How To Do Acupuncture On Yourself The Right Way

do acupuncture on yourself

With increase in the success of acupuncture and limited professionals to provide an aid for the same, the necessity of performing acupuncture at home is surging. People are getting curious about the technique, but the fear of needles is what resist them from performing the treatment on their own. However, with practice and following few important steps, you can do acupuncture on yourself.

Acupuncture being an alternative for the modern medicines has grabbed a lot of attention through its remarkable results. However, finding a professional versed with the art of acupuncture is difficult to locate. Hence, most people prefer to learn few major tricks and like to do it themselves.

If you like to do acupuncture on yourself, here are few things that will help you to perform it safely. However, it would be advisable to consult the acupuncturist before you start it all by yourself.

Dos and Don’ts before you do Acupuncture on Yourself

Keep your stomach light. If you are going to start acupuncture on yourself, limit the intake of your diet. If you can perform it empty stomach, it would be great. At least keep a gap of two hours between your meal and the treatment.

Sleeping is a must to get the most out of the acupuncture treatment. You need to get a good sleep before performing acupuncture on yourself. Those suffering from insomnia can be treated through acupuncture as well but they also need to relax and try to sleep for few hours before the treatment begins. Taking a bath before going to bed can help you get into deep sleep.

Know the Needles that can be safe

One option for the safe needles are the self-acupuncture needles that are smaller in size and can be used at any point on the body. Being shorter in size, it does not require you to apply the guesswork of how deep you need to insert it at the appropriate acupuncture points.

acupuncture needle

You can also go for needles that are color-coded. The tip is coloured till the point it needs to be inserted and the colour will help you decide which one to use for which acupuncture point.  

Please note not to use the needles that comes with a silicon coating as these can cause allergies.

If you’re not a fan of needles, read more about Magnetic Therapy For Pain Relief in my Electric Acupuncture Pen Review !

Health problems and the related acupuncture points  

Anxiety or Panic Attack:

Almost everyone goes through anxiety at some time. Few experience it more often and it becomes a priority for them to treat this problem. Helping your emotions to settle in can make your life much simpler. To get rid of this, you can do acupuncture on yourself at the relevant point.

The acupuncture point can be found right under the second toe below your foot. Or else, you can try to locate the one on the side of the wrist right under the baby finger.

Problems within your Face:

There could be number of problems like dental issues, congestion of nose, migraine, headache, cold and cough etc. To treat all these problems, there is just one pressure point which if activated carefully can help in easing all these troubles. You can find that acupuncture point between your index finger and the thumb quietly hidden in the webbing between the two fingers.

Lower Back Pain:

To acupuncture lower back pain, you can try to locate points on back of the knees. The pressure points to treat lower back pain is also located at the lower back and hand.

Treating without Needles


Those who fear about needles, can go for the acupressure. This is a type of acupuncture done by applying pressure with your fingers at the pressure points. The most generic form of acupressure is G-JO.

In case of G-JO when you do acupuncture yourself, keep in mind to duplicate the process for the other side. For example, if you are stimulating a given pressure point on your right hand, do the same process to activate the same point on your left hand. However, some time you will find that treating the other side would bring the discomfort back. In that case, all you need to do is stimulate the original pressure point again.

Either you want to acupuncture lower back pain or an injury from the accident, every problem has its specific pressure points. Finding the right spot could be a daunting task, even when you know about all the pressure points. However, when you will find the right point, your discomfort will find an instant relief. You can learn about the major points on the internet and practice to activate these as per the requirement.

By locating the right pressure point and applying the right pressure to stimulate it properly, you can achieve remarkable results. If you are not able to apply the amount of pressure needed, you can use electronic acupuncture pen. These are easily available online and can help manage the pressure.

Post-Acupuncture after you do acupuncture on yourself

If you are using needles to activate the relevant pressure points, make sure to relax your muscles. This is important to achieve the fastest result. You can also use heat compress to relax your muscles. You would not need a heat compress if you are using electronic acupuncture pen to relieve your problem. Every treatment needs the resting time after the process is performed, so does the acupuncture. Hence, do not miss to give your muscles the rest they need.


Did you try do acupuncture on yourself before and was unsuccessful? If yes, do not be disheartened. You cannot master the art of great acupuncture in a day. You need to give time before you start locating the right pressure points. Practice makes a man perfect. That does not mean that you start inserting needles into your body to practice acupuncture, but you can try applying pressure on various acupoint or meridians.

Remember, there is no harm in failing until you keep trying. If experts and professional acupuncturist can perform it on others as well as themselves, you can certainly do acupuncture on yourself. So, keep practicing until you succeed.

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