How to Remove Warts at home the right way

remove warts at home

If you are being associated with witches from the fairy tale movies because of the warts sitting on your face, you must know how distressing it is to own one. Warts are ugly but that does not mean that those who have warts should be considered witches. Though it is not connected with any serious health issues, unless it is occurring often, people choose to get rid of these as soon as possible because. The good news is: It can be done without consulting a dermatologist as well. You can remove warts at home by simple remedies. 

The main cause for warts is the human papillomavirus which is also called HPV. This is infectious and can be passed from one person to another. If you carry this virus, you can pass it from one place on your body to another. So, you are likely to develop warts at more than one site. With no intention to scare you, but warts are tricky and very occasionally it finds unusual locations on the body which can be painful.

Finding yourself stuck with these warts not only brings stress and pain, it strikes your confidence, especially if the warts can be easily seen. Warts can occur to anyone. However, if you have weaker immunity, you are most likely to get affected by the human papillomavirus. So, to fight warts as it can choose anyone from anywhere, work to strengthen your immune system. And, if warts have already got you, you can remove warts at home by using any of the following home remedies to get rid of them.

If, they keep coming, do not ignore the situation and consult a professional help.

Apple Cider Vinegar to remove warts at home

Apple Cider Vinegar

You must have read about the numerous advantages of Apple Cider Vinegar and how it can be used for many home remedies. If not, lets see how it can be used to remove warts at home without a need to see a dermatologist. Unlike other solutions that work on the virus, apple cider vinegar attacks the flesh and peel it off from the skin taking away the virus with itself.

For using this remedy, soak a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar and squeeze it to remove excess of it. Place the cotton ball over the wart and use a bandage to secure it for overnight. This will work perfectly if you repeat this remedy every night until it falls which usually take two-three weeks.

Tea Tree Oil to curb the infection

Tea Tree Oil

Did you know that tea tree oil has antiseptic properties along with its antiviral usage? This not only a great option for facial warts treatment, but also fight the infection and stop the virus from coming back again. It works by drying the warts which causes them to fall.

To make this work, you need to sterilize your hands before applying the tea tree oil on the wart. You need to use a drop of tea tree oil and it will work just fine. Wrap a bandage over the wart after the oil is applied for better and faster results. You can leave this overnight. This process will take a few weeks, so keep repeating it every night. You will be amazed by the results. It is painless and effortless way to remove warts at home.

Use Vitamin C to fight warts

Vitamin C

This is also a simple and wonderful way to say goodbye to the stubborn warts. You can ask for vitamin C tablets from any chemist store near you. Make a powder of two-three tablet and mix it with water to form a paste. Use this paste to cover the wart and wrap a bandage around it. Keep it for overnight and repeat this step for couple of weeks until the wart is gone for good.

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Aloe Vera treats Warts with Malic Acid       

Aloe Vera

If you can find the Aloe Vera plat, it would be best. If not, try to find the gel from the market that is pure and can work as good as the gel from the actual plant. The malic acid present in Aloe Vera helps to remove the warts at home. Either you are looking to remove warts on fingers or anywhere on the body, this remedy will work wonders. Cover the wart in the Aloe Vera gel and wrap a bandage around it. Leave it for the night and repeat this procedure for several weeks. You will soon notice the warts gone away.

Baking Powder – Not just a bake mate

baking soda to cure warts

Almost every kitchen has this ingredient placed in the corner of the shelf. Not used for every recipe but is the vital mate for baking. Until now, you would not have known that it can fight the human papillomavirus responsible for warts. For making this remedy work efficiently, mix one tablespoon of baking powder with castor oil to form a smooth paste. Apply this paste over the wart and cover it with bandage. Leave it for the entire night.

You may have to repeat this step for few weeks before the warts are gone forever.


Warts can be of several types. Sometimes, it would appear round and other times it would be dome-shaped. It can also be like a thread while attaching itself at one end to the skin. These warts appear usually on face and neck. Those that grow on foot soles are harder and even create discomfort and pain while walking.

These remedies to remove warts at home works efficiently but you need to make sure that you are treating a wart and not some other skin problem which you may confuse with warts. If you are not sure about the problem, it would be advisable to consult a doctor to confirm if its wart or something else.

If you are sure about it, do not be scared in trying any of these remedies. These are the safest and natural way to remove warts at home. Just a couple of weeks and the warts will be an old tale.

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