How To Reduce Eye Puffiness? The Answer

reduce eye puffiness

Puffy eyes must have caught your attention lately if you are checking this article. Though, dark circles or eye puffiness is not a sign of any medical attention, but it affects the confidence by making you look older than you really are. Many times, we ignore the problem until it is prominent enough to look into our eyes and yell at us. However, acting fast can be your best weapon if you are looking to reduce eye puffiness. Delaying things will only make the condition worse.

Why the puffiness of eye occurs? The dark circles or the bags under the eyes start appearing when the skin tissues weaken around the eyes and ultimately sag. Although with age, sagging of tissues become prevalent but we cannot blame the clock ticking all the time.

Hence, before jumping on answer for puffy eye treatment, lets discuss the reasons that cause this problem to grow even at the early age. Did you know that your food habit and certain life styles chores play a key role in surging puffiness of eyes? You heard me right, its not only your age or the hereditary factor, your input from day to day activities combined with stress and fatigue are very much accountable for the eye puffiness.

Have you noticed the position that you prefer to sleep with? If you are sleeping with your face down, you are welcoming eye puffiness with open hands. If you are addicted to smoking or drinking alcohol, it would add to the severity of the condition. You cannot avoid the seasonal allergies that play their role in making the situation worse, but you can act upon finding relief to reduce eye puffiness.

Your care is in your hands. By changing certain habits and making some changes in your life style will help you reduce eye puffiness. Here are few tips for puffy eye treatment which are highly effective:

Reduce Eye Puffiness with Soothing Cucumber

reduce eye puffiness

Cucumbers not only make a great company with the salads on your plate but is great for referring your eyes and the its tiredness. This is a quick remedy to provide instant relief. Cut two thin slices of cucumber and refrigerate it for few minutes. Place these slices on both of your eyes for 25-30 minutes. Do not forget to relax and if possible find a place to take a short nap while the cool touch of cucumber is parked above your eyes.

Potatoes for the Eye Puffiness

Reduce Eye puffiness with potatoes

Like cucumber, potatoes can reduce the bags under the eye with an excellent result. Refrigerate the two thin slices of potatoes for some time and place it on the eyes for 25-30 minutes. Not only you will find your bags gone in few weeks, you will fall in love with the way potatoes will pamper your eyes. You can continue with this routine before bed to keep eye puffiness from coming back.

Egg Whites for Instant Results

reduce eye puffiness using egg whites

Egg whites are rich protein and other important nutrients. You must be aware of that, but did you know that applying it under your eyes will help tighten the skin tissues. This can instantly give you remarkable results and if you are waiting to join the party in few hours, this tip will come handy. Apply the egg whites under your eye for 30 minutes and let it rest. Later, wash it with icy water. You will notice the change immediately.

Green Tea bags for Puffy Eyes

Green Tea bags for Puffy Eyes

Everyone knows the benefits of green tea. Known to be a great anti-oxidant, when it settles over our eyes it becomes an effective remedy for puffy eye treatment. Use the chilled tea bags to rest over the eyes for 20 minutes and let the ingredients of the herbal tea bring your eye to the normal shape.

Use eye cream for puffiness

If you are a mother of a toddler or a highly busy professional, you must think these tips to be asking for a lot of your time. Do not worry. You can apply the best eye cream for puffiness which suits your skin. You can check the reviews and select as per your skin requirement and the severity of the condition. It would be advisable to choose the ones that are made majorly with natural ingredients.

Apart from these quick tips, there are certain diet and exercise routine that can become your life long pal in fighting the eye puffiness.

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Treat your Allergies if any

To know when your allergies are at peak, keep notice of your condition and when it gets worse. If it seems inevitable at certain seasons, keep watch and make sure to apply essential oils before the time arrives.

Learn more about eye allergies here.

Eliminate Excessive Salt from the Diet

reduce salt from diet

Salt leads to water retention in our bodies. It does it around eyes as well and inflate the problem of eye puffiness. You can opt for sea salts which are a great alternative to sodium rich salts. Choose not to eat pizza and foods that are highly rich in salt.

Read more about the side effects of excessive salt here.

Yoga to Reduce Eye Puffiness

reduce eye puffiness with yoga

There are very few of us who follow a strict routine and include yoga as the ritual. However, if you are seeking youthful eyes, this small exercise routine will stay with you for long. By following the slow exercise techniques for face muscles, one can be startled by the results. The exercise includes pressure from fingertips with various expressions and to tighten the skin muscle. You can also try the poses especially the inverted ones that help increase the blood circulation to the face muscle.


You must be feeling optimistic about the results after learning about these effortless steps. And you should be because all these tips to reduce eye puffiness will only work to its best if you will believe in yourself and stay happy. It is important to know that life is beautiful unless we stop trying. So, keep faith and do your best to fight the factors that are acting against your age. Age is just a number if you care and pamper yourself.

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