11 Tips For Weight Loss In 9 Days At Home

tips for weight loss

Losing weight is a tiresome job, but what if it is made fun. Success is related to the dedication we put in that work and dedication is directly proportional to the interest. Did you ever know that balancing the tips for weight loss with engagement and mutual planning can help you experience the results in much shorter time?

These days obesity and overweight has become very common among every age group. Technology has no doubt made our life easier, but we have paid a huge cost for the same. Our bodies have learned to rest more than it needs. And, the busy schedule has provided us a reason to munch on junk and unhealthy food.

Not only this, we keep skipping important meals and blame our body for still making those tyres around our belly. But, how many of us know that undereating is also a reason for weight loss in many? If we start talking about the reasons, we would end up nowhere.

So, let’s check out the tips for weight loss for women as well as men with which individuals can shed those extra pounds in around 9 days without rushing to a gym or paying a hefty money to your personal trainers.

Drinking lots of Water is the first tip for weight loss

drinking water

Fluid intake is very vital for increasing your metabolism and what can be the better time rather than the morning to do that. Although fluid intake should be more throughout the day, it should be highest in the morning when the stomach is still empty.

We all are aware of the benefits water provides but how often we try to include it as a part of our diet plan. Drinking water empty stomach cleanses the body from colon and other toxins and prepares the intestine for absorbing most of the nutrients from our body.

It also fights infection and maintains a healthy skin. So, what can be the cheapest option than water. Drink at least 3-4 glasses of water after you wake up in the morning.  

Exercising is one the best tips for weight loss


Did anyone ask you to exercise more for losing more? Whosoever is giving you those tips for weight loss probably haven’t tried it themselves. Exercising beyond your stamina would lead to various health problems from fatigue to cramps and would become a painful routine.

Instead of making your weight loss journey annoying, make it easy and convenient. You can start with 15-minute walk every morning and a little bit of walking after lunch and dinner. You would start feeling energetic from day one.

Work on your Sleeping habits

sleeping earlier

Many people often sleep late at night and think that they could balance the time by waking up late in the morning as well. However, our body has its own pattern. You must have heard the nursery phrase: Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

This is very true if you wish to maintain a good health.

Include Fibre and Restrain from Carbs

healthy diet

You can fight calories by introducing fibre to your diet. At the same time, limit the intake of carbohydrates. Often people suggest eliminating carbohydrate when one is on a diet plan. However, this will keep you low in energy.

For a balanced diet, you should include natural carbohydrates such as beans and brown rice and other sources. But, do not have it in excess.

Stay away from Junk Food

no junk food

We eat foods that we do not acknowledge at all. Have you ever had chips because you were hungry? You had it because you had free time to spend or you did not bring anything from your home for snack or you were craving for that salty flavour.

There could be n number of reasons, but none will register to be reasonable. By cutting on these foods that do not fill you up but instead leave you wanting for more, you can save yourself from a lot of calories every day.

Feel scared of Stairs? Start Loving them

climbing stairs

Only by changing few daily habits, we can make a significant difference in the way we look. Why not take stairs instead of elevators? It may scare you once, but once you get used to it, it would be a lot easier to ignore elevators.

Working on the treadmill is not the only tip for weight loss, you can increase your physical workout by involving yourself more in the daily activities like cleaning your house and walking to the grocery store instead of driving.

Prepare your own Meal

It is often a struggle to make food yourself. However, this is the best way to control the intake of oil, salt and saturated fats in your diet.  

Add more Protein

Protein makes you muscly and reduces fat. What else would you want from your food? However, it is advisable to eat protein rich food in the morning. At night, you should have light food that is easy to digest.

Follow a meal Plan

When you start looking out for tips for weight loss, you should keep in mind to find a meal plan that suits your goal. Registering everything that you are eating would make impossible, possible.

You can do the preparation a night before if you know what you are going to eat the next morning. This will save a lot of time of yours.

Eat Little and Frequent

eating frequently

Do not keep yourself starving when you are hungry. Instead eat little while reducing the break time. Frequent and small meals are highly beneficial in reducing the fat. This healthy eating tip for weight loss can help you meet your weight goal faster.    

Did you know about healthy Fats?

healthy fats

Yes, they do exist. Unsaturated fats that can be found in Olive oils and nuts are great aids for heart disease and control the level of cholesterol.


The Verdict

You may find various tips for weight loss while scrolling down the google search results. However, it is important to know what you are looking for. Doing everything as asked would lead you to a dead end. If required, consult a dietician or a doctor. It is better to know what risks your health condition entails with weight loss plans you are deciding to follow.

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