5 Tactics to Stop Hair Growth Permanently

stop hair growth

I understand that hair is cool and beautiful but when the same hair makes you look like cave man then we have a big problem. People might even fail to distinguish between you and an evolved creature. If you’re looking for a way to stop hair growth once and for all, then you came to right place.

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This is a condition that results to excessive hair growth in men and women especially on parts of the body such as the chin or chest were hair is normally absent or minimal.


What this does is to transform your supermodel beauty into a cave like looking creature. In the end, yourself esteem might be crushed and you end up distancing yourself from the world which eventually results to depression that might be fatal.

An endocrine imbalance is usually the cause of Hirsutism. This could be as a result of central or ovarian complexities. Hirsutism, especially facial Hirsutism should be treated immediately as it could lead to anxiety and depression.

Causes of Excessive Hair Growth

When it comes to men, an increase in androgen or oversensitivity of the hair follicles to androgen is the main cause of excessive hair growth.  Hair growth in men is stimulated by a hormone known as testosterone. Testosterones are responsible for increasing hair size as well as the stimulation of hair pigmentation on your skin.

In women, a high circulation of insulin is the main cause of   Hirsutism. Science speculates that high insulin concentration especially in obese women stimulates the ovarian theca cells which in return produce androgens.

Medications That Permanently Stop Hair Growth.

Anti-androgens are the main ingredients used when it comes to treating Hirsutism. This drugs include;

  • Spironolactone
  • Flutamide
  • Bicalutamide
  • Finasteride
  • Metformin


electrolysis hair removal

This is the best tactic that you can use to ensure you permanently remove your hair. This is the only method approved by FDA as a permanent solution. Electrolysis is a pricey alternative due to the numerous sessions you are expected to have.

It works by destroying your hair follicles with either heat energy or by a chemical compound. This technique can be use on any part of your body and has no serious side effect except some redness on your skin.

Applying Hair Removal Creams

You must always be very careful when it comes to hair removal creams. Always buy creams that are approved by the FDA. Undertake a skin test before using the cream so as to be confident it is not an irritant on your skin.

Always consult your dermatologist so as to know whether the cream at hand is good for your skin. Once you test it, wait for one day so as to be sure it is perfectly safe for your skin. Don’t forget to trim your hair before using the cream.

Creams That Stop Hair Growth

Eflornithine Cream

Eflornithine Cream

When it comes to Hirsutism, then the cream is all you need. It works by blocking enzymes responsible for the production of hair on your skin. The cream is relatively safe and can be used alongside laser therapy to reduce the growth of unwanted facial hair. Learn more about it here.

How to use Eflornithine to Stop Hair Growth

  • Always make sure to read the manufactures information so as to know whether you can handle the side effects. It is also good to know the expiry date of the product.
  • Once you shave your skin wait for at least 5mnutes so that you reduce any burning sensation that might occur.
  • For maximum efficiency, apply the cream at least two times a day in the affected area. Use a small amount of cream and rub it till you no longer see cream.
  • After applying the cream, wash your hands thoroughly and avoid contact with your eyes

Depilatory Cream For Hair Removal

Just like other creams, you must first remove hair from the roots by threading or waxing. For the cream to be effective, apply it at least once a day for 5 days.  

The cream has a hair reduction rate of 70%. For permanent treatment, repeat the process at least six more times.

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Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal

Laser hair removal varies from one individual to another all depending on a number of factors. It comes with a 99.97% accuracy rate. The reason why this technique is this accurate is because it incorporates a laser light that penetrates the hair shaft and as a result killing the roots of the skin.

The 0.1% error is because you might see small strands of hair growing back in some places. This is because some hair follicles may not be destroyed. This technique is most popular for permanently removing chest hair, back hair and genital area hair.

Be patient with laser removal techniques as it may take up to 9 sessions to achieve desirable results.

IPL Hair removal

IPL does not differ very much with the way a laser operates in removing hair. IPL stands for intense pulsed light. The reason it is similar to a laser is because it uses heat to damage the follicle and in the process prevents hair growth.

IPL Hair removal

The pulse abroad spectrum of light is less focused. Since the intensity is less, you will require more sessions to ensure permanent hair loss.


This is the most common technique used worldwide to stop hair growth especially on your legs. However, be warned that if pain terrifies you this is not a technique for you.

This process involves snatching out hair from your skin. This is where the fun part ends. The beauty of waxing is that it removes almost 99% of all hair and keeps the skin strong and healthy. This is a simple process that you can easily do without the help of a dermatologist.

Learn more about waxing kit review here.

The Stop Grow Hair Inhibitor

This is a hair removal spray that helps reduce the growth process. The spray penetrates the empty follicles once the hair is shaved. It removes nutrients from follicles. As a result, hair is starved of nutrients.

The beauty about stop grow is that it contains natural preservatives and moisturizers hence 100% safe to use.

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