4 Secrets about Light Treatment for Acne

light treatment for acne

When it comes to the quest for beauty acne has always being the number one barrier. Just when you think you have worn the battle, you realize that the war is not yet worn. However, thanks to modern science better and more efficient ways like blue light treatment for acne have being developed.

What Causes Acne?

Without sounding like a Nobel price winner when it comes to human anatomy, acne can be said to be an inflammation as a result of bacteria that clogs the pores of your skin.

The pores of your skin are just above your oil producing glands. The glands are responsible for keeping your skin moisturized and pliable. At times, they can be clogged by dead skin and debris that eventually results to bacterial growth.

causes of acne

Don’t start freaking out and wondering how to get rid of the dead skin and debris. Using a brush will just result to pain and suffering. Our bodies are complex and they have adopted and evolved over millions of years. In this regard, the glands will trick the body to start attacking. This will create a pimple.

When the pimple bursts {as it often does} the bacteria escapes and sets base in another pore.

How Does Blue Light Treatment for Acne Work

Blue light treatment for acne uses light frequency to kill the bacteria. Every bacteria has a cell membrane. The cell membrane ensures the survival of the bacteria. When it is exposed to light, it breaks down and eventually the bacteria will be destroyed.

It is only effective under ideal  Conditions

Under The perfect condition {set up by scientists} blue light kills 99.98% of acne bacteria. Where ordinary people like me and you operate the blue light, bacteria that hide its self deep in the pores of your skin easily escapes the blue light.

As long as the conditions are scientific and deal acne bacteria will be destroyed under blue lit. In this regard, blue light is extremely effective but its effectiveness is limited to the conditions at hand.

Tip; To maximize the benefits accrued from using the blue light photodynamic therapy you will have to undergo several treatments. There are no silver bullets when comes to using blue light.

How safe is Blue light treatment for acne?

Blue light is cleared by the FDA and this makes it a very safe device to use when it comes to treating moderate acne. Compared to other topical treatments, I would consider this safer especially where you do not have to deal with skin irritants.

The side effects

Contrary to popular belief, blue light treatment for acne is not 100% safe. It bits logic when they claim it is 100% safe yet one might experience swelling, pigment changes and dryness of the skin.

Though these are not very major aliments you should be very careful especially where your eyes are involved.

A recent study concluded that blue light was solely responsible for macular degeneration of the eyes. The patient had experienced eye damage. Reconstructive surgery was later done. It cost an arm and a leg and at the end of it all the patient regained only 70% of his eyes sight.

The lights used are excessively bright and as a result you should never look directly into them. Always wear eye protection gloves at all costs.

UV (Ultraviolet) Content

Many people do not know this but the truth of the matter is that blue lights have UV content inside them. Believe it or not but UV light is not only produced by the sun. This begs the question, if UV light from the sun causes cancer what about UV light from a blue light acne therapy treatment?

Since many of us are not scientific geniuses, we wll simplify this for you. As long as light peaks around 415nm or below then it will have some level of UV in it. As a result of the different levels of spectrum, fluorescent and incandescent lights will have more UV than LED of the same spectrum and peak.

My advice to you is that you should be very interested in knowing the type of bulb used in blue light .If you feel that your blue light might be producing too much UV you can always buy one that uses LED light instead of fluorescent tubes.

If you are overly cautious like I am and you want to eliminate any presence of UV then get a LED light that ranges from 420-470 nm. Don’t worry about its capabilities as it will still be ideal for use just 30%less efficient..

Acne light is in the research phase

This is probably one of the most guarded secrets when it comes to the acne light. Forget what manufactures tell you and all the fake blogs you read on the internet, the acne light is not comprehensively researched on.

Most medical journals will agree with me that they are safe to use but the extent to which they are safe remains a mystery and a more conclusive research is yet to be conducted.

Disadvantages of Using a Blue light treatment for Acne

The biggest disadvantage of using a blue light therapy device is that you will have to use on multiple occasions for the treatment to be effective. This is a lengthy process that makes this device a no use for me.

This procedure only cures 99% of all forms of acne. However, it fails to cater for sever conditions such as nodulocystic.

The face tends to became sensitive after using the blue light. This is because blue light tends to destroy skin structure.

Most Blue light studies are yet to be comprehensive and there is always a feeling of something going wrong.


The biggest advantage of using a blue light for acne is that there are no chemicals involved. This is a very big plus as chemicals are extremely dangerous to use. Always use the blue light for acne with moderation as studies are yet to be conclusive.

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