Does depilatory cream for hair removal really work?

Long before, it was believed that hair removal is only for women and was almost true. However, with change in the lifestyle and attitude, men are also following the trails of women and many of them like to get rid of those extra hair right away. Depilatory cream for hair removal makes this task easier for women as well as men.

Although, you might feel that the goodness and ease of these depilatory cream for public hair might not be a safe option, the researches from around the world have a different take on the same. There have been myths related to the use of depilatory cream for hair removal in every part of the world. Hence, it is important to know what things to consider and what not to trust.

These creams have been considered a boon for those who feel that shaving is not only dangerous but is incapable of reaching many spots like back and other parts of the body. There are many other reasons that make this cream one stop answer for individuals coping with waxing pains and long hours of parlour sittings.

Depilatory cream for hair removal can be used for instant results. Without interfering with the pores and layer under your skin, these creams fall under the safest category for hair removal. But, knowing what it entails would make the judgement easier for those with sensitive skin or other skin allergies.

Let’s check out how these creams work.

Science behind Depilatory Cream for Hair Removal

depilatory cream for hair removal

If you like to read the ingredient list before applying anything on your skin, you are doing the right thing. In case of depilatory cream for hair removal, it is vital to understand the chemicals present and how they work to easily remove those stubborn hair on the unusual parts of our bodies.

Most of these creams contain chemicals that are alkaline in nature such as sodium thioglycolate, calcium thioglycolate etc. These chemicals attack the protein bond present in our hair known as keratins. Once the bond is compromised, the hair fall itself detaching from the follicles.

You may have sensed some unpleasant order while using these creams and these happen due to the chemical reaction that takes place. However, these days, most of the brands use added chemicals to overshadow the effect of these reactions.

Because every skin is different, these reactions can act differently. Hence, there is a caution provided on every cream to test it for a smaller area. One should strictly follow that precaution before applying the cream to the larger section of the body.

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Benefits of Depilatory Cream for Hair Removal

You must be feeling excited to know that this formula works. So, lets talk about the benefits that make this Painless Hair Removal Cream a perfect choice among various men and women.

Say bye-bye to hair for at least a week:

Shaving is a cheaper option as you can use the razor for more than one use. However, it has many downsides associated with it. The hair starts to grow instantly giving you a stubble feel. It also can cause cuts and irritation.

However, depilatory cream for hair removal are easy to use and takes out the hair just above the skin surface. It may not keep the hair away for as many days as waxing does but would be much longer than what shaving can provide.

Painless Hair Removal:

It is the good news for those who fear the waxing appointment and the clenching teeth while feeling the pain of hair being removed through wax. Depilatory cream for hair removal brings for those the painless remedy for removing hair from any part of the skin.

So, no more ouch and ahh while you get rid of those unwanted hair.

Less Growth:

It has been experienced by many users worldwide that the hair growth reduces after the constant use of hair removal creams. The results are obvious after few applications itself. This means that you would not require to use these creams so often as you used to do before.

In contrast to shaving, you will also have softer and finer hair.

What to Consider before using Depilatory Cream?

All this time, you must be feeling happy about how amazing these stuffs are. But, these creams do have some cons associated to them.

As these creams are made of harsh chemicals, they cannot be trusted randomly for any type of skin. With those, having too sensitive skin should consider talking to their dermatologist for specifying the recommended cream.

Those who do not have allergic or sensitive skin can opt for these creams, however, not before reading all the instructions mentioned on its packaging. If there is any warning written on the depilatory cream for hair removal, it should be registered first.

Moreover, if you have not tried any of these creams before or it is the new brand that you are applying, you must do the skin test. For this, apply the cream on a small portion of your skin and let it rest for couple of minutes. Then, rub it to remove the hair with the cream. Take a gap of 24 hours before applying it to the affected areas to make sure there are no probable issues connected with the use of that specific depilatory cream.

A small tip for those who do not know how to use these creams: Apply it evenly or you would be left with patches of uneven hair on your skin.

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The Conclusion

depilatory cream for hair removal

Looking beautiful is not just about putting some makeup and doing the hair. It also entails healthy and smooth skin that cannot be achieved in a day. Individuals work for obtaining such skin and hair removal makes a small yet challenging part of this chores.

In such scenario, finding an option that is easy and painless to use would never go unnoticed. Depilatory cream for hair removal are hence, most popular method for removing unwanted hair. Only, you need to be a bit cautious before making any wrong choice. Love your skin and keep it safe by using the renowned brands.

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