Magnetic Lash Extensions Review: The Best ?

Magnetic Lash Extensions

I am a fashionable young woman in my early twenties who loves having my appearance up to par all the time. This is a standard that I have set for myself and uphold it religiously. I love clothes, makeup and the likes but go for a more natural effect. I got these amazing magnetic lash extensions that I wanna show you !

Having natural short, thin and sparse eyelashes are not cute or fashionable to me. Unfortunately, that was the hand that I had been dealt by birth so I had to deal with it the best way I could.

I tried mascara brands that promises to give me big, bold lashes instantly but most, it turned out, were just creating fake hype. The few that worked cost outrageous sums of cash that I was not willing to shell on a regular basis. I loved looking great but I am big on budgeting and effective personal cash management.

Therefore, I tried false lashes and that was a bust too. I love having long, thick eyes but hate the false lash effect when it is obviously fake.

Not only that, they were complicated to apply and did not feel secure, making me very uncomfortable when I went out as I was expecting them to fall out at any moment. That would have been so embarrassing!

Luckily, I found these magnetic lash extensions set and I have to say that they are the best fake eyelash extensions ever!

Magnetic Lash Extensions

A friend recommended them to me and gave me the website address of where I could buy the magnetic lash extensions. I am so happy with my purchase and I will be eternally grateful to her. I am taking her good deed and passing it on, hoping that I can help another woman with this review article.

The magnetic lash extensions has never fallen out during any of the many times that I have worn them over the last few months and feel so secure on that I almost forget that I am wearing them. They are comfortable enough to wear all day long. They allow me to transition from daytime to nighttime looks easily and flawlessly.

I look naturally glamourous and I cannot ask for a better magnetic lash extensions. No doubt you will love them too once you have try them.

Getting the look of your eyelashes right is like finding a great new pair of shoes that fit just right and make your curves pop… Every woman knows what a great feeling that is.

Product Features

  • Each package comes with four full size lashes
  • Uses magnetic technology to ensure extreme hold and security
  • Handmade high quality material was used to make the false lashes ultra-lightweight and therefore, comfortable to wear for extended periods
  • The false lashes stick to your eyelashes without the use of glue

Initial Thoughts

The false eyelashes came nicely packaged and arrived quickly, just in time for a big holiday and the pictures that come along with it. I wanted to look my best and I was hoping that these magnetic false lashes would give me that little va va voom that I wanted for the season.

The directions was simple to follow and I started with my normal makeup application routine. After applying my eye shadow palette and mascara, I carefully positioned the eyelash carefully as the directions instructed then snapped it on.

I repeated this with the other eye.

When it took me less than a minute to apply both eyelashes, I was absolutely shocked and flabbergasted that it was so easy and looked so good.

I could hardly tell I had it on because it was so light. I positioned myself this way and that in the mirror but I can hardly tell that was false lashes even though I now had the big, bold effective that I wanted it. No glue and no poking my eye out. This first experience with the magnetic false lash extensions was great just as future applications were.

I definitely got noticed at the parties that I attended for the season. I was one happy customer after having purchased and used this magnetic false lash extension.

Instructions For Use

Ensure that the eyelashes and surrounding areas are clean and dry. Also, apply mascara to your natural eyelashes before placement of false lashes

Remove the top eyelash extension from the package and hold it over the selected eye. Align the false lash with your natural eyelashes, ensuring the edge lines up with the outer edge of your natural eyelashes. In other words, position the false eyelash as close to the outer corner of your eye as possible.

Magnetic Lash Extensions

Then clip the strip as close to the skin as possible without blinking. Your natural eyelashes should be sandwiched between the two magnetic plates.

Repeat with the other eye.


  • Easy to apply
  • Applies quickly
  • No glue needed
  • Easy to remove
  • Does not irritate or damage eyes
  • Lightweight
  • Reusable


  • Package does not come with half size lashes

Get Them Now !

Final Thoughts On These Magnetic Lash Extensions

Magnetic Lash Extensions

As I said, I feel like these are the best magnetic false eyelashes you can ever buy and from one helpful female to another, I’m going to tell you exactly where you buy the magnetic lash extensions. They are affordable, give the big, bold eyelash effect without looking fake or the use of glue and make you look glamorous at the drop of a dime. They are the best a woman can get and I highly recommend.

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