roman girls perhaps due to the numerous cultural exchanges that took place between Egypt and Rome.


Pony tails are not only attractive but also cute. A Ponytail is basically braided hair that is gathered at the back of your head using a band or a sculp. They are very fashionable and can be used on official attire as well as casual attire.

A ponytail is best suitable especially where you want to keep hair out of your eyes. Ponytails are known to make impressive fashionable statements for classy women and ladies. At times they can be used for a chic personality.

Ghanaian Braids

Ghanaian Braids

As the name suggests, this are braid styles whose origins are from Africa. The Ghanaian women are not limited in creativity when it comes to hair braiding. This is an art that they have perfect for centuries and passed down from one generation to the other.


Ghanaian braids are not your ordinary braids. They are versatile and stylish. They come in different shapes and designs depending with your preference.

The biggest disadvantage with a Ghanaian braid is that you are spoilt for choice. You can try out the following braids with maximum success;

  • Zig-zag Ghana Braids

This are basically braids bound in a zig-zag manner

  • Chunky and micro Braids

Here, you combine both chunky and small braids for a classic design

  • One sided blond Braid

Just one side of your hair is braided while the rest is flowing naturally. You can however try to be creative about it. It’s all about imagination.

Double Braids Burn

Double Braids Burn

This is a simple and stylish look that every lady should have. The doubling of braids makes it unique and the ban gives your head an elegant and fashionable look.

The double braid burn comes at an advantage especially where you are a yoga fun. This is because they are easy to make and once you go out to the beach you can easily take them out.

Intricate Boxer Braids

Intricate Boxer Braids

Boxer braids have always being around but in a dull manner. However, the boxer braids have being revamped and new stylish designs are being incorporated that makes this a must have for 2018

Special Designs

The intricate boxer braid does not fail to impress. Unique designs include;

  • Knotted Updo

This can only be described in two ways, classy and modern.

  • The Zig zag Updo

This design will challenge your saloonist but trust me it will be worth it! This style incorporates the use of smaller braids and gives you the youthfulness you desire.

Curvy Braids

Curvy Braids

Curves have never failed to disappoint. They give you a natural aesthetic beauty that will leave heads turning.

To add sugar to honey ,the braids can be incorporated with different designs, shapes and color. The end result is a fashionable and cute looking design that every lady should have for 2018.

Bonus Free Flowing Long Braids

Free Flowing Long Braids

This hair style can only be described in two ways, simple and classy. It has being tested since time in memorial and has never failed to impress.

Traditional, the free flowing long braids were never incorporated with other designs. However, the modern designs have come up. They include;

  • Long and thin Braids with a side part

This design gives you the sexiness that comes with being a superstar! To make it more attractive, you can decide to use thin braids on your left side and heavy designs on your right side.

  • Black and white box braids

This design looks like your hair has being dipped in a can of white paint. The free flowing braids create a mixture of gorgeous black and white braids that enhances your sexiness. With this design, be assured to look like a goddess.


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