Does Toe Separators For Bunions Really Work?

toe separators for bunions

Toe Separators, being common among those who have been bearing the pain of bunions and stacked toes, often feel sceptical about its results. Toe separators for bunions may seem a smart way to avoid surgeries but most people think that the effect is not satisfactory enough to be considered an alternative of the surgery.

As the name suggests, these toe separators fit in between of your toe and fingers while providing you a stretch in the muscles of your toes and other areas around it.

Bunions is a condition where the toe aligns too close to the finger next to it and cause a bulge of bone at the outside lining of the toe. This not only looks vague but brings with itself an endless pain that is impossible to ignore.

toe separators for bunions

Even, people feel trouble in finding the right shoes for them because of the extra bone pushing out from the side of the toe. Although there are men’s as well as women’s shoes for bunions which considerably help in providing the space that the bunion feet need, they only end hiding the problem and not correcting them.

This is where toe spacers for bunions come in picture. These come in various shapes and forms but knowing the one that is the right fit for your problem, would save your time and money that you may spend on the wrong ones. It is an intimidating task to scroll among the different reviews online and end up reaching nowhere.

Toe Separators are highly in use among yoga instructors, dancers and those who use their feel a little more than usual. Not only fighting the bunions, these are recommended for mallet toes, hammertoes and even planter fasciitis.

What researches have to say about toe separators for bunions?

Those with bunions would go for anything that is proposed to them as the ultimate solution even knowing that companies would say anything when it comes to endorse their brand. However, this rush won’t lead to a straight path.

Before getting to any such decision would simply make the condition worse. Waiting too long to get it treated with a doctor is not at all advisable, not even when you know that the toe separators are going to work.

Bunions can be caused by many reasons and most of them are not completely realized as of this day. While bad shoes selection and foot injury stay as common reasons, hereditary also makes this problem prominent among many.

If your doctor tells you that your foot structure and posture have been inherited by your parents, there is not much you can get from the toe separators for bunions. However, these can help in restricting the growth of the problem but there are cases where the condition got worse.

So, never miss out on your doctor appointments before figuring out which solution is going to benefit you from the bunions.

There are researchers who believe that toe separators can help heal the pain but have no role in fixing the problem but the research for long term affects is still underway. Hence, concluding it useless in treating bunions is not justified.

When all the researchers still feel the toe separators for bunions as incapable, Dr. Ray McClanahan who completed his graduation from Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine which is now known as Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine highly recommends toe separators as an effective tool for curing bunions.

How to look for the right Toe Separators

There could be plenty of factors affecting the quality of the toe spacers for bunions from brands to the material. However, things that go unnoticed should be the priority parameter for selecting the right toe separators.

Check for the Thickness: At start, the use of toe separators can cause discomfort to carry it between your toes. Hence, finding the one with minimum thickness would allow your toes to get used to it. You can increase the thickness with time and as per your condition.

Choose the one with more comfort: If your misalignment is severe, you will need to use these for longer hours instead of 30-60 minutes. So, choosing the one with comfort features depending on the material used and other parameters would make it easier for you to carry it around while still on.

The one that goes well with Shoes: If you are required to wear it for long hours, you will have to find the one which is easy to accommodate inside your shoes. Hence, the one that is handy and not very bulky will be the right match for your shoes.

Few popular Toe Separators for Bunions

Toe Spacers:

 This toe separator for bunions is made of silicon gel and is very comfortable to wear. You can use it inside your shoes as well as barefoot.

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Visco-GEL Toe Spacers:

These can be wear for long hours. These toe spacers for bunions comes in different sizes and help in preventing bunions.

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Toe Separators

These toe separators for bunions are not only useful in treating bunions but provide an aid for hallux valgus and other foot problems.

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The Verdict

Toe Separators are inexpensive and easily accessible which makes them a useful and popular option for treating bunions. You would find a mixed review when checking for their effectiveness and it would become a challenge to conclude.

However, there are examples where these small tools helped in great recovery. If you expect them to do miracles overnight, you are going for the wrong alternative. Toe Separators for bunions take time to show the affect. So, you must be patient with this device and let it do the magic with its own rate.

Most importantly, you should never delay consulting the doctor before taking any precaution mentioned on the internet. Your doctor knows it better than anyone else. And, who knows, your doctor may suggest you the toe separators for bunions designed especially for your unique condition.

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