7 Secrets to Whiten your teeth with charcoal Fast

Whiten your teeth with charcoal

Have you felt lately that people are making faces when you smile? If you haven’t bothered about checking your teeth closely, it’s time you do. It is not your face but the effect of the yellow teeth that is making your smile ugly that used to be attractive once. Many people complain about the huge dentist charges and ignore going to one for cleaning their teeth. But you can whiten your teeth with charcoal at home. This method is cheap and can be used on a regular basis to maintain the color of your teeth.

Being highly absorbent, charcoal attracts most of the impurities from the teeth and make it clear and white. The toxins adhere to the charcoal surface and washes away with it when we wash our mouth. So, if you are worrying about the black teeth after rubbing the charcoal on your teeth, do not worry. This is just going to scare you for a little while. And, once it is off, you will be left with white teeth.

It is not only easy to whiten your teeth with charcoal, but it carries a lot of other benefits with it. However, few researches have revealed certain charcoal teeth whitening side effects. Although the intensity of these effects is still to be calculated, the charcoal has already made an entry to bathrooms of many people all over the world.

Probable side effects of using charcoal for teeth whitening

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Many dentists from around the world are concerned about the long-term effects of using charcoal as the cleaning agent. Studies show that charcoal are highly abrasive and can cause huge erosion over a period. It is also true that the evidences are not enough prove this claim to be entirely true. Dentist also worry that this method can deteriorate the enamel leading to further dental problems.

However, all these concerns are not verified yet and the charcoal teeth whitening side effects is still a mystery. But there are ways to minimizing the risks, if any, by following certain ways to whiten your teeth with charcoal.

How to Whiten your teeth with Charcoal

While the researchers are busy finding the side effects of the charcoal teeth whitening method, these secrets will help you understand the benefits of using charcoal and how to Whiten your teeth with charcoal without damaging your teeth.

Use Charcoal as a mask rather for scrubbing:

If you are wondering how it can clean the teeth by just sitting over it, you probably haven’t understood its properties yet. It’s property to attract impurities makes it a great option for taking away the tannins from your teeth. While you have started hearing about charcoal after knowing how great it is in whitening your teeth, but the introduction of charcoal as a traditional medicine is much older and started in ancient Egypt.

To use charcoal as a mask, you can mix a quarter tablespoon of charcoal to water for making a paste that can stay on your teeth. Leave this paste for 3-4 minutes and then wash it away. You can then apply your regular toothpaste and brush your teeth to get rid of any of the charcoal still stuck between your teeth.

Charcoal is tasteless:

This property makes charcoal one of the favourite teeth whitening options. You can mix it with the flavour you like and make you own paste. You can find toothpaste containing charcoal mixed with peppermint in many supermarkets.

Charcoal is Odourless:

Because charcoal is odourless, you mouth will not tell your secret story of teeth whitening to others. You can enjoy white teeth without having worrying about the smell.

Get rid of toxins:

Charcoal when used for teeth whitening can help in maintaining the health of the gums and teeth. Do you know that only by its contact, the toxins will get attracted to it and will be gone with the charcoal itself? So, next time when you feel that your teeth are not ready to show up, use charcoal.

Never rub it too hard:

While talking about the best way to brush your teeth with charcoal, it becomes important to know what you should be avoiding when you whiten your teeth with charcoal. As charcoal is highly erosive, it should not be used too harshly on your teeth.

The best way to use it as a mask. But, even when you plan to wash it off by rubbing it, make sure to use the brush with slight pressure. Unlike usual toothpaste, it does not require your hand pressure to get the impurities out.

Use it twice or thrice in a week:

As discussed above, charcoal is too strong to be used daily or else, it can give opposite results. Knowing the product that you are using to brush your teeth is vital. Every one’s body reacts differently and if your teeth is too stubborn to leave the tannins, look out for a dentist nearby instead of increasing the usage of charcoal.

Drink a lot of Water:

You must be thinking why it is necessary to drink water when trying to whiten your teeth with charcoal. Charcoal when taken in excess amount can lead to dehydration. If ever, you think that you have swallowed it while trying to whiten your teeth with charcoal, you do not have to worry.

All you need to do is, drink a lot of water. Charcoal is anyway used to treat food poisoning and would not create any trouble for your digestive system. However, to be on a safer side, drink water and keep yourself hydrated.

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If you would google on the internet, you will find a lot of best natural teeth whiteners, but none of them can get you the results that the usage of charcoal could. But, because the charcoal teeth whitening side effects are also a concern, you need to be careful while you whiten your teeth with Charcoal. If anything seems unusual, do not hesitate to consult your oral care provider. He would be the best one to clear your misconceptions.    

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