Do Portable Hooded Hair Dryers Really Work?

Portable Hooded Hair Dryer

To best be in a position to answer this question then certain factors must be analysed. Only then can a comprehensive and conclusive answer be given. It is not in disputed that a hair dryer does indeed work. Without this portable hooded hair dryer then it would be practically impossible to make our hair all curly and beautiful.

What is a Portable Hooded Hair Dryer?

Portable Hooded Hair Dryer

As the name suggests, a portable hooded hair dryer is a hair dryer that is easily moveable. You can use it in your bathroom or in the theatre room as you watch your favourite Soap opera. This hair dryer has a tall stand that is hood shaped to enable you to comfortably dry your hair.

The portable hooded hair dryer  is designed in such a way that once you turn it on then cold or hot hair will be vented in the hood to dry your hair.

Do not think that this is a very new machine; sorry for bursting you bubble but your grandmother {If she was rich} most probably did use it in the 50s. At the time however, this was a very expensive machine that was only used by a select few. The cream dela cream of society.

Thanks to the advancement of technology the hood hair dryer can now be produced cheaper and more efficiently than they were produced in the 50s.

Benefits of a Portable Hooded Hair Dryer

The main benefit of a portable hooded hair dryer is that it is portable. The fact that it is portable enables you to use it at home and not necessarily on an expensive visit to the saloon. You can use it as you watch your reality show as all you have to do is put the hood on your head and let it do the rest.

When compared to basic rollers, the hood hair dryer is faster. However, if you’re using heated rollers then this will be a better option in terms of speed.

If you are a hair enthusiast and stylist then a hooded hair dryer is the magic portion that you require. There are plenty of curly hair styles that you can try for a classy look.

Characteristics of a Good Portable Hair Dryer

  • Must incorporate Ionic Technology: Ionic technology plays a very important role when it comes to portable hair dryers.  This technology works by banishing positive ions from your hair.

Without this ability then you will end up having dull hair.

  • Heat setting that Vary: This setting will enable you to regulate the amount of heat required depending on your hair type and the hair you wish to have.
  • A cool Shot Setting: This setting will enable you to have and maintain those beautiful curls you have so badly desired to have.
  • A timer:  At times you might get too engaged with your realty show and forget that your hair was in your curling hair dryer. This might end up being disastrous.
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Which Portable Hooded Hairdryer is Best for Me?

Generally, any hooded hair dryer will work just fine for your hair. What you should be looking for are the specifications of your hair drier. All this will depend with the nature of your hair. If your hair is chemically treated or has a fine texture, then a hair portable hooded hair dryer that has a low temperature setting option is the most deal.

Best Hooded Hair Dryers to Consider

Gold N hot Professional Jet Boonet Dryer Attachment

Portable Hooded Hair Dryer

This hair dryer is ideal for quick roller sets as well as conditioning treatments. It is great for all types of hairs as a result of even heat distribution. The beauty about this is that its attachment folds are designed to fold  for easy travel .

The Conair SB1XR SOFT Bonnet Dryer

Portable Hooded Hair Dryer

It comes with an extra large bonnet that enables you to be creative with your hair styles as it can accommodate jumbo rollers. It is easier to carry around and comes with wide range of features that will allow you to be creative about your hair style.

The Ands ionic Bonnet Hair Dryer

Portable Hooded Hair Dryer

This hair dryer is more popular with the natural oriented women. It is perfect for natural hair. It dresses hair faster with minimal frizz because it uses ionic technology. It has multiple features that make it possible to create various designs due to low heat.

Conair Infiniti pro Gold series Soft Bonnet Hair dryer

Portable Hooded Hair Dryer

This is my favourite as it works perfect on natural hair. It quickly dries your hair thanks to the 400 watts of power it utilizes.

The Conair Infiniti boasts of two attachments, a flexible hose with a release and lock system. If you are crazy about natural hair, then this machine is just for you!

Laila Ali Haired Bonnet Hair dryer

Portable Hooded Hair Dryer

This dryer makes it possible to have a saloon effect in the comfort of your home. It incorporates a balanced airflow system that dries your hair evenly and quickly. The Laila Ali boasts of ion technology to help prevent moisture loose and breakage.

It comes with two heat settings that you can use on your hair.

Curling Hair Dryers

The curling hair dryer is a game changer. I defiantly love it. Imagine the hard work you have to put into having curls by using your round brush only for it to collapse even before you finish. You have literary wasted more than 30 minutes!

There is only one way of ensuring that the curls do not fall off, that is the use of curling hair dryer.The shapes of your bond and how they are bonded is mainly responsible for hair curls. In this regard, Disulfide bonds are mainly responsible for curly hair.

When you have straighter hair, it means that you have lesser disulfide hair. The best way to curl your hair is by chemically doing it. This will give a more permanent touch to it. However, you can also use a curling hair drier to do this.

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