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Hair Braiding Machine

Hair Braiding Machine – The Secret To Easy Hair Braiding !

If you are anything like me, you love having long hair but you are absolutely clueless on how to get the super cute braided hairstyles that all the celebrities are flaunting on the red carpet and Instagram.

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120 color eyeshadow palette

120 Color EyeShadow Palette Review

I am a bit of a fashionista if I do say so myself. Even though I am not a professional makeup artist, I love experimenting with color and makeup. And I found this amazing 120 color eyeshadow palette. I

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hair growth oil

Hair Growth Oil – Does It Really Work ?

Most people believe that hair loss is an issue that only afflicts the older male community. But trust me ladies, it ain’t. I thought I was going full Vin Diesel until i came across this hair growth

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Teeth Whitening Strips – 3D White Gel (Review)

Yellow teeth can be the reason why you’re always single, one minute you’re beautiful and elegant, the second you look like a zombie. I am an avid coffee drinker and its effects had started

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