How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Fast Without Surgery?

get rid of double chin fast

Through the peeks of the camera, it becomes obvious what people ignore almost every day while standing in front of the mirror. Selfies have not only become a trend for every age group, but it has created a social pressure to look attractive. None of us would like to find one chin hanging under another when looking at the phone’s camera. But most of us go through that nightmare almost every time when asked for a selfie. The concern is genuine, but the stress is not. There are few exercises that can help you get rid of double chin fast.

Cosmetic surgeries have surged in popularity. We find it accessible and fastest way to deal with our situations. Many go for it while unaware of the natural ways of losing the double chin and other opt for it. But, have we counted the long-lasting effects of these lasers that go right under our skin and leave their marks. These methods may seem simpler but bring with it their own consequences.

How to lose double chin? If that question is bothering you from long, here are is what you can for a natural drastic makeover.

Get rid of double chin fast by these quick exercises

Stretch your Neck:

streching your neck

To do this exercise, sit down and place your one hand with palm down on the floor. Keep your weight adjusted and not too much resting on your palm. Bring the other hand on the opposite side and wrap your head from the top to touch the ear on the other side. Press your head towards the hand that’s holding your ear, gently. Now, lift your palm from the ground and press your shoulder away from the head, while applying the pressure of the upper arms in the opposite direction. Stay in this position for 15 seconds. Relax and repeat the steps from the start for the other side. Repeat this exercise five times.

Rotate your Chin:

Sit with your back straight. Bring your chin down with your back still elongated. Lead your chin to your right while making a full rotation from one shoulder to another. Repeat 10 times with your one side. Then change the direction. Again, coming back to the initial position, bring your chin down and rotate the head from left side. Make total of 10 rotations from this side as well. If you feel pain, go for semicircles instead of full rotations.

Chin Slapping:

Do not worry, its not as terrifying as it sounds. You can either sit or keep standing. But make sure that your back is straight. Keep your face straight and look forward. Now, bring you back of the hand under the lower jaw and slap it with the back of your hand at a constant interval. Continue slapping for 30-45 seconds. You do not have to be either too harsh or too gentle while slapping.

Jutting Jaw Exercise:

Jutting Jaw Exercise

In order to get rid of double chin fast, sit straight and look upward at the ceiling while leaning your head back. Push forward your lower jaw while keeping the mouth closed. Push it until you start feeling a stretch in your neck and right under the chin. Stay in this position for 20 seconds. Relax and come back to the initial position. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times.

Flying Kiss To The Ceiling:

kiss the ceiling

This time, kiss for your sake. Sit straight and lean your head to the back. Look at the celling. Pout your lips as if kissing the ceiling. Stay in this position for 10 seconds. Now, come back to the normal position. For satisfactory results, repeat this exercise 20 times.

Try the Pigeon Position:

pigeon position

Sit straight. Bring your thumb under the jawbone. Use the index finger of the same hand to touch the jawbone on the other side of the face. Keep your hands tranquil, push your hand forward with head and neck coming along. Hold for 20-25 seconds. Let go of your hand and pull back your neck to the initial position. Repeat this exercise five times.

Use The Right Make Up To Get Rid Of Double Chin Fast     

Many of us like to search for answers that can help instantly. If it’s your best friend’s wedding and you need a quick fix, makeup will do the trick. While the exercises may take few weeks to give you the desired look, this option will solve the problem for a temporary basis. It would be a great idea to ask for an expert advice on this, maybe your own beautician. However, to fill in between, you can try gently applying the foundation cream which matches the colour of your skin thoroughly to conceal the lines that divide your chin.

Losing Weight Can Make Your Double Chin Go Away

Instead of worrying about how to lose double chin, focus on losing your body fat. While losing weight, the fat is uniformly reduced from the entire body. This will help in toning the chin as well. Either you are working out to lose your belly fat or the extra muscle that sags while you lift your hand, all these exercises will have their affect on your double chin too.

Consider Gadgets To Help You Get Rid Of Double Chin Fast

Neckline trainer is an option if you think you are not up for the exercises listed above. You can get one of these online. However, do not miss to check my review about this neckline slimmer.


There are effortless ways and the methods that take their own time to show the effects. All of us want to get rid of the double chin as fast as possible. But, giving each method its time, can help you make most of these tips. While temporary solution will hide your problem for a while, exercises and a healthy life style will benefit you for long. Next time when you get ready for a selfie, do not miss to pose for flaunting your toned chin. You have worked for it and you deserve it.

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