5 Pleasant Ways To Get Straight Nose Without Surgery

nose straightening

You are not alone in the rush to get the pointed and thinner nose. Every woman, even men, who consider that facial beauty depends on the sharp features that one owns, cannot ignore the alien looking nose right in the middle of the face. Women think that surgery is the only option to get straight nose. But, this is just a myth. There are ways that can help you enhance the sharpness of your nose without paying for it.

Cosmetic surgeries to get straight nose is common among movie stars as they can afford it. But, not just that these surgeries can cost you tons, they entail many complications as well. Even if you plan to save for your dream, would you be able to pay if the complications become unavoidable. There are so many considerations one must make before letting the needles get inside our skin.

Face is your recognition. No one likes a distorted nose, but what are you willing to give away for a straight nose, that may help you make the right decision. However, there is nothing to be depressed about. Getting straight nose is not difficult as long as you are ready to take up the challenge. There are exercises which if performed properly can get you the nose that you have been wanting since long.  

Let’s check how to straight nose at home with these simple exercise routines.

Massaging your Nose to get Straight Nose

nose massage

This exercise is great to tone your face muscle. You will feel the extra strength which this exercise will add to your muscle around the nose and at the same time, will help in shaping your nose. If you are a victim of sinus or migraine, this exercise will ease your problem as well.

To perform this exercise, use the tip of your finger to massage in circular motion around the bridge and sides of your nose. Only doing this 5 minutes a day can get you amazing results. By building the pressure around your nose, you can help it get in the right shape. Although, as already discussed, you won’t see the difference from day one, but slowly, you will start analysing the change in the shape of your nose, given that you perform this exercise daily without fail.

Breathe In and Out for Sharper Nose

breathing yoga

If you have heard about Yoga, you must know about Pranayama. Yoga is very popular among the health concerned individuals and performing this one asana can effectively shorten and sharpen your nose.

It is very easy exercise and you do not need to carry the exhausting poses to perform it. To start, sit down with cross legs. Using your thumb, block one nostril and breathe for 4 seconds from another nostril. Without exhaling, block another nostril with your ring finger and exhale from the one that was blocked earlier for 8 seconds.

Repeat this exercise for multiple times. Starting to time yourself for 5 minutes, you can gradually increase the limit to 10 or 15 minutes.

Straightener Exercise for your Nose

nose excercice

A smile can make your day. But, did you know that this smile can help you in getting a straight nose as well. It is as true as it sounds. This exercise is simplest. You can perform it anywhere. Either you are watching TV or working on your laptop. All you need to do is, smile and push your nose upwards until you feel a stretch on the sides of your nose.

Because its simplest one, you can do it as many times as possible.

Exercise to shorten your Nose

Many people crib about the round and big nose that looks inappropriate when trying to blend with the other features of the face. This exercise will make the nose thinner and smaller to fit perfectly in the middle of the face giving it the right proportion. This will also prevent your nose from sagging and keep the skin tight around the nose.

To start the exercise, you need to press the bottom sides of your nose by using your index finger and thumb. Using the index finger of another hand, push the tip of your nose in the upward direction to flare it up. While you are still in this position, try to breathe out in small breaks. You can perform this exercise 15-20 times in a day.

Whenever you are free, take 5-7 minutes of your routine to do this exercise and you will never complain about the imperfect nose ever.

Wiggle it to get Straight Nose

wiggle your nose

This muscle building exercise if great to reshape your nose and get the sharper look. To perform it, you only need to wiggle your nose vigorously, making sure that you face is not moving at all. The trick that plays the part is your face stays still and the nose keeps wiggling.

This exercise is more for strengthening the nose muscles. You must repeat this exercise every day for better results.

The Verdict

These exercises are great for shaping your nose in an amazing way. However, it takes time and sometimes, when you will not see the results early, you may get demotivated. But, never leave performing these exercises. Sooner or later, you will realize that you took the right decision.

Hard Work pays off and following nose reshaping exercises with strict routine will definitely make you feel the difference. You only need to wait and have the patience. Anyway, these exercises do not ask for a dedicated time from your regular routine. You can perform them as and when you like.

In the meantime, you can try a nose shapener or different makeup tricks to achieve the straight nose. To get straight nose, you can apply the foundation, contour and try highlights. These are quick and easy alternatives. But, it will only last as long as the makeup is on. Hence, while you are trying to look your best under the makeup, make efforts to follow these exercises to look amazing beyond these fancy foundation and creams too.

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