How to Choose facial pore cleanser for sensitive skin

facial pore cleanser

Sensitive skin is a challenge to own. From applying the right amount of makeup to getting the facial pore cleanser that works without irritation, becomes a daunting task for those who have sensitive skin. While facial pore cleanser is a valuable tool in keeping the dirt away, it is equally vital to get the right one as per your skin type. Choosing the facial skin cleanser that compliments the skin can provide amazing results and will make considerable impact in maintaining healthy skin.

Even if you believe that your skin can take a lot more, aim at using the gentle products. As, it has been concluded after various research that the skin’s sensitivity can deteriorate over time by using harsh ingredients. Wit”h a lot more problems in the list, acne and eczema are few that can often bother individuals with sensitive skin. Hence, to maintain a skin care routine will not only ease your job but will give you a glowing and healthy skin which you would feel proud of.

Let’s check out the ways and keep your skin safe and find the best products that suits your skin type.

Why use Facial Pore Cleanser?

Before we go ahead and find ways to get the right facial skin cleanser for sensitive skin, let’s discuss why we need it in the first place. Our skin pores are great at trapping dirt and pollutants. Either its dead skin or the makeup remains, everything gets stuck within the pores of our skin. These harmful pollutants then get clogged which results our skin to flare up. It even causes breakouts. The right facial pore cleanser removes dirt and helps in starting our day with clean face.

Find the right cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Did you watch the advertisement about a facial cleanser for all skin problems and wondering if your sensitive skin will need it? Or, the mentioning of natural pore cleanser on the pack of the facial pore cleanser is what entices you? Dietologists suggest that you should try several products before you come to the final decision. Also, it is not necessary that the product listing natural ingredients will help you for sure. Sensitive skin can be allergic to certain plant extracts as well. It does sound stressful, but if you keep looking, you will know what your skin wants.

Check for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS):

This ingredient is not only harsh but is highly allergic to most of the sensitive skin. You can easily locate it by referring to the section on the pack that lists the ingredients of the product.

Alcohol is a big No:

You will have to make sure that the product you are buying is free of alcohol. This will keep your skin irritated and dried. Sensitive skins are not much friendly with alcohol. Using product rich in alcohol will only make the condition worse.

Natural Ingredients:

You heard it right. Plant extracts and essential oils are not always good for those with sensitive skin. You need to be cautious before allowing these ingredients to worsen the skin problems including redness and irritation.

Stay away from fragrances:

Do you think you need a facial pore cleanser with fragrance? If that fragrance can cause irritation to your skin, would you still go for it? No, you won’t. To provide fragrance, harsh chemicals are used and sometimes extracts of plants that will only deteriorates the condition of sensitive skin.

Antimicrobial cleanser:

If you are a believer in treating your sensitive skin with products that contain antimicrobial properties, you are choosing the wrong track. You do not need harsh products to clear the dirt, even the gentle ones will do the same job. On top of that, it won’t disturb the chemistry of your skin and will keep it safe.

I tried a facial pore cleanser before and actually did a review, but I wont spoil the experience and let you ladies check it here !

Using the Facial Pore Cleanser

Many have found that none of the cleanser work for their skin. This is not because they never found the right facial skin cleanser, but because they did not know how to treat their skin with one of them. Let’s see how to clean your sensitive skin with the facial pore cleanser.

Clean your hands first:

If you do not want to stuff your skin with more dirt, make sure that the hands are clean. Bacteria and dirt get latched to hands easily and can reach your face in to time while you are trying to clean it.

Use circular Motion:

Rinse your face with water and apply the facial pore cleanser in circular motion. Using your fingertips, massage the face in circular motion gently. Make sure to clean the area on the face where oil and sweat traps easily. These areas attract most of the dirt and needs most of the cleaning.

Never hurry while cleaning:

Although the routine feels boring, never hurry. Give your face at least a minute before you decide to wash the facial pore cleanser off.

Never overdo:

Right amount of time for scrubbing is very important to get rid of the dirt while keeping the skin health intact. Never scrub your face with harsh pressure and limit the scrubbing to a minute or you will end up with irritating skin. If you have been using a towel or scrubbing pad, its time to stop giving your sensitive skin more reasons to fade. Only use fingertips for massaging your face.

Use Clean Towel:

After washing the cleanser from your face, use clean towel. The softer the fabric, the better your face will feel. While drying your face, you need to be vigilant about getting the moisture completely out.

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Although sensitive skins are prone to acne and many skin related problems, but right care and a regular face cleaning routine can help in easing the situation. Making facial pore cleanser a part of the skin treating arsenal will help in maintaining healthy skin. So, choose the right one which can help enhance the beauty of your skin. A lot depends on the facial pore cleanser you choose to clean your face.

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