How to Apply Concealer or Foundation the Right Way

apply concealer or foundation

How long have you been trying to get used to applying your foundation and concealer? If you feel that you have yet not understood the mantra to fix your fine line and blemishes, here is your chance to know what you have been doing wrong. There is no rocket science in making yourself look few years younger with these makeup essentials. With simple tricks, you can also apply concealer or foundation like a pro. You do not require a professional to help you get ready for a wedding party and you won’t take forever struggling to hide your dark circles before joining your friends at weekend evenings.

What to avoid when applying Concealer Foundation?

things to avoid with foundations

When we start playing around with these items from our vanity box, we make a lot of mistakes and end up with cakey look. Anyone can notice the extra layer of skin that not only looks outdated, but unnatural as well. So, let’s check out the common mistakes which usually make us do the wrong thing with all the right product decorated on the shelf for no good. Here is what we need to know:

Match the colour of your foundation with your skin tone 

If you are using a foundation that does not blend without using a brush in your skin, you have spent your money on the incorrect one. Whenever you plan to buy foundation and you feel confused about selecting the shade that compliment your skin tone, ask your beautician for a hand. You can also take assistance from the professional available at the brand stores.

Scared of using a brush all the while?

Do not shy away from introducing brushes to your makeup kit. Using only your fingers to apply the concealer can feel easy and you would love the touch of your dabbing while your try to blend the concealer into your skin. However, this trick can pay you harder. Fingers collect more amount of concealer that we need. In short, you are wasting your concealer and you still are not convinced by the results.

Just one concealer to hide everything?

Few people have minor skin problems which can be easily concealed by a light layer of concealer. Dark circles do not need a heavy concealer and can be patched by the lighter ones. Options like concealer bb cream and Dermacol concealer cream can help in getting rid of the dark circles. However, if you trust these concealers to help you with the pimples or the blemishes, you are overjudging your item. Never use the same concealer for all the problems. Concealer comes in different strength and utilize them for the best outcome.

Know the Trick to Apply concealer or foundation

Now that you know how to pick the concealer and foundation for your skin type and problems, let’s see the right way to apply concealer or foundation so that it does not look like sitting as an extra layer on our face.

Apply the Foundation First

If you are looking to get a perfect canvas before the creams blend in, the first thing you would require is a clean face. Wash your face and leave it for five minutes. This will help in absorbing the moister and your skin will be ready to grab the foundation applied over it. The foundation applied will stay for long and will blend easily.

You can use your fingers when applying foundation to limited area on your face. However, if foundation is needed at numerous sites, use sponge. For hiding pimples, tab of your fingers will do. But, when applying foundation to areas like T-Zone, under eye, cheeks, tabbing fingers will cover you into too much of foundation. Always remember, the more you will use, the lesser its effect will get. So, use little and keep blending if you want to cover the entire face.   

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Time to try the concealer

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If you want concealer to work at its best, always apply it over the layer of foundation. It will blend effortlessly and will not show up the creases. Foundation will help you cover most of the skin flaws such as dark circles if they are not much prominent. Whatever left, concealer will hide it. Never use concealer where the foundation has already done its work.

The same rule goes with concealer as well. Never use your fingers if you are using the concealer to cover a lot or you will be using excess of the cream. It will rather make you look funny than doing any good to your face.

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Luminous Powder comes last

These new versions of the traditional matte powders will no longer leave you feeling different about yourself. Luminous powder will surge the shine of your skin by reflecting the light and would make your skin glow. Apply the powder by starting from your hairline and brushing down the cheekbone to your nose bridge. Repeat it on the other side as well. We usually skip this part, but when you are applying the concealer, finishing your makeup with luminous powder becomes a lot vital.

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The Verdict

It is always great to know that people are staring at you because you are looking awesome. These two items can create the best version of you, if you know the right way to apply concealer or foundation. Whenever you are planning to invest in your makeup kit, remember to get the products that are safe and are harmless. There are plenty of option available in the market. But, you need to do your research before paying the amount.

While feeling beautiful is a must, saving your skin from skin damage is equally important. You may feel confident and love to apply concealer or foundation every day which is fine, but you should not forget to clean your face and make sure every drop of the cream is washed away before you go to sleep. Leaving the concealer or foundation on your face for long time will clog the pores of your face giving way to pimples and other problems.  

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